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Two recommended blogs

One of the best things about running this blog and watching it grow in popularity each day is that I get acquainted with other bloggers, each who bring their own perspective, passion and expertise into the blogosphere. Two bloggers I became acquainted with this week are a retired Virginia

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Results of last week's election poll

More than 45 percent of Photography is Not a Crime readers who participated in last week’s poll did not vote for Barack Obama. But of those 108 readers, nearly 20 percent now believe he was the right choice. A total of 233 readers participated in the poll with 54 percent saying they

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The war on cell phone cameras begins

The economy is in shambles. The war is costing billions. And the country is adjusting to a new president (thank God). But what does a New York Congressman want to do? Outlaw cell phone cameras that don’t make a clicking sound when you press the shutter. The “Camera Phone Pr

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A Miami blogger's run-in with Matt Damon

Update: Here is the link of the nightclub where most people believe Matt Damon had a right to privacy. Update II: A Miami photojournalist and blogger – and occasional paparazzi – weighs in on what is now officially The Matt Damon Issue. So Matt Damon walks into a popular Miam

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