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San Antonio Park Police Beat Woman, Delete Video, Which is Later Recovered


San Antonio Park police violently beat a woman who had walked into the wrong room at a gas station, then arrested her brother for trying to video record the altercation.

They also deleted the footage from her brother’s camera while charging the woman with felony assault on a peace officer.

But her brother managed to recover the footage that contradicts the police version of the story.

Christina Oliver, who ended up with a broken nose and black eye, told her story to KENS 5:

Oliver had stopped to use the restroom inside a inside a Shell Gas Station late Saturday night on the her way home from celebrating Fiesta downtown. She said she accidentally walked into a stock room at the back of the store instead.

“When I realized it was for employees, I came back into the store,” Oliver said.

When she walked out, two Park Police officers confronted her and asked if she had stolen any items from the store.

According to a San Antonio police report, Oliver used a closed fist to punch one of the officers in the throat. It’s a detail Oliver vehemently denies.

“He punched me first,” she said. “He punched me in the eye.”

A witness who doesn’t appear to be related to Oliver left the following comment on the KENS 5 story:


San Antonio


Hopefully, she’ll figure out how to post the video. Call the San Antonio Park Police Department at this number: : (210) 207-8590.

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