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"Resist again and I will break your arm like a twig"

Who would have known that in San Francisco, which prides itself on its progressiveness, has outlawed skateboarding? But you learn something everyday. In the above video, a couple of cops are detaining a group of kids who were skateboarding. Personally, we should be glad that kids ar

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Oregon man sues after being arrested for filming cops

An Oregon man is suing the city of Beaverton for $100,000 after they arrested him last year for filming them with a cell phone camera. Hao Vang pulled out his phone when police began roughing up his friend, who is mentally ill. Vang began narrating the scene when police turned to him and

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Photojournalist sues feds after raid on home

Federal agents raided the home of a photojournalist last year, seizing cameras, memory cards, a digital voice recorder, computer hardware and digital storage devices. The photojournalist, Laura Sennett, had photographed people protesting an International Monetary Fund meeting in Arlington,

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I've been in a rut lately

As much as I like my blog and as much as these issues mean to me, I haven’t been feeling it lately. I just haven’t had that same focus I’ve had in the past where I am driven to post at least once a day, even if it means staying up until 4 a.m. I know this is just tempor

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Police Taser legless man in wheelchair

Police in California used their Taser on a legless man, then dragged him out of his apartment where they sat him on a curb handcuffed and naked from the waist down for several minutes as neighbors complained of brutality. Gregory Williams, 40, a double-amputee, ended up spending six d

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Hats off to Miami PD

Photo by Carlos Miller We all know there isn’t a whole lot of lost love between myself and the Miami Police Department, but I was very impressed with a small group of officers last night during a very hectic protest. More than 500 people, mostly Cubans, had come out to Ve

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