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MTA worker sues NYPD for photography arrest

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority worker who was arrested for photographing trains earlier this year has filed a lawsuit against the City of New York. Robert Taylor is asking for $2 million, including $1 million in compensatory damages and $1 million in punitive damages. His atto

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Update on the transcripts situation

As I mentioned in a previous post, the trio of judges who will review my appeal decided that I needed to get the entire trial transcribed as opposed to only getting those portions that pertain to my argument. I knew this would be about $2500 because last time it was more than $30000 and I

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Charges dropped against Texas reporter

It took more than three months, but authorities in Texas determined they didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute a TV reporter named Victor Castillo for failing to identify himself as he was trying film police conducting a drug bust. The arrest was captured by another TV videographe

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Police also have the right to take photos

Jeffersonville City Attorney Larry Wilder An Indiana city attorney gets so drunk one night that he passes out inside his neighbor’s garbage can. Neighbors wake up to find the man with his feet sticking out the overturned garbage can. They call police, perhaps thinking he w

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