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The video that Walmart does not want you to see

Walmart did an excellent job in controlling the crowds during Black Friday this year. At least that is what the mainstream media is telling us. But then again, they were not exactly allowed to enter the stores to see for themselves (except for four pre-selected locations in the coun

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Man flips cop off, wins $50,000

David Hackbart flipped a cop off and ended up cited for, you guessed it, disorderly conduct. He didn’t even get arrested and the charge was eventually dropped. But that didn’t stop him from filing a lawsuit against the City of Pittsburgh for violating his First Amendment r

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Facebook photos land Alabama deputy in hot water

While Youtube has done a good job on weeding out abusive cops, Facebook is doing its part by weeding out cops who are, well, no different than many of us. The latest incident occurred in Alabama where a “concerned citizen” was upset that an off-duty deputy attending a Hal

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