June 25th, 2009

Charges dropped against Texas reporter 0

By Carlos Miller

It took more than three months, but authorities in Texas determined they didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute a TV reporter named Victor Castillo for failing to identify himself as he was trying film police conducting a drug bust.

The arrest was captured by another TV videographer from another station who was also harassed moment before.

Castillo was standing there with a tripod, camera and microphone dangling from his pocket, looking like an obvious TV reporter.

Check out the video here.

The incident occurred in mid-March near the border of Mexico after police and Border Patrol Agents chased a car filled with bales of marijuana. Apparently there was some type of accident, which resulted in the actual bust.

Both of the videographers were nowhere near the actual bust where they would be interfering with any investigation.

It is moments like this that make one wonder what is it the officers are trying to hide. The average viewer would probably think they are just doing the job.

But by chasing away the videographers, it gives the impression that they were trying to hide something.

And considering corruption along the border runs rampant, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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