Monthly Archives: September 2008

An afternoon at the zoo

_mg_56661 I visited the Miam Metro Zoo this weekend for the first time in more than 20 years and was able to put my Canon 300mm F/4L IS lens to good use. But I wish I had not forgotten my 1.4x lens extender because is some cases, 300mm was still not long enough to get the close

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Imitating Thomas Kinkade

lombardstreet One of my goals when I traveled to San Francisco last year was to photograph the famous Lombard Street to make a photo duplicate of the famous Thomas Kinkade painting. Wishful thinking, but I still think my photo is worthy of hanging. Here is Kinkade’s versi

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Here's the latest on my Appeal

It looks like I will be appealing my resisting arrest conviction sans lawyer. Pro Se as they say. The few lawyers I spoke to were asking for more than $10,000 to take the case. Considering that I’ve already spent almost that much on this case so far, I am unable to put myself further

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Sometimes Big Brother looks out for us

As civil libertarians, we sometimes like to have our cake and eat it too. We want to be able to photograph in public without getting harassed, yet we get irritated and scream Big Brother when the State photographs or films us. But sometimes those cameras serve justice, as in the case of

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Thank you, Mary Tiler More

_mg_5455 Her name is Mary Tiler More and she rarely leaves Ft. Lauderdale. At least when she’s leaving her artistically painted tiles in random locations throughout Broward so they could be found by random artistically appreciative people. But last week she grabbed he

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