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Brooklyn D.A. Organizes Press Conference, Then Tells Photogs not to Publish Photos

Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes


A Brooklyn district attorney invited Miss America and a group of children to his office Thursday for a press conference regarding child abuse.

Then, after all the reporters and photographers left, he sent them an email stating they are forbidden from publishing photos of most of the children in attendance.

Some of the journalists receiving the email from Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes took it as a veiled threat considering his position of authority.

A reminder to all the media that attended, or will report on, this morning’s press conference with Miss America Mallory Hagan, that all images of the faces of children at the event must not be published in any way. The only two exceptions are the two children who tried on Miss America’s crown.

Granted, some of the children in attendance were victims of sexual abuse and the media and the legal system always strives to maintain their anonymity.

However, they could have easily posted photos without identifying them as sexual abuse victims.

And it seems kind of ridiculous to invite children to a press conference only to claim they can’t be photographed.

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The New York Post ended up not posting any photos from the press conference.

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