July 26th, 2014

Texas Cops Attack Man Photographing Building, Claiming he was Man Fleeing from them 206

By Carlos Miller

A San Antonio man taking photos of his wife’s soon-to-be medical practice was attacked by a plainclothes cop who roared up in a pickup and hopped out, ordering him to get down, striking him in the face with what appeared to be a handheld radio before he could even comply.

Two uniformed SWAT team members quickly joined in, striking Roger Carlos in the head about 50 times with fists and elbows before handcuffing him. satisfied that they had their man.

Except the real man were looking was someone else whom they had chased for miles down a freeway at 80 mph before he pulled into a parking lot, ditched his car and ran.

July 25th, 2014

DEA Agents Fail at Intimidating Man Recording Federal Building 177

By Carlos Miller

Less than a month after PINAC crew members were harassed, threatened and one even battered for video recording outside a Drug Enforcement Administration building in Florida, another man decided to do the same to a DEA building in Texas Thursday, receiving almost the same reaction.

Brett Sanders was not breaking the law as a 2010 settlement with Homeland Security determined that it is legal to photograph federal buildings.

But as we’ve seen, that has made absolutely no difference to the security guards outside the buildings, not to mention the federal agents inside the building.

July 25th, 2014

NY Corrections Guards Prevent News Crew from Recording Empty Prison from Public Land 45

By Carlos Miller

A corrections officer guarding a now empty prison threatened to have a news crew arrested because they were recording outside the facility while working on a story that had nothing to do with the Mount McGregor Correctional Facility.

The crew from NewsChannel 13 were working on a story about the cottage of former president Ulysses S. Grant, who passed away in the home 129 years ago this week. The cottage happens to be on the same mountain as the former prison, not that there is any law against recording a prison from a public road anyway.

July 24th, 2014

Border Patrol Agent Forces Man to Delete Recording for “Officer Safety and Security” 27

By Carlos Miller



From the southern border to the northern border to even the border of Alaska and all the checkpoints miles away from the border, U.S. Border Patrol Agents are forcing citizens to delete photos they have taken of checkpoints, not that there is any law against recording checkpoints.

But considering there is apparently no oversight, these agents figure they have nothing to lose by violating your Constitutional rights to record them as they record you.

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