Monthly Archives: January 2008

So long John Edwards, the media hardly knew ya

Carlos Miller Now that John Edwards has dropped out of the race, the corporate media can finally acknowledge his existence. Then go back to what they’ve been doing all along; hyping up the race between Hillary and Barack. As I mentioned in a previous post, the media is more interes

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Dooces are wild and lawsuits are flying

Carlos Miller With so many people losing their jobs over their blogs these days, it’s no wonder why South Florida blogger Rick was so insistent about remaining anonymous. On Monday, a Miami Realtor named Lucas Lechuga was fired over something he posted on his Real Estate blog, accordi

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Miami reporter sues police for false arrest

In an incident that was captured on video, Local 10 reporter Jeff Weinsier was arrested in October on charges that he was “trespassing on school property”. However, the unedited video of the incident shows that at no point was Weinsier ever standing on school grounds. The Mi

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Snubbed by the Palmetto – Episode V

The Saga Continues Episode I Episode II Episode III Episode IV By Carlos Miller One month after he announced he could no longer blog because his anonymity had been threatened, Stuck on the Palmetto blogger Rick made another announcement: That he is launching a new blog. Th

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