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North Carolina Cop Assaults Citizen Recording Him


A North Carolina cop who did not want to be video recorded stepped out of his car and assaulted the man with the camera in front of a Walmart.

The cop’s name is C.A. Autry, according to his name tag, and he works for the Dunn Police Department.

Not much information is available to the video that was published May 1 and has only received 24 views so far.

But it’s obvious Autry was completely out of line in his actions. The last thing we hear is the videographer saying, “give me my phone” as Autry is telling him to “turn it off.”

The Dunn Police Department, which has published a list of all its officers on its website, lists an officer identified as C. Autry who can be reached at (910) 892-2399, which appears to be the department’s main number.

However, he can be emailed at cautry@dunn-nc.org.

J.D. Pope, the department’s interim police chief, can be reached at (910) 230-3533 and can be emailed at jpope@dunn-nc.org.

Dunn police officer C.A. Autry

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