April 22nd, 2014

North Carolina Deputy Snatches Two Phones, Fails to Snatch Third, as she Handcuffs Man for no Reason 167

By Carlos Miller

As a drill instructor in the United States Marines, Natalie Barber learned she can get people to do what she wants by yelling at them.

And that technique probably still works for her today as a deputy with the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office.

But it didn’t work Saturday night when she tried using it on Carlos Jaramillo, a former United States Marine combat instructor and longtime Photography is Not a Crime reader.

April 21st, 2014

California Man Arrested after Video Recording Oil Refinery from Public Sidewalk 75

By Carlos Miller

In the ongoing battle between Daniel Saulmon and Southern California police over the right to record in public, which has resulted in him being arrested so many times he has lost count, El Segundo police arrested his friend last week after they were recording the Chevron oil refinery from a public sidewalk, ripping the camera out of his hand and tearing the battery out, leaving the last video clip he recorded corrupted and unable to be viewed.

Tony Rachall, the man referred to as “Poetic” in the videos, spent two hours in jail before he was released with a citation of  “impeding traffic” – a traffic violation normally reserved for cars driving too slow in a single lane where cars behind are unable to pass, not bicycles using a single lane of a double-lane street, which is what took place as you can see in the video below.

April 21st, 2014

Texas Cop Caught on Video Tripping and Shoving High School Students (Updated) 104

By Carlos Miller

Knowing he was surrounded by cameras, a Texas cop didn’t let that stop him from tripping and shoving high school students as they were rushing onto a soccer field after their school won a state championship Saturday night.

But now that he’s been exposed by the local media, the Georgetown Police Department assured it has “taken the information and will be forwarding it to internal affairs for review and investigation” – which generally means they will try to shove it down the memory hole until everybody forgets about it.

April 20th, 2014

Creepy Cameraman Emerges in Rhode Island Prompting Dumbfounded Responses from Lawyer, Journalists 70

By Carlos Miller


The Creepy Cameraman who calls himself Surveillance Camera Man has popped up in Rhode Island after unsettling numerous Seattle residents with his camera by doing nothing other than pointing it at them in public.

As we’ve seen with his previous videos, most of the Rhode Island residents he recorded took the same defensive posture when realizing he was recording them, demanding to know his intentions and even threatening him with physical violence.

Nobody, it seems, has ever thought of pulling out their own camera to record him, which would probably unsettle him because he is extremely secretive of his identity.

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