March 24th, 2013

Nebraska Police Chase Down Man Video Recording Their Abuse While Second Man Video Records It All 403

By Carlos Miller


Omaha police displayed an unbridled street gang brazenness when they chased a man who was video recording them abusing his brother into a private home, confiscating his phone and arresting him to ensure their actions would never see the light of day.

However, another citizen captured the entire incident on video from a second-floor window, ensuring at least the façade of an internal investigation. 

Police also arrested a third brother inside the home they entered without a warrant, not to mention they knocked over a woman in a wheelchair.

Police claim the woman in the wheelchair was knocked over by Juaquez as he ran from officers.

Regardless of who knocked her over, police had no right to chase Juaquez into the homewithout a warrant when all he was doing was video recording them from across the street.

He was charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing police. No mention of his video is made in any of the local news stories of the incident.

His brother, Octavious Johnson, the man police were initially arresting, was charged disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstructing police and reckless driving.

The third brother arrested, Demetrius Johnson, was charged with obstructing police and an outstanding warrant.

According to KMTV:

The family says officers demanded the phone but when Juaquez ran into the house to put it away, police rushed in throwing Sharon Johnson out of her wheelchair. Sharon says, “He came in and ran and he took my chair and he throws it up and just threw me back.” But a police report obtained by Action 3 News shows Johnson was pushed out of her wheel chair by Juaquez as he ran from officers. Sharon says, not true. “Other police officers just climbed over me and just start going over this way and jumping all over him.” said Sharon.

Johnson says police handcuffed her for a short time, arrested Juaquez and took his cell phone. The Omaha Police Department released this statement: “Chief (Todd) Schmaderer has authorized an internal investigation into the incident. The Omaha Police Department expects professionalism from all employees…there will be a comprehensive investigation into this incident….any violations will be addressed.”

The man who video recorded the incident, Michael Lynch, did an excellent job of capturing the entire scene, which shows police ordering Octavious Johnson to stand against a truck to arrest him after a dispute over a tow truck trying to tow cars from that block.

Octavious wasn’t physically challenging the officers but one officer wrapped his arms around his neck and threw him down to the pavement, then began punching him.

Juaquez Johnson began yelling, “that’s bullshit,” to protest the aggressive actions against his brother, which prompted another officer to start holding him back.

Juaquez wasn’t being combative with the officer but the video shows he was trying to get closer to the altercation as if to record it.

He can be heard saying something like “I’m just taking pictures” at around :21 in the video.

The officer walks him to the sidewalk and Juaquez makes it clear that he is not going to get any closer than the sidewalk but continues to ask, “why you hit him?”

The cop walks back up to him, which causes him to start retreating on the sidewalk, saying, “I don’t feel comfortable with you walking up.”

When the cops walks back towards the street, Juaquez walks back to the same area on the sidewalk where he keeps telling them “that’s abuse” and “get your knee off of his head.”

However, he is very careful not to stand on the street to give the impression that he might physically interfere with the two officers who are on top of his brother.

At 2:18, more cop cars pull up to the scene with sirens wailing and that’s when they start chasing Juaquez into the home.

At least six cops run into the home and eventually lead the two brothers out in handcuffs.

According to KPTM:

Police say they were called out to the area for a parking complaint when the response escalated to a disturbance.

A nearby witness captured the dispute on cell phone video, which is now circulating on You Tube.

“It was just a spur of the moment thing, like I just started recording and everything happened,” said Michael Lynch. He took the cell phone video across the street, upstairs.

In it, you see police throw 28- year-old Octavius Johnson to the ground and throw punches minutes later.

Octavius described, “He went around my neck, threw me on the ground, choked me out to the point where I couldn’t breathe or speak.” He continued, “The officer told me to stop resisting, punched me in the face and said ‘do you want to die today’.”

You also see his brother, Juaquez Johnson, nearby recording his own video, according to family. Lynch said he stayed inside while recording after he said police didn’t seem happy that Juaquez was recording.

The local news stories do not specify whether police returned Juaquez’s phone but considering that video is nowhere to be found on the internet, we can safely assume it’s been deleted.

Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer, who took over in August 2012, vowed to “get to the bottom of this.”

Call him at (402) 444-5600.

Send stories, tips and videos to Carlos Miller.
  • Kenneth Bankers

    I can safely say i will be making a few phone calls of my own. I happen to live in the area. I had thought Omaha police where alot better then this. I have only ever had one problem with them and thats was delt with very quickly. I will try and keep Carlos updated.

    • matism

      I had thought Omaha police were a lot better then this“???

      Surely you can’t be serious! With the Nebraska Information Analysis Center only an hour’s drive away in Lincoln, they are no better than pigs staffing similar Fusion Centers across this country. Omaha has all the FedPig toys DHS has to offer, and Omaha “Law Enforcement” has the same mindset as the REST of the Blue Wall who have fallen under their charms.

      • Matthew Roach

        Also, let’s not forget about the Franklin Coverup. That’s one of the most evil things I’ve ever heard of.

        • annglover

          These officers, of course, weren’t involved in that. That was a long time ago and most of these officers were young then. Probably kids. I’m not saying that nothing happened, because, sadly, I think it did. But not the present administration and police officers.

      • annglover

        Not all police officers in Omaha; just some. One is too much,

      • Jason Strode

        You should file a citizens petition for investigation by a grand jury. Its your right as an American protected b the constitution and you will actually have the power of the courts to aid in the investigation rather than relying on the police to investigate their own. Generally you only need 3-5 taxpaying citizens of the county to sign a petition and affidavit of truth in order to summon a grand jury to investigate.

    • Howard Joey

      and please, keep us all updated, i would also like to know what the outcome is from this BS!

    • Aaron Graves

      I live in Omaha, and would be interested in finding out your progress.

  • Publius Federali

    Notice how these guys are nothing but cowardly thugs. It’s not until back up arrives that the first cop bothering the filmer has the guts to go chase him, with four pigs right behind him. Then at 3 minutes you see the cop beating on the original guy who is flat on his face, knee in his back and cuffed.

    We all know these cops. We knew who they were in high school. They are not human beings who can function in a civilized society. But they revel to live in times like these.

    Of course the real question we must ask is what is an “order” from a cop. We constantly see these police officers giving “order” on these videos. They even go so far as to explicitly state “I gave you an order.” But what does that mean? What authority do they have to give us orders? What responsibility do we have to treat them any differently than a criminal giving that same unconstitutional order? Does the fact that they have a badge change the nature of the order?

    Can an officer give you an order to stop filming? If so what is your response?

    Can an officer give you an order to let him into your house to have sex with your wife? If so what is your response?

    What is your response if you say no and he does it anyway? Are there levels of unconstitutionality? Who decides those levels? If we allow a lower level to be acceptable, doesn’t human nature dictate where the slippery slope ends? Are our rights absolute, and thus violation of any of them is equal? Is being alive but losing your freedom better than having your right to life taken?

    Would you rather live on your knees or die on your feet? It does not take a genius to figure out what is coming down the road when the average man can’t get justice through the system but bankers can launder drug money and not even get prosecuted.

    • James Jesus

      Great post. I just posted about the unprovoked beating of the guy on the ground at the 3 :00 mark.

      • Ronin

        I caught that too. I notice one of the initial cops walks to the car in the center, looks to the other cars arriving, then bolts to the stairs as the camera wobbles. The cop restraining the man, all alone on the ground, looks towards the newer cars and as they approach, then begins pounding on the restrained man and making a show of a struggle.

        At least from this perspective.

    • Ron

      Good point about the “order”.

      I am not in the army and you are not my drill Sgt, so what gives you the right to give me an order?

      • Difdi

        Well, technically you’re mistaken. But only technically.

        Can you vote? Can you own a firearm? Are you male, between the ages of 16 and 45? Congratulations, you’re a member of a militia. An inactive, reserve member.

        A police officer is an active member, and can lawfully give certain orders to inactive members. But they can only give lawful orders, it’s a crime for them to give an unlawful order.

        Citizenship comes as a matched set of obligations and privileges. Don’t like it? Pass a law changing it or follow the established procedure for renouncing your citizenship.

        • IKE

          that sounds like a bunch of police union BS technically.

          • Tom Barnhart

            no, it sounds like birther nonesense… I am sure you would feel differently if it was a white neighborhood or if it was your house that was violated.

        • Varuka Salt

          “Can you vote? Can you own a firearm? Are you male, between the ages of
          16 and 45? Congratulations, you’re a member of a militia. An
          inactive, reserve member.”

          Holy citation needed Batman!

          • Aaron Graves

            Varuka, it’s call the Selective Service system. Every male must register.

          • Carmel Garcia

            no, they don’t have to.

          • Difdi

            If you didn’t register, you rendered yourself ineligible for any position (even a janitor) in any federal agency. You rendered yourself ineligible to receive any federal grant, loan or scholarship. You may have rendered yourself ineligible to receive social security benefits (I don’t know for sure), though you are still eligible to pay for it. Once you turn 26, it’s too late to register, and you’re stuck with the ineligibility for life.

            All of that is on top of the felony conviction if the feds can prove you did it knowingly and willfully. If convicted, you’d be facing up to 5 years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine.

          • Ronin

            He’s correct about individuals being members of the militia. You are by default. I’m not so sure about the command and control structure of a PO giving you orders.

          • Difdi

            The basic process of activating militia is that an elected official makes a determination within their area of jurisdiction that militia are needed. Militia may or may not be trained by the official that calls them up, since generally militia are responsible for their own training and equipment but not always. Militia are activated by being sworn to their duty and the constitution.

            That sounds rather like the process a police officer goes through, now doesn’t it?

            Regular police don’t amount to militia officers, but they are active militia in every way I can see. They are sworn to their duty and the constitution, they are trained to carry out their duty (at least in theory) and are granted the same sorts of line of duty exceptions to various laws that active militia typically are granted in the line of duty. As citizens police are part of the militia, and the manner in which they are hired and sworn is a match to a militia activation.

          • Shovel Driver

            The point, I think, was made that police are active and thus superior officer members of the militia. What then about members of the military on inactive status who thus become higher ranking members of the militia?

            Anyone got a cite that covers this? If not, and until one if produced, the fact that one is a police officer does not require anyone to obey orders.

            Superior force of arms, on the other hand, just might. As to that, may I refer you to this illustration of fallacy: Day By Day

          • Difdi
          • Phillip McDaniel

            cool story bro

            to bad wikipedia nor the law define leos as militia officers capable of giving orders

          • Difdi

            Cool lack of reading comprehension, bro. Unless you’re claiming that police are NOT citizens of the United States?

          • Ernest Crunkleton

            I love that you did cite, but wikipedia does not count, ask any college professor.

          • Difdi

            The thing about Wikipedia is that it makes an excellent starting point. The weakness of it is that a majority of people who are mistaken on the facts can warp reality within the wiki, but that doesn’t make it useless or not count any more than the Encyclopedia Britannica is useless or doesn’t count.

            Assuming that anything Wikipedia says is 100% wrong will lead you astray just as surely as assuming it’s always 100% accurate.

          • Shovel Driver

            10 USC Sec. 311
            Sec. 311. Militia: composition and classes

            (a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.
            (b) The classes of the militia are –
            (1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and
            (2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.

            (Aug. 10, 1956, ch. 1041, 70A Stat. 14; Pub. L. 85-861, Sec. 1(7),
            Sept. 2, 1958, 72 Stat. 1439; Pub. L. 103-160, div. A, title V,
            Sec. 524(a), Nov. 30, 1993, 107 Stat. 1656.)

            SOURCE: United States Code (

          • Name

            “Can you vote? Can you own a firearm? Are you male, between the ages of
            16 and 45? Congratulations, you’re a member of a militia. An
            inactive, reserve member.”


          • Frank Ney

            10 USC 311(b)

        • Publius Federali

          First and foremost, you are completely wrong about the cops being active members of the militia, that is not what they are considered since they don’t do the job of the militia. They do the job of the Sheriff, which is the highest authority in any county. Unfortunately the corporations known as governments have created a private security force for themselves to take the place of the Sheriff, and the Sheriff’s posse, which is us.

          However, you have gotten to the crux of my post. If it is a crime to give an unlawful order then what is the punishment for that crime? Who prosecutes that crime?

          This blog shows these crimes being committed against us over and over again. Yet the answer to my questions above are that no one prosecutes them, and there is no punishment. Which leads to the question, is it really a crime if there is no punishment? If you consider it a crime, yet those in power will not prosecute such a crime, then what are you going to do?

          • Difdi

            The agency responsible for investigating color of law abuses is the FBI. There are even fewer FBI agents per 100,000 police than there are police per 100,000 citizens. As a result, the FBI usually doesn’t get involved until a pattern of behavior emerges, which means individual criminals in the police force usually go unpunished.


          • Brant

            Again, you’re talking out your ass. All States have investigators on the State level, often called the SBI but different from State to State.

          • ExCop-LawStudent

            “[C]orporations known as governments…” sound suspiciously like sovereign citizen BS.

            Since the so-called sovereigns completely misread the law, I would take any advise with a grain of salt.

        • Kansas

          And where did you dream up that theory? The Police enforce POLICY, put forth by POLITICIANS. Nothing “Lawful” about it. Where is a “Police Force” mentioned in the Constitution? They are not “Militia” they’re thugs and rabid dogs that need to be treated as such. Did you know American’s a 8x more likely to be killed by a punk cop than one of their imaginary “terrorists”? You are.

          • Clem

            Absolutely correct. They enforce legal policy. It has nothing to do with lawful. They are violent meter maids. It’s amazing to read the legal jargon spewing out from all of the well trained little citizens here in this forum. Seems this country is losing its soul. People are turning into automatons.
            Difdi, reads like a troll.

          • Tom Barnhart

            Difi heard all that on Fox News… so, it’s true!!! (sarcasm)

          • Carmel Garcia

            for sure.

          • Difdi

            Unless you’re claiming that police give up their citizenship when they put on the uniform, you’re delusional.

        • hmmm

          The entire point of a government and a Constitution is the philosophy of life itself. The point of laws is to protect the God given rights perceived by those who created this country. The very essence of LAW is to protect the rights of the individual and thus the rights of all. When they cease to fulfill that directive they are no longer serving the public.

          This is intent 101. If the laws in a culture are now benefiting a few and not the all then a system once designed for all is now serving a few. This is an Oligarchy. Further, if the power resides in the military than it has become a Totalitarian society.

          The obligation of the citizen is nothing more than to exist, hence why this country was a Constitutional Republic and NOT a democracy in it’s conception. The major difference? YOUR RIGHTS ARE UNTOUCHABLE.

          If your warped perception has lulled you into a state of obedience it is not through the proper use of law making that has changed this, it is the aftermath of living in a world constructed for the soul purpose of devaluing you and thus your rights.

          • Westsider50

            What God are you talking about? Prove there is a God and THEN and ONLY THEN can you speak of something as “God Given.”
            Nowhere in the US Constitution, the source of all Law in the United States, is their any mention of “God given rights.”
            No where.
            Rights are derived from the consent of the governed.
            Where does this lunacy come from? God gave you the right to have a gun? Can you prove that? Where in the Bible does it say that God gave you the right to have a gun? And where in the US Constitution does it mention that the Bible is the source of US Constitutional Law?
            The Declaration of Independence is NOT LAW!! It is an act of rebellion against the legal authority in the Colonies – the British Crown.
            It is tiring to have to listen to this idiocy day in an day out.
            Such stupid whining about “God given rights.” So idiotic….

        • Chris Shields

          the police dept is the corporate arm of city of xxxxx, there is nothing constitutional about them , and you my friend are full of shit ….they either work for us , or it is the other way around….

        • dan summerlin

          so, when I turn 46, what changes?

          • Difdi

            Well, unless you are a former commissioned military officer, you are no longer eligible for mandatory militia service after turning 46. Military officers can be recalled at almost any age.

            And the obvious next question of what happens if you refuse to accept that service is mandatory: Failure to report when called is a misdemeanor in most states. Generally the sheriff arrests such a scofflaw and hauls them to the militia mustering area.

            Refusal to serve once at the muster is treason in most states. Due to the military nature of it, trial is by court martial not civilian court. Since such a call-up would be only in times of emergency, there is a distinct possibility of a firing squad within the hour.

        • Darren Wolfe

          Difdi, you & Archie Bunker think alike: America – Love It Or Leave It!

          I prefer liberty. We have the right to ignore the govt:

          The Right to Ignore the State

          1. The Right to Voluntary Outlawry

          As a corollary to the proposition that all institutions must be subordinated

          to the law of equal freedom, we cannot choose but admit the right of the

          citizen to adopt a condition of voluntary outlawry. If every man has freedom to

          do all that he wills, provided he infringes not the equal freedom of any other

          man, then he is free to drop connection with the state — to relinquish its

          protection, and to refuse paying toward its support. It is self-evident that in

          so behaving he in no way trenches upon the liberty of others; for his position

          is a passive one; and whilst passive he cannot become an aggressor. It is

          equally self-evident that he cannot be compelled to continue one of a political

          corporation, without a breach of the moral law, seeing that citizenship

          involves payment of taxes; and the taking away of a man’s property against his

          will, is an infringement of his rights.

          • Difdi

            Apparently your misplaced sense of outrage takes up the same space in your skull that your reading comprehension does, because you can apparently only do one at a time.

            I suggested that people who dislike the law should get new laws passed to replace the laws they dislike, since that’s the system that is in place.

          • Phillip McDaniel

            When the system or an individual rule/law in place is immoral, morality dictates one ignore it. If slavery were were still legal I suspect Difdi is the type who’d call to turn in escaped slaves … after all it’s the law!

          • Difdi

            And I suspect you’d be the slave owner demanding I do so all the while trying to shift the blame onto me.

            Stop freaking out, engage your brain (assuming you have a functioning one) and read what I wrote. All of it. Then and only then should you hit reply. I stated verifiable facts, and suggested that people who dislike the laws should lobby to get new laws passed.

            If supporting the rule of law and the constitution makes me your natural enemy, well, you’re obviously not the sort of person who has any moral standing to judge anyone.

          • Tom Barnhart

            you lose difdi because there is nothing “obvious.” lol

        • Brant

          under that logic no female has to listen to an officer. did you just pull all of this out of your ass? officers can give lawful orders to anyone. lawful. not anything they want.

          • Damon

            They apparently can’t tell me shit either. I’m over 45 years old.

        • sorval

          because i am male I am in some sort of hierarchal military org? um no. You just completely made that up. I am not, and neither is anyone else. You’re nuts.

          • Difdi

            Your ignorance does not alter reality. Here, let reality alter your ignorance:


          • ExCop-LawStudent

            Not that wikipedia is a reliable source (it’s not), but it doesn’t say what you claim as far as police officers being active members or being able to give orders.

          • Difdi

            Active militia: citizen, sworn to constitution, supposed to act in the public interest.

            Police: citizen, sworn to constitution, supposed to act in the public interest.

            If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, has a bill and feathers and looks awfully like a duck, it’s probably not an aardvark.

          • Ronin

            *Ahem* While I am actually giving your response to me due consideration before responding I feel a little snark is needed on this one:
            Politician: Citizen, sworn to uphold the constitution. supposed to act in the public interest.
            It does not seem like the requirements of office make the thing so. It’s up to the individual in the office, squad room, or their dining room and their honor.

          • Difdi

            Oh, I agree completely. If nobody ever did the wrong thing, nobody would have invented laws, courts, police, etc…

          • ExCop-LawStudent

            Maybe not an aardvark, but it’s also not a duck.

            That comes from over 20 years as a peace officer, 5 years of active duty military, and 15 years in the National Guard.

            Cops are not active militia, nor are they in the exempt category. Were they militia, they would not be subject to a draft, which they are, when a draft is in effect.

            There is no statutory or common law basis for police being active militia.

            The other thing to remember, that if they were active militia, and they gave an “inactive” militia an order that the inactive militia refused to obey, then the member of the “inactive” militia would be subject to a court-martial for either disobeying a direct order or mutiny, neither of which can happen (because police are not “active” militia).

          • Difdi

            A very good point. Still, the statutes and court doctrines they operate under sure do look an awful lot like active militia.

          • ExCop-LawStudent

            No argument there.

          • ErikJay

            You are the very definition of insufferable. Gawwwd! Yuck! Ee-ew! Just plain icky, man. I am glad I left my omnicient days behind. I was even worse than you! You have hope, really you do, just learn Rule 20: Never waste a good opportunity to STFU.

          • Westsider50

            Anyone who has their points debunked by a Wikipedia entry automatically goes for the “Wikipedia is not a reliable source” argument instead of offering REAL evidence to the contrary.
            Instead of summary dismissal of his citation, because it proves you wrong, demonstrate just exactly HOW it is wrong. Cite evidence to the contrary.
            I have often found wikipedia to be factual and consistent with other sources when cross referenced.

          • ExCop-LawStudent

            Are you asking about the fact that police officers are not part of the active militia or the fact that the Wikipedia article did not say that police officers were part of the active militia?

            The point I was making is that his citing Wikipedia didn’t establish his point, since nowhere in the Wikipedia entry did it state that police were part of the militia, active or inactive. I don’t have to show anything else, although if you look elsewhere in the conversation, you will find other points that proved the point I was making.

            Besides, according to the latest study (Public Relations Journal, April 18, 2012), 60% of Wikipedia articles on businesses have errors. That’s not including the more innocuous errors, such as the error on the “Haymarket affair” as documented in the Chronicle of Higher Education (The Undue Weight of Truth on Wikipedia, Feb. 12, 2012).

            Wikipedia is great for finding sources, etc., but it is not reliable in an academic sense.

          • Brandon Rinebold

            He is technically correct in that you are classified as an inactive part of the US military if you are a physically capable male citizen.

            However, what he forgets is that the police are not ranking members of that military organization. They are also inactive ‘privates’ in the militia. As non-officers in that militia, they do not have the authority to activate members and even if they did, do not have the authority to issue orders to members of equal rank.

            The authority of the police is derived from written laws. Ordering nonthreatening bystanders around and demanding that they stop recording in a public place is not within their authority because there is no law being violated by that person.

          • Difdi

            If you fall within the age, gender, mental and legal definitions I mentioned, then you are either a member of the militia, or you are not a citizen of the United States. You probably shouldn’t try to vote if that’s the case, since it’s a crime for a non-citizen to cast a ballot in an election.

          • Howard Joey

            your nothing but a troll! so, stfu!

          • Difdi

            I do not own trolls, slavery is illegal in this country.

        • FreedomIsNotFree

          Wow. Your comment, claiming LEO’s have authority over members of the UNorganized Militia, is completely ridiculous. You clearly don’t know what you are talking about. You use the terms “inactive” and “reserve member”. Those are terms used for the military, not civilians. Further, the Organized Militia is the National Guard, again, a military unit, not LEO’s. LEO’s are civilians just like the rest of us NOT in the military. Educate yourself before you make such ridiculous statements for the world to see. Read about the Dick Act of 1903, which clearly defines the Organized Militia and the UNorganized Militia.

        • ExCop-LawStudent

          Uh, that’s not even close to accurate.

        • Parris Young

          Only on the smallest local level can we “pass a law” of any use to us. Any law of any real consequence is passed by a congress owned and operated by people who want to be “lords and ladies” and so allow themselves to be owned and operated by corporations.

        • Philosophy

          I don’t own a fire arm so I guess I am not a member of a militia. How than can I be given orders?

          • Difdi

            So you’re mentally ill or a felon?

          • Difdi

            If you’re not a member of the militia, then you’re probably not a citizen. Attempting to vote could result in prison time if that’s the case.

          • Ronin

            If you don’t own a firearm? By the barrel of a gun…

        • Shovel Driver

          A police officer is NOT a member of the militia when performing duties as a member of the police. Just as I am not a member of the militia when performing duties as a member of the military. Police are civilians we have hired to perform certain specified duties for us, duties which are constrained by constitutional limitations on government. We the people have delegated our personal authority to others, but as the Supreme Court ruled, delegation does not mean that we have surrendered our authority, and we can take back that delegation at any time. But of course the police and their enablers will say otherwise.
          Those who believe we are required to obey orders from police are wrong. But of course the police and their enablers will say otherwise. “I did what I was ordered to do” is a defense that was discredited – and made a crime – at Nurnberg, and that applies equally well to those who obey unlawful orders as well as to those who give them, even when those who give them claim to be “obeying orders given them by their superiors”.

      • Howard Joey

        from my years, it is suppose to be a “lawful order”. that seems to have gotten lost years ago now. now its an ORDER! so let me see, what if i give the PIG an ORDER! do they have to obey? what ya think RON? think about it, your not resisting, what your doing is, “giving on order”! then let them ask you, “what gives you the right to give an order”! another thing ron, so the PIGS gives the order, stop that video, and your in public. you say then to the “law enforcement pig” what law you are enforcing?” what do they say then? what do they say?

        • Howard Joey

          oh hell, i just thought of something, what if a pig gives a pig an ORDER? could they then arrest each other for disobeying “an order”? LOL

    • Howard Joey

      thank you, i would not have been able to express it like you did. it all boils down to, what are we going to do about it, they have never, and will never correct it when they police them selves! never going to happen. when we start fighting back it the way it will stop! when they are put into PRISON, then it may stop!

    • steveo

      The only “real” order a leo can give is “you are under arrest” unless you are too close to an emergency situation like a fire or inside the police tape, close meaning 20 to 30 ft. Most everything else you can just ignore. If leos order you out of your car, the ACLU says that you are already under arrest.

      But, that said, please use your right to remain silent…. I’m going to dress up like a mime and film police and hand them a card that says, “Mimes have the right to remain silent.”

    • Aaron Turner

      I agree with you this country is in trouable when we have police officers acting like this we have a problem.

      • Stepping On Shadows

        They’ve always been like this. Tiny, cheap cameras and Youtube are what’s new.

    • VolvoDriver

      You’re an idiot. You’re defending criminals and vilifying the police – and all this despite the fact that you know NONE of the circumstances surrounding this incident.

      • Michael Sievers

        It does not matter what the circumstances are. The cops violated both the victims rights and the law they pretend to protect. THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

        • VolvoDriver

          …according to you.

          • TheButterThief

            And according to the video, smart guy.

          • VolvoDriver

            According to what you see on that video, but don’t hear. And you don’t see what preceded the video. Why do you geniuses think the cops showed up in the first place? Guys get their cars towed all the time, and don’t get the cops called on them.

            Grow some brains in those heads of yours!

          • TheButterThief

            Well, what we see AND hear in the video, plus witness reports. But all of that means nothing, right? Because what we see in the video is a completely reasonable show of force, and not an insane waste of time and resources. And cops certainly never lose their cool, then lie about it afterward. Right?

          • VolvoDriver

            Witnesses – all of whom “happen to be” family members, and part of a family that has been in trouble with the law for DECADES.

            Has it even crossed your mind to wonder why NONE of these wonderful law-abiding good citizens were at work on a Thursday? As a neighbor, I can tell you why – it’s become NONE of them work. They never have, and they never will.

            Has it even crossed your mind that every one of these punks is driving a vehicle that is not only not licensed, but not insured?

            Has it even crossed your mind why the tow-truck driver called the cops on these thugs?

            I didn’t think so…

          • TheButterThief

            So, you’ve crossed into straight-up insane territory here. Anyone who doesn’t work on a Thursday must be a criminal deserving of an ass-kicking from a cop? Likewise for having an uninsured, unlicensed car? What’s your fucking badge number, you lunatic?

          • VolvoDriver

            Awww, poor baby doesn’t like logic? Poor baby doesn’t like being told – by a neighbor of these parasites – that his idiocy is dead wrong? Poor baby doesn’t like having it pointed out that he has no clue what he’s talking about? Badge number? I’m not a cop, sorry. I’m just a citizen who lives in the area, who is sick of sub-human parasites like these people – and sub-human trolls like you defending them, even though you haven’t got a clue.

          • Jake Smith

            Do you see the irony in coming in here and calling people criminals admitting not knowing what happened before the video Volvo? You really made yourself out to look like an idiot. Good job. Maybe wait until the dash can footage comes out before you make yourself out to be a fool.

          • VolvoDriver

            Have you even stopped to THINK about one important question: Why were the cops called there in the first place? You man enough to answer that question? They did NOT just show up. They were called there, because your good friend Octavius was threatening the tow truck driver.

            I am utterly amazed that all you ass-clowns – who know absolutely nothing about this incident, this neighborhood, or these people – think you’re experts in the law, because you saw part of a video. Amazing.

          • Brant

            doesn’t take a genius man, video speaks for its self. your blind bigotry speaks for its self as well.

          • SamTx

            Video does not speak for itself. It requires context and often can be misleading.

          • sic of stupid people

            I saw nothing illegal or out of line. I see two people disturbing the peace. I am sure you have a langthy rap sheet aswell!

          • Jude I⚡caяiot

            I don’t care why the cops showed up. They broke their trust in the public and their oath to uphold the laws and Constitution of this country.

          • Michael

            The tow-trucker was trying to steal his car, I would be threatening the tow truck driver too. However, I find it more problematic that the brother was arrested for video recording the incident and the video he took seems to be missing.

          • Publius Federali

            I suggest we all ignore the volvo driving fool.

            He’s clearly either a retarded cop (I know redundant), a paid government troll or most likely a six year old who guessed the password on his daddy’s computer.

          • Jude I⚡caяiot


          • dan summerlin

            Could you please elaborate about how these people are parasites? I understand that you live near these people and understand them. The video looks terrible for the cops, you must admit. I know you follow lots of rules and your neighbors may not, but do you think that the physical violence is justified? Because he had words with the tow truck driver? I know that tow truck drivers are ALWAYS upstanding citizens, and what they do could never be equated to theft… In fact, would a tow truck driver not be, by definition, a parasite in this instance? Thanks in advance, VolvoDriver.
            Dan Summerlin

          • Brant

            sounds like a racist low-life fed up with his living armaments. probably collecting unemployment himself after getting laid off for being incompetent.

          • Jude I⚡caяiot

            You drive a Volvo, ergo, you are a moron.

            I can do it too!

          • Brandon Rinebold

            The police and your neighbors believing you have committed a crime does not negate your civil rights. Even committing a crime does not do that until convicted.

          • cvbzxhb

            you are not their neighbor please go away with your ignorance man

          • VolvoDriver

            Just shut up, and stop trying to defend your cousins.

          • Brant

            spot on man, they are unemployed, so the cops should beat them at will. haven’t seen a single person here saying these are stand-up guys, just saying they are guys that should be able to exercise their rights without being beaten. you honestly believe people should be treated by the police based on their socio-economic background?

          • Stunt Man Mike

            I live in Omaha, I know that area and you ain’t no Volvo driver if your crib is down there. Here’s a new name you should use “iamatrickassmarklyinbiotch”.

          • VolvoDriver

            Do you have a problem with the make of truck I drive, Michelle? Would you like me to run over your pusswagon with it? Side dump a load of rocks on it? I also don’t live in a crib, the likes of which babies like you lie. I live in a very nicely restored home. It’s too bad that wusses like you are scared to even visit this area of Omaha. Well, actually, it’s okay. We’re before off without your type.

          • Jude I⚡caяiot

            It crossed my mind that maybe they had night jobs, personally. I don’t like to make assumptions about people’s jobs based on what hours they may or may not be home, because I don’t have any facts other than that to say anything.

            However, I have facts about this video – the cops threw some guy on the ground without provocation, and then they chased down another guy for filming it. Whether or not either of them work is moot. Whether or not they have criminal records is moot.

          • Phillip McDaniel

            On the point of licenses and insurance.

            The state forces the individual to pay taxes which pay for the roads. Then like a sick crime lord the state requires the individual to be licensed, inspected, titled, tagged, and insured for the privilege of using that which he as been forced to pay for at the point of a gun. If you doubt it’s at the point of a gun that taxes are collected I suggest you quit paying taxes, after all the state is so nice and all.

            Not having a license is a heroic act as far as I’m concerned. No subject of the state (yes we are subjects, not citizens) should be forced with the threat of liberty and life to pay for that which they are banned from using.

          • Tom Barnhart

            sounds like you know them personally… so, how objective is that?

          • VolvoDriver

            Far more objective than you.

          • Brant

            What an idiot. Read the article and watch the video. Cops acting as cops act, getting away with whatever they can.

          • SamTx

            It’s obvious that most people here do not like cops nor thinking objectively. The video post and writer of article claims abuse, and everyone here is like “she’s a witch! Burn her!” Thinking and analyzing requires more effort than just reacting.

          • Jude I⚡caяiot

            Objectively, the cops chased a guy for not violating any laws, arrested him, and stole his property.

          • Brandon Rinebold

            What we don’t see on this video does not justify violence in excess of what is required to subdue the person they’re arresting. If he killed 42 grandmothers and raped their corpses right before this video, that still does not give the police the right to use unnecessary force to arrest him and does not give them the right to arrest bystanders for recording video in a public place.

            Please explain why the following were required in order to arrest this person:
            0:05: Man walks toward the car and places one hand on the hood. Both feet are on the ground and his other arm is in front of him. The cop’s response to absolutely no violence from this guy, instead of placing his hands behind his back and handcuffing him, is to drag him to the ground in a choke then punch him in the face at least 4 times. I’ll admit that if the choke had been warranted, then the punches were probably a necessary follow-up but I can’t see any indications of violence from this guy on the video.
            2:15 On arrival of the second car, an officer immediately chases someone who appears to be charged with loudly complaining about the police’s actions. It is *possible* that he threw something during the seocnd he was off-camera but why would he have waited until he heard other sirens coming to throw things at the cops?
            2:23 Cops run into a home without a search warrant. Unless the person they started chasing at 2:15 has committed a crime or has an outstanding arrest warrant, then this is illegal.
            2:50 The tow truck guy stops looking at the towed car (in the direction of the arrested man) and gets back in his truck. The cop on top of the handcuffed guy starts looking around until 2:57 The cop sitting on top of a handcuffed guy decides that he has become enough of a threat to need 3-4 more punches.

            Whatever precluded this video is legally irrelevant to what occcurred within it. The only relevant discussion here is whether the force used by the cops in this case was necessary to arrest him and whether the second person commited a crime he should have been arrested for. People with a criminal history do not lose their civil rights.

          • VolvoDriver

            Just yesterday I sat and watched the video with a good friend of mine who is a cop. We watched it repeatedly. He even pointed out the “officer needs help” call that he could hear, and none of you bozos would notice.

            Everything in the video was done 100% by protocol – UNTIL the cop with the guy on the ground kept punching him. For that, according to my cop friend, that cop is probably going to get fired.

            That was the ONLY thing that was against protocol.

          • Turnkeys

            Of course your friend is going to be as objective as you in this matter. :/

          • VolvoDriver

            …as opposed to all the whiney-ass anti-police wusses on this site. Yeah, an objective bunch you are. And brave!

          • Ronin

            What timestamp is that call at, please?

          • VolvoDriver

            It’s a clicking – a code the police use. I don’t know at what timestamp it appears. Turn up your volume and listen carefully. If you know police radio codes, you’ll recognize it. If you don’t, you won’t hear it.

          • Ronin

            Which is what is being discussed by some of us. Not allowing someone to record is also a breach. Maybe not of protocol, but certainly of their right. That has be affirmed, reaffirmed, and reaffirmed yet again ad nauseum.

            If the police are doing everything by the book, it is in their interest to allow and preserve a video record that could help exonerate the accused officer, is it not?

          • Brant

            did you watch the video?

        • tired of stupid people

          You sound so stupid!

      • Mr Makanhoes #Alien

        Do you live in omaha? Do you know how the cops act in this town? Have you not heard about Robert Wagner? These “Criminals” are guilty of invalid tags… if a sticker on a car justifies this sort of being then you should be behead for your level of stupidity.

        • VolvoDriver

          Yes, I live in Omaha. Do you?

          I live in the neighborhood where these reprobates live. Do you?

          I know what they do, and don’t do, on a daily basis – and how the entire family has lived for decades. Do you?

      • Publius Federali

        Why are you even at this site? Are you part of Obama’s cyber security force?

        How about you go read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers and then I will let you talk to me. Until then you are just an ignorant sheep who is abusing his right to have an opinion, and in so doing makes certain that everyone who hears his opinions knows he’s a fool.

        Of course the fact you drive a Volvo also tells us that.

        • VolvoDriver

          Do you have a problem with the kind of truck I drive, tough guy?

          The more appropriate question is why are YOU on this site – other than to spew your inane stupidity?

          I would ask you if you’re stupid enough to believe everything you see on the internet, but I won’t bother. I already know the answer.

          • Publius Federali

            You’re just a troll, my only question is if you are getting paid to do it.

            As I said previously, I don’t converse with fools and slaves. You now know where I stand. I know who you are, a fascist. You are my enemy and the enemy of any man who stands for freedom since you work for the government that oppresses free men. You are also clearly a racist, which is another trait of fools.

            Good luck to you. Remember, you can’t have a police state without police. Seig Heil!

          • VolvoDriver

            You are a simpleton. A complete fool. Yet another internet tough-guy who blathers on about situations he’s completely ignorant of.

            I’m glad you don’t live in this neighborhood. We have enough sub-human parasites – like you’re friends you’re defending – living here.

          • Publius Federali

            I said we were done little boy. Should I type slower?

          • VolvoDriver

            You can type any speed you want. The end result is the same: stupidity.

          • Publius Federali

            Oh my god, you’re a pig. Ha. That’s what all the “internet tough guy” talk is about. If you could only meet me face to face you could show me who is really tough, with your plastic badge, gun you can’t shoot and clown suit. I laugh at you. I’m laughing my ass off at how angry you are right now that you can’t demand my respect. There’s nothing you can do about it you impotent high school bully. Piggy, piggy, piggy. Oink, oink, oink.

            Don’t you have tickets to write you glorified meeter maid. Oh, you’re also a criminal because your union bribes politicians to steal for your salary from hard working Americans.

            And the best laugh is me imagining the look on your face when you wake up one day and realize that your supposed pension that you stole from us is really not there.

          • VolvoDriver

            If you only knew… Mehhh, never mind. It wouldn’t matter any way. You’re too stupid to comprehend it. Just keep doing what you’re doing – blathering on from your mom’s basement.

        • sick of stupid people

          Says the guy driving some shit box who is suprised they get pulled over for having a tail light out, and suprised when the cop hauls your low life ass to jail after runnig your mouth and finding god knows what in your car.

          • TheButterThief

            More popo up in here…

      • Stunt Man Mike

        so what you’re saying is that, what you saw on this video is acceptable behavior by the police? We should be defending their actions?

    • Libertarian Amazon

      If the people of Omaha are disgusted with this behavior, businesses can begin by refusing service to the cops who were being abusive.

    • over stupid people

      Your a fucking idiot.

      • TheButterThief

        That is some exquisite irony.

    • Howard Joey

      simple answer is, they have supervisors that are the same bullies that now deal with what the PIGS of today are doing. anyone think that PIGS will be held up to a higher standard then you and me. keep dreaming. when the PIGS deal with real life accountability they may stop this shit! till then the PIGS will continue doing anything and everything! they currently have a license to kill, i think! so what is the sheeple going to do? live on their knees, or wake up and take a stand?

  • kmacarth

    I think I counted 11 squad cars, but I lost count of all the uniformed officers. Holy cow… slow day in Omaha.

    I wonder what happens when a real crime happens?

    • Jorge Emilio Emrys Landivar

      Real criminals are dangerous. Easier for these assholes to pick on normal folk.