October 21st, 2014

Washington Officials Pursuing Wiretapping Charge Against Citizen who Recorded Cop and City Manager 16

By Carlos Miller
Yakima City Manager Anthony O'Rourke trying to convict citizen for recording public business

Yakima City Manager Anthony O’Rourke trying to convict citizen for recording public business

A Washington woman is facing a year in jail for secretly recording a meeting with a pair of public officials about how the local police department abused her husband.

Yakima City Manager Tony O’Rourke said he pursuing the case against the woman because it compromised his right to privacy, even though Yakima Police Captain Greg Copeland was also sitting in the room.

But it’s clear he’s pursuing the case to teach Joey Anderson a lesson about daring to question the aggressive actions of the Yakima Police Department. 

October 21st, 2014

California Cop Intimidates Man from Recording Cops in Parking Lot 29

By Carlos Miller

In the typical display of arrogance and intimidation that has become the norm for cops these days, an Oxnard police officer told a man he was not allowed to video record them because they were conducting “an operation” in the parking lot of what appeared to be a busy commercial strip mall.

The operation consisted of Oxnard police and Ventura County deputies drawing up some type of plans on the hood of the car in plain view of anybody walking by.

October 20th, 2014

Tucson Cop Admits in Report he Illegally Confiscated Man’s Cameras 20

By Carlos Miller

Citing safety reasons, a Tucson police officer wrote in his report that he was able to confiscate two cameras from a citizen, despite being momentarily blinded by the flash of an iPhone as well as the light from a tiny flashlight.

But if shining lights in peoples eyes were truly a safety issue, then cops would be guilty at putting us all at risk with their high-powered flashlights.

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