Monthly Archives: February 2009

Finally some sanity from the UK

One of the largest police organizations in the United Kingdom has joined photographers in protesting a law that could land a person in prison for ten years for photographing a police officer. The Metropolitan Police Federation this week stated that “poorly-drafted anti-terrorist legi

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Overly aggressive Chicago cop caught on citizen video

It was a routine call to remove a drunk man off the bus who had refused to pay his fare, but a video recording of the incident demonstrated that Chicago police need to retrain some of their officers in basic people skills. The officer stepped onto the bus and demanded the drunk man to

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Do you believe history will redeem George W. Bush?

A few weeks ago I posted a poll asking whether or not you voted for Obama, and if you did not, do you now believe he is the right man for the job. The results of that poll almost mirrored the actual voting results in this country, so that is scientific enough for me. So now I’m cur

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New Herald columnist is full of Bull

The Miami Herald’s new columnist, Jackie Bueno Sousa, didn’t waste any time in letting readers know exactly where she stood politically. Let’s just say she is no Ana Menendez. The following two sentences in her introduction column Monday  proved she is further to the rig

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