Citizens vs. Government

Nydia Tisdale

Georgia Citizen Journalist Banned from Recording Local City Council Meeting Settles Federal Lawsuit

Almost three years after being illegally removed from a Georgia city council meeting, Nydia Tisdale settled her federal lawsuit for $200,000 and ...

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Lake Station police

Indiana Police Arrest Man for Recording Aftermath of Officer-Involved Shooting

An Indiana man is still facing charges after he tried to record the aftermath of a police shooting last December, even though ...

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Mother Jones reporters

Second Mother Jones Reporter Accused of Working as “Operative” Inside Louisiana Prison Where Reporter With Drone was Arrested for Trespassing

More details are emerging about a Mother Jones reporter who was arrested on trespassing charges outside a Louisiana prison Friday with a ...

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Miami Beach cop pointing gun

No Charges Against Against Cops who Killed Man in Miami Beach Memorial Day Viral Video Incident

Four years after police fired more than 100 rounds at a man during Miami Beach’s controversial Memorial Day Weekend, killing him instantly ...

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Ferguson News

PINAC Podcast

Sunday night protest (1 of 1)-6

Ferguson Non-Indictment Sparks Nationwide Debate, Protests (Podcast)

The Ferguson non-indictment took  place two weeks ago and much has happened since then with the non-indictment in the Eric Garner case, ...

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Former Cop Predicts Ferguson-Style Uprisings will Spread as Police Violence Continues to Rise

Matthew Fogg, a retired United States Marshal whom we interviewed last month about body cams, spoke to us again this week about ...

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Marcus DiPaola3

Interview with Journalist Carjacked While Covering Ferguson Protests

It’s fairly well established that media members have not been welcomed with open arms by police in Ferguson where a grand jury ...

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PINAC News Podcast #2: Ferguson State of Emergency, Meet Officer Dirty Dietz & NYPD Pepper Sprays Citizen Journalist

PINAC News Episode Podcast #2 hosted by Carlos Miller features 8 stories from and an interview with PINAC News correspondent Jeffrey ...

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