October 17th, 2014

Body Cam Shows Cop Shooting Unaggressive Dogs with Wagging Tails 101

By Larry Diffey

The Cleburne Police Department in Texas confirmed today that a viral video claiming to be one of their officers shooting dead two dogs with wagging tails is legitimate.

In the 22 second video, you can hear the cop coaxing the dogs over and firing three shots. It’s clear that one dog is injured but the second dog just stands around. The video ends with a chirp of the walkie-talkie and the officer pointing his service weapon at the other dog.

It’s also clear that the dogs pose no immediate threat to the officer given that he approached them before opening fire.

October 16th, 2014

PINAC’s Charlie Grapski Prepares for Legal Battle After Having Been Involuntarily Committed to Hospital 82

By Carlos Miller

Charlie Grapski2

Florida probation officials tried their best to paint Charlie Grapski as a delusional and paranoid conspiracy theorist to keep him from further investigating Ferguson police through his relentless pursuit of public records requests.

But that just left them open to be sued after they forced him into a psychiatric hospital against his will last week, especially now that he is turning his public records sights on them.

Clearly, the Florida Probation and Parole Office in Kissimmee did not think this one through.

And no, my use of the word “sight” is not a threat in case they try to use that to get me committed.

October 14th, 2014

Bellingham, WA Police Officer Says He Will Not Get a Body Cam 77

By Larry Diffey

Bellingham, WA recently signed a deal for body cams worth $130,000 with Taser International. According to the Bellingham Herald about half of the patrol officers will have them right away and the rest will have them by summer of 2015. Each officer will be issued a chest cam and one mounted to eyewear.

A man, who obviously had previous dealings with the Bellingham PD, shot video of two officers not wearing body cams and called them out on it. One seemed camera shy and didn’t get involved, but the other one, identified as Officer Jennings, seemed rather smug about not having one and claimed he will not be getting one. Perhaps his boss, Chief Cook and the other citizens of the town need to know that Officer Jennings is not inclined to be held accountable for his actions while on duty. Bellingham PD information can be found here.

According to this article, some Bellingham officers like the cameras. The article does not say when officers will be required to activate those cameras but it does state that officers will not be able to edit or delete footage and access is limited once the videos are uploaded.

Body cameras are a great tool for holding police accountable, but as we’ve seen so many times, they “malfunction” or conveniently were not turned on during serious use of force incidents. Eventually body cameras for police will become widespread but we still need to hold them accountable with our own videos because police that control their videos and investigate themselves cannot be trusted to release the videos most damning to their officers and their departments.

October 13th, 2014

Ferguson Protesters and New York Journalist Try to Intimidate me from Recording 146

By Carlos Miller


There’s so much I would like to say in this post but I don’t have time because I have to head out to cover another protest in Ferguson, which is supposed to be the biggest one yet, or at least the one where they commit the biggest act of civil disobedience.

The organizers of the protests have been very secretive about their plans as a way to thwart police, so most of us are learning about things as we go along.

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