Monthly Archives: May 2010

LAPD kicks cyclist before pouncing on videographer

The problem with many cops is that they are stupid. How else can you explain a cop deliberately tripping a bicyclist knowing he is being videotaped? Didn’t the conviction of former NYPD cop Patrick Pogan have any impact at all? Obviously what happened in this video is that

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What are the odds of me getting arrested this weekend?

It was last Memorial Day Weekend where I ended up going to jail for photographing a Miami Beach police officer against his wishes. I was one of 548 people arrested that weekend which is an extraordinary number considering most of the arrests take place within an area that is 12 blocks long

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BP CEO barks orders to the media

We’ve already seen the video where the Coast Guard kicks a boatload of journalists from the oil-infested beaches of Louisiana under BP’s orders. Now we’re seeing BP CEO Tony Hayward ordering journalists out of certain areas of the disaster his company created. But

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Welcome to America: Now step inside the jail cell

The audio exchange in the above video was apparently recorded at the U.S./Canada border after a Canadian displayed contempt-of-cop towards the American law enforcement officer asking questions. The officer began asking detailed questions as to what the man and his wife were going to do

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