November 25th, 2012

Cop Threatens to Confiscate Phone as "Evidence" 2

By Carlos Miller

A police officer making an arrest on Black Friday did not appreciate being recorded by a bystander, so he snatched the phone away from him as “evidence,” which we know it’s not legal.

The citizen ended up posting the video on Youtube, so he was apparently able to maintain possession of the phone without it being confiscated.

The police officer appears to be from the Glendale Police Department, according to the PINAC reader who sent it to me, who was basing his observations on the police patch on the cop’s sleeve.

I sent an email to the Youtube account owner asking for more information and will update this post accordingly.


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  • Common Sense

    Ok, it does seem like he was a little close….BUT… the arrest had already been made, they appeared to be fixing to move the arrestee and the OTHER TWO officers didn’t seemed to be concerned at all! Sure looks like contempt of badge to me!

    • sfmc98

      The question is, were other people standing next to him and allowed to continue to stand there? If not, then its just evidence he was singled out.

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