August 22nd, 2014

Ferguson Cop Never Filed Incident Report After Shooting, Allowing “Police Sources” to Spin Truth 161

By Carlos Miller
devereaux3 (1)

Ryan Devereaux of The Intercept was arrested for “failure to disperse.” Photo: David Carson/St Louis Post Dispatch/Polaris


Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson never filed an incident report after shooting and killing an unarmed teenager nearly two weeks ago, leaving his uncovered body in the street for four hours, which led to anger, resentment and eventually riots.

The reason, provided to NBC News, the St. Louis County Police Department quickly took over the investigation, so there was no need for Wilson to file an incident report.

However, both the county police department and the county prosecutor should have insisted on an incident report from the moment they started investigating.

After all, an incident report is a sworn statement where the cop who witnessed the incident describes in detail what took place to justify an arrest or in this case, a homicide.

August 21st, 2014

Alabama Police Officer Assaults Man For Recording at Anti-Police Brutality Rally 43

By Andrew Meyer

At a rally against police brutality on Saturday in Alabama, a police officer tried to grab a man’s phone to prevent him from recording the officer’s actions.

Tyler Henderson was among a throng of people holding signs in downtown Mobile, one of the many outcries against police brutality spurred by the recent incidents in Ferguson, Missouri.

Henderson began recording as a police officer gave the crowd orders on where they could stand. When the officer spotted Henderson recording his orders, he immediately grabbed for the phone, as if he had a right to it.

August 20th, 2014

Cell Phone Video Contradicts Police Report on St. Louis Shooting Death (updated) 809

By Carlos Miller

St. Louis police claimed they had to shoot a man to death because they were in fear for their lives after he lunged at them with a knife in “an overhand grip.”

But then a cell phone video emerged contradicting that report, potentially causing tensions to run even higher than they already are in the area that’s been mired by protests and riots for more than ten days now after another cop shot another black man to death.

August 20th, 2014

Video Shows Cops, Protesters and Journalists Running for Cover from Gunfire 27

By Carlos Miller

A video surfaced showing police officers marching down the street in Ferguson when somebody began firing a series of gunshots, forcing cops, protesters and journalists to run for cover.

Nobody was injured or arrested in the incident that took place Monday night, but it is an indicator how some protesters are treating this like an all-out war.

But I guess that’s to be expected when police treat it as an all-out war.

August 20th, 2014

Cop in Ferguson Aims Gun at Photographer: “I Will Fucking Kill You” (Updated) 125

By Carlos Miller


Just hours before President Barack Obama condemned an Islamic terrorist group for beheading an American photojournalist in a video posted online, a cop in Ferguson, Missouri pointed a loaded gun at a live streaming photojournalist, telling him, “I will fucking kill you” – only the latest in a string of attacks against the media in the anti-police abuse protest going on its second week now.

The incident was caught on at least two videos and quickly went viral considering tens of thousands of Americans have been watching the drama unfold through live stream videos on their computers.

When the videographer demanded the officer’s name, he was told to “go fuck yourself.”

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