Monthly Archives: April 2010

NYPD confiscates bikes to protect president

The New York City Police Department continued its war against bicyclists on none other than Earth Day when officers began cutting locks and confiscating bikes out of fear they would be used to kill the president. The bikes were seized along East Houston Street in Lower Manhattan where

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Detroit cop caught napping in photo

Sleeping Detroit Cop ( A Detroit cop was taking a nap in his squad car when somebody walked up to him and snapped a photo. Now the photo is making its way across the internet. The photo was initially published on Media Takeout, which bills itself as &#

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USC researcher sending out surveys to PINAC readers

By now, some of you have probably received an email from a good friend of mine named Eddie North-Hager who is pursuing a masters in online communities at the University of Southern California. Eddie is conducting a survey on Photography is Not a Crime for one of his classes, but his inform

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