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  • United Threatens To Place Woman On No-Fly List For Taking Photo Of Name Tag

    Less than a month after a woman was escorted off a US Airways flight for snapping a photo...

    PINAC NewsCarlos MillerJuly 31, 2011
  • New York Cop Arrests News Videographer On Baseless Charge



    PINAC NewsCarlos MillerJuly 28, 2011
  • Longtime Rabble-Rouser Files Suit Alleging Violation Of Photography Rights

    A man with a long history of filing lawsuits filed a suit against the Boston Police Department this month,...

    PINAC NewsCarlos MillerJuly 28, 2011
  • Man Photographing Grandson In Park Deemed Suspicious By Police And Media

    The older, white man was seen photographing children in a public park in Idaho, so it didn’t take long for an...

    PINAC NewsCarlos MillerJuly 27, 2011
  • Canadian Cop "Accidentally" Deletes Video After Confusing Camera For Gun


    A Toronto...

    CanadaCarlos MillerJuly 27, 2011
  • Man Furious At Cops For Photographing Him In Compromising Position


    Jared Medeiros...

    PINAC NewsCarlos MillerJuly 26, 2011