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Milwaukee Cop Threatens to Arrest Citizen Video Recording for Loitering

In what hopefully doesn’t become a trend for police to stop citizens for video recording, a Milwaukee police officer threatened to arrested a citizen on loitering charges if he did not move from the public sidewalk where he had every right to be.

The 1:42 video was uploaded to Youtube last March but has only received 539 views as of this writing.

Two months after that incident, another man was handcuffed and cited for loitering while video recording Milwaukee cops.

About a month before the video was posted, a Baltimore police officer threatened a citizen with loitering charges if he did not keep moving from the sidewalk where he had been standing video recording a group of officers.

Because there are no laws stating that it is against the law to record cops, police throughout the country have resorted to all kinds of unrelated charges, including obstruction, interfering, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and even felony wiretapping or eavesdropping charges.

The Milwaukee Police Department is already under federal investigation for other civil rights violations.

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn


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