July 1st, 2013

California Police Arrest Man for Video Recording, then Kill his Dog (Updated III) 907

By Carlos Miller

In one of the most shocking videos I’ve seen since launching this blog six years, ago, Hawthorne police shot and killed a dog while arresting the dog’s owner for video recording them from a half-block away on a public sidewalk.

Several cops were standing in front of a house halfway down the block, apparently to make an arrest over the weekend, while a man walking his dog was video recording them from the corner.

A group of other citizens were recording from across the street and captured the entire exchange, including the arrest of the man and killing of his dog.

At 2:09 in the video, the man starts walking to his car when he realizes the cop are going to walk towards him because he was standing there recording.

After he puts his dog in the car, he walks back towards the cops, turns around and allows himself to be handcuffed, even though he had not broken any law at any time during the video.

Makes one wonder what would have happened had he just gotten into his car and driven away.

As he is being handcuffed by two cops, the dog begins barking and eventually jumps out the window.

At 3:09, the dog is out of the car and running towards the cop.

At 3:23, a cop shoots the dog four times. The dog staggers and dies.

Last year, Hawthorne police jailed a man for four days for recording a traffic stop from a public sidewalk.

Call the Hawthorne Police Department: Call (310) 675-4443 or  (310) 349-2700.

Press Information Officer:
Lieutenant Scott Swain
(310) 349-2835
email: kswain@cityofhawthorne.org

UPDATE: The man who was arrested, Leon Rosby, was charged with obstructing officers. He already has a pending lawsuit against the Hawthorne Police Department and believes that is why he was confronted.

The name of his Rottweiler was Max.

According to CBS:

Attorney Michael Gulden said his client Leon Rosby was watching and taking video of the Hawthorne SWAT team when police claimed Rosby was obstructing officers during the barricade.

Rosby is seen in video footage walking with the dog – which appeared to be a Rottweiler – near several patrol cars to capture the scene on his phone.

After an exchange with nearby officers, Rosby is heard saying the words, “civil rights violation” before returning the dog to his vehicle.

As officers begin to proceed toward Rosby, he also begins walking in the direction of the officers and is then taken into custody without any further exchange.

According to the Daily Breeze, Rosby was arrested because he had refused to turn down his car radio, which can be heard in the video.

The shooting occurred about 7:15 p.m. Sunday at 137th Street and Jefferson Avenue about two hours after police surrounded a house where a gunman had robbed two people inside. A crowd of spectators gathered in response to the large police response, which included several police cars and the department’s Bearcat armored vehicle.

As some, including resident Gabriel Martinez, aimed their cellphones at the scene to record it, Rosby drove up in his rented black Mazda. Swain said Rosby stopped in the intersection with music blaring from his windows. Officers told him to turn down the music because they were trying to hear what was happening down the street. Rosby pulled forward, parked and got out with his dog, but left the music still playing loudly.

“It’s distracting the officers,” Swain said. “It’s interfering with what they are able to hear. It’s not just a party call. It’s an armed robbery call. The officers need to hear what’s going on with the people being called out of the residence. That music in his car is bleeding over and it’s distracting them.”

It still doesn’t make sense considering Rosby walked back to his car, placed his dog inside, then walked back to the cops and allowed himself to be arrested.

Why didn’t he just turn down the music when he placed the dog back inside?

If he was so defiant about the music, wouldn’t he have been more defiant about getting arrested?

Here is a video recorded before the above video from when Rosby pulled up to the scene, parked his car and stepped out to begin recording.


Hawthorne Cops Shoot Dog


UPDATE II: The Hawthorne Police Department posted the following press release on its Facebook page, claiming they had to arrest Rosby because his “distracting music (more the individual’s vehicle), and his intentional walking within close proximity to armed officers, while holding an 80-pound Rottweiller on a long leash-line” adding that other citizens were recording from a “safe distance and compliant to officers’ regards.”

So I think it’s obvious they were more concerned about his physical whereabouts than his music, most likely because he had a much clearer angle of what was taking place than the citizens standing on the other corner who had absolutely no visibility of what was actually taking place in front of the house with the armed robbers.

Furthermore, it is routine police protocol to establish a perimeter with police ribbon if they are that insistent in marking boundaries.

But we see no marked perimeter. All we see is Rosby standing a half-block away from the nearest officer holding a cell phone in the air to record police.


Hawthorne police press release

Hawthorne police press release2

UPDATE III: Here is another video from a different angle of the shooting.


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  • Jake G

    Cops are nothing more than violent sociopaths who need to be put down. This officer deserves the same treatment he showed that poor dog.

    • Upyurs

      So true. The dog owner should receive a huge payout from the criminals in uniform and then be given the option of shooting the pig 4 times, and to death if he likes. That’s fair; this pig is a cold blooded detriment to society; lock him up or shoot him to protect the rest of us.

      • gimpbully

        Payout’s just gonna come from the taxpayer.

        • Guest

          yup they just take money away from public schools and homeless shelters and not one penny from the police department

        • AwwwYeah

          Well, maybe after enough, the taxpayer will do something about the rogue police they hired.

          • Hugh Jorgan

            I’m pretty sure that the police departments are independent corporations with their own public liability insurance and I’d be willing to bet that if they had to keep paying out and paying out and paying out for the same cop, that cop would eventually be considered a liability and asked to leave.

            But, for that to happen, many, many more people need to learn the simple steps necessary to bring lawsuits against these ass-holes. If nobody bothers to sue the phukkers, they’ll just keep doing what they’re doing with no consequences.

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            They are not “corporations.”

          • Jon Quimbly

            Hawthorne, CA, is a municipal corporation.

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            The city is. The department isn’t.

          • Jon Quimbly

            The PD is a separate entity from the city? Interesting. My only reference is knowing a pair of lawyers who worked defending both NYC and NYPD against lawsuits. I was left with the impression that that city’s PD was under the corporation, fiscally anyways. Varies by jurisdiction I’m sure.

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            No, he was claiming that the police departments were separate corporations.

            The department is a division of the city, a political sub-division of the state. In some states those are known as municipal corporations, primarily due to the common law. To sue or be sued, you have to fit into a category that allows that.

            For example, in a purely common law system, a partnership cannot be sued as an entity, each individual partner must be sued, and joined in the same action. Corporations have the capability to sue and be sued, so some states created municipal corporations to allow that.

            Unlike what the sovereign citizen idiots believe, it is not a corporation in the business sense.

          • karen murray

            sovereign-new word u learned in class & whipped it out. u really do have a cop/god complex to call some1 or several some1s an idiot and not know them. is it your knowledge from going to school (maybe the psych 101)? your IQ? or that u still carry a gun?

          • Liege Maximo

            He’s a piece of shit pig, and nothing he says has any validity in the slightest. Disinformation agent, piece of shit, scum bag, pig.

          • bigpawn01

            f@ck the police

          • don

            this bully(dirty cop) should be fired and his family sent into exile

          • Truth hurts

            You people make me laugh. What kind of idiot would blame anyone, especially a law enforcement officer for protecting themselves from being mauled by an animal? You are all the same kind of retards who complain about the police until someone steals your shit or knocks your teeth out. Then you scream and yell for the cops to “do their jobs.” None of you would last 2 seconds doing that job. Dumbasses

          • KarenYou’reATool


            As you have failed to display your ability to form a complete sentence, I will have to assume you are one of the unfortunate American’s who possesses an extra chromosome. Seriously, not one single instance in any of your examples is grammatically or syntactically acceptable. I have absolutely no problem calling you a complete and total idiot. My only regret is that you were not here last week to lick MY windows before I spent most of the evening on Wednesday cleaning them.


            Just about everyone who graduated high school.

          • OccupySac Ustream

            judge not one intellect by their grammar. that is the fault of our school system. in fact there has been no link between good grammar and being smart, quite the opposite actually. people with higher IQ’s tend to have problems with their hand writing, grammar, spelling and others. look at any professors notes (except English, or language). further i find it ironic that a cop would be so bold as to call some one an idiot. statistically speaking law enforcement require one of the lowest IQ scores of American jobs. a score of 80 is enough to qualify. but then again, who wants smart cops? a smart cop might actually realize that half the orders they are giving violate our constitution, they might ask questions, they might think for themselves, they might realize that their harassment, and oppression are the number 1 cause of crime in this country. it’s funny cops always try to tell me i don’t know what i’m talking about. then i prove them wrong very time, even on the “laws” they are supposed to enforce, yet don’t even know. whats even funnier is watching them break the law then expect you to respect them telling you to follow it. lol. i remeber one who swore up and down that I “didn’t know shit, your homeless how could you know anything?” a few moments later i proved him wrong about having him think he had a legitimate reason to stop me. he didn’t. my how embarrassed he looked having a “bum” educate him on how to properly do his job. though there are cops who are smart, and ones who really are there to keep people safe. today, unfortunately, most of them are big, dumb, violent bullies with out the capability act or think independently. in the years I’ve spent being homeless there has only been one gang that I’ve had to stress off trying to get me, the police. i’ve been beaten three times by officers, one of them i already had a broken jaw. none of these times had i committed any legitimate offense, once because i knocked on the door next to my friends on accident, once for counting my money in an alley, and once for not answering his questions (which would be a protected action under the 5th amendment). i have witnessed hundreds of illegal searches, stops, and other civil rights violations. i have witnessed law enforcement break three laws, just to give some one a ticket for crossing an empty street. i realize not all cops are like this, but what am i supposed to think of them when these are th things i see every day. i honestly can not remember ever seeing a cop actually help some one,but i’ve seen them arrest a rape victim for drinking a single beer on her own porch to calm her nerves.

          • bigpawn01

            lmao yeah maybe they need to check out some of Einsteins grammar. The guy was a genius and could not write worth a shit.

          • Fun facts

            Einstein was dyslexic.

          • bigpawn01

            ouh shit!! Duck every body the grammar police are here. My grammar may be bad but my chemistry is above average. lol. Thank what ever gods may be for science.

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            LOL. Idiots are idiots. You can usually tell from their writing and grammar, or lack thereof. You know, things like using all lower case, inappropriate use of caps, poor spelling or inappropriate abbreviations for proper communication.

            You know, sort of like what you do.

          • correction

            don’t need as many commas

          • Frank Grimes


            This is the second time you’ve incorrectly “corrected” this ex-cop’s grammar. He may be a POS pig, but he can construct a grammatically correct sentence. (Surprising, really. In addition to having one of the lowest minimum I.Q. requirements, police departments will also REJECT applicants for having too high an I.Q. So there is LITERALLY no such thing as a “smart cop.”)

          • jonQ

            Have you gone to college? His writing is just as flawed as those he is trying to put down.
            “LOL. Idiots are idiots. You can usually tell from their writing and grammar, or lack thereof. You know, things like using all lower case, inappropriate use of caps, poor spelling or inappropriate abbreviations for proper communication.

            You know, sort of like what you do.”

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            It comes from legal writing, where more than one conjunction are separated by commas for clarity in statutory or contract interpretation.

          • excop-lawstudent is stupid

            dude… shut up! You’re a tool! This is a comment board… there is nothing proper about this.

          • Melanie Willick

            Or all the bullshit and lies you tell to put people in jail, or beat up innocent people because you feel like it! Grow up you arrogant fuck

          • Annonny

            Another sign of being an idiot, or a pre teen girl, is using lol.

          • Matthew R Webb

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          • jonQ

            Honestly, I’ve read through your trolling posts and your grammar is just as poor as those that you make fun of. This is not a place where grammar counts, that is for classrooms and the workplace, this is a forum to get views across about the unjust treatment of that man’s dog.

          • Scott

            Bad grammar or punctuation shouldn’t define a person or minimize their ability to have an opinion.

            Unless of course you think you are better than everyone else and feel you have the right to define people in that manner..

          • Dieter Gould

            Karen murray,

            Are you one of these Autistic children? Opps! They’re actually smarter than you, even with that extra chromosome… Advice! Go back to school, and learn Engrish! At least the Asians would understand you… Oh, one more… Take up a gramma crass too! By then, you may be able to write complete sentences, and actually speak English. And, if that don’t work for ya, then take up a courses in Wattoosie, and/or Zwahelee. Then, and only then, just maybe someone will understand you… And you don’t have to read Cursive either…

          • Myke McDonald

            Dieter. You are a bully and an asshole. I am autistic and am

          • OccupySac Ustream

            you might want to make sure you grammar and spelling are correct before getting on some one about it!

          • Jamie Marques

            wow, you really are a nasty piece of work. I wonder if your Mother knew you were going to be like that when you were born, because if I were in her shoes, I would of left you for dead in an alleyway.

          • Liege Maximo

            “Sovereign citizen idiots”? Really? You’re a piece of shit pig. Nothing you have to say is of any validity at all. I beat the police twice last year, because they are fucking idiots, and they ALWAYS fuck up. They don’t know the fucking law, they THINK they are the law…. But you know what you piece of shit pig? You’re not. You’re a stupid piece of shit.

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            This from someone who is named after a toy (Transformers).

          • correction

            *this is from

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent


          • David Bruce Feldman

            you sir, make yourself look bad with your comments

          • OccupySac Ustream

            actually he was saying that he wished pd was a corporate entity so we could hold them accountable

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            Then he needs to choose his words more carefully, because that is not what he said.

          • OccupySac Ustream


            Hugh Jorgan

            12 hours ago

            I wish police departments were
            private ‘corporations’ hired by the community in which they work. At
            least then they could be held accountable for their actions. As it
            stands now, they are *higher than civilians and can only be held
            accountable by their superiors.

          • Dave in NY

            how could it ‘not be what he said’ when you ‘have no clue what you are getting at.’… such a tool

          • Robyn Ryan

            We pay their salaries. They work for us. Demand the Mayor and City Council (also our employees) to give us value for our money, not violence.

          • John Johnson

            Violence is necessary sometimes Robyn, to protect you and yours.

          • Robyn Ryan

            Violence is the last resort of the incompetent. The military taught me that.

          • John Johnson

            Incompetent, until your life or the life of someone you care about needs that ”violence” to save your life.

          • R. S. S.

            You do know that it is illegal to sue most corporations now because they run the country and own the politicians and police?

          • Matthew R Webb

            It is not illegal to sue a corp. Where did you come up with that?

          • Maurice Taylor

            “Unlike what the sovereign citizen idiots” Why do you choose to reference to sovereign people as idiots ?

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            Because most of don’t understand the law and have tinfoil hat beliefs.

            I’m also not real keen on the racist history of the movement.

          • alien99

            Scumbag cop becomes a scumbag ignorant lawyer that works for the King. All you have to look forward to is rolling over and taking it in the arse.

          • jonQ

            Again, great grammar ExCop…

          • pissed off

            who gives a fuck dumb-fuck

          • alien99

            Look it up on Dunn&Bradstreet….All Police Deptments, courts, and prisons are incorporated. Wake up my friend.

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            Dunn & Bradstreet doesn’t prove anything you idiot.

          • alien99

            Look in the mirror TOOL. Everything is incorporated…including the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, which is incorporated in Puerto Rico, you stupid Phcuk:) And you went from being one Pee-on to another Bigger Pee-on in the system owned by your MASTER the Crown of England.

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent


            I do have a question. If you believe, as a sovereign whackjob, that you are under common law, then why do y’all keep talking about the UCC?

          • alien99

            You’re just a common slave, that is still asleep, and who believes they are free, but nothing could be further from the truth…Lol. You can operate in the common law if you operate in the private(Th Republic). All courts operate in Admiralty Law or Law of the Sea, which is all about commerce. UCC is Admiralty Law…or Uniform Commercial Code. But Judges attempt to get Jurisdiction over you constantly, because they needs peoples consent to operate their scam. If they can’t get jurisdiction they can’t charge you. Lol!! Lawyers(Liars) are ignorant piles of shit and EVERYONE inherently knows this, scumbag. Why do you think the Law Society wrote all there Law in Latan/Liar Speak? Answer: so common folk can’t UNDERSTAND it and realize they ALL work for the CROWN. Ignorance keeps you a SLAVE Neo. Wake up you TOOL 8==> and suck it!

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            LOL. Typical whackjob thinking.

            The UCC is not admiralty law, it is statutory law, enacted by the same governments that you whackjobs claim are illegitimate. So why are you reserving “rights” under the UCC if you don’t “submit” to the courts?

            As far as not getting jurisdiction? If you are located within the state, they have jurisdiction, whether you consent or not.

            I laugh every-time that I read another report of one of you whackjobs trying that sovereign citizen mumbo-jumbo and end up in a cage.

          • alien99

            Hmmm…Let me see if you can UNDERSTAND a definition…UCC stands for the Uniform Commercial Code. The Uniform Commercial Code is a set of standards that set forth some requirements for specific types of commercial contracts. All Courts are run using Admiralty law. Look it up anywhere TOOL. There is a private side and a public side. The public side is where TOOL ignorant Lawyers operate and the private is where TOOL lawyers can’t go. They need you’re consent at all times. Look there is no debating STUPID, so I won’t even try. I laugh every time a TOOL like you thinks they know what freedom is, while they are a SLAVE that licks you’re masters boots. There are plenty stories of successes TOOL. I rather be the master of my own fate than put it your scumbag TOOL life force sucking hands. You’re a Gremlin that deserves the worst this life has to offer, because you earned it everyday TOOL. Lol

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            LOL. I’ll just let you talk and prove you’re an idiot.

            Buh bye.

          • alien99

            You whimper and whine into your little corner…I will take pride I was the one who finally got you to STFU. Lol, just take a hard look in the mirror scumbag copper, how pathetic your life has become.

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            LOL. You’re still delusional I see. Did you skip taking your meds today? Are the voices in your head getting louder?

            Put some more tinfoil on your hat.

            In the meantime, I’m going to buy some more Alcoa stock.

          • alien99

            Dear…scumbag cop/Liawyer,

            Cops are pussies who got their asses beat daily and needed to get a badge for a WEAK attempt to control others. Lawyers: THere is no lower form of life.

            What’s it like to know you are hated everywhere you go, you fascist /commie? Thanks for helping create the Police State scumbag.

            I would definitely think about changing you’re screen name….fascist/commies are universally hated.

            Don’t worry you will soon be living in our world. Not you’re Police State that you help to create.

            Get on back to you’re fascist/commie hobbies of pinching pennies. Alcoa you must live in the South, where there is more Dumb Phcuks per square inch that anywhere else in the country. Lol

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            LOL. Yawn.

          • Aya Mozas

            Mr. LawStudent! since you decided to lecture everyone about language and proper grammar and what not, let me tell you! i have met people from all sorts of places and all sorts of eduction levels, those that are truly smart, happen to me humble and very respectful to others opinions and levels of education. What you’re presenting here is a form of “idiotic arrogance” from a person who is nothing but a Law student who hasnt even graduated yet and possibly got to Law school after being a cop through some sort of hook up. However, aside from your arrogance and disrespect to others opinions, any one who watches the video can see that the cop killed the dog on intentionally, they could have shot him once in the leg and injured him without shooting him to death. However this sick, person made sure to shoot him 4 times infront of his owner, to kill him. not to mention that the cops could have avoided shooting the dog by simply allowing the owner to put him back in the car and close the windows. the dog seemed very obedient to his owner when he said go away. considering your a lawyer you should have thought of that, however being an Ex cop you probably gave it the blind eye since, you were a corrupt cop yourself.

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            I would respond, but since your grammar and sentence structure was so poor, I have no clue what you are getting at.

            Try using short sentences that don’t run on forever. Paragraphs would be nice too.

          • John Johnson

            Aya, Is the gentleman with the phone and dog as you put it being ”truly smart, humble,and respectful to the officers and what their attempting to do at this crime scene. Did not like what happened with the dog being shot, but this gentleman,had he been acting like you say with humble and respectful intent would not have allowed this to play out like it did. You all may have good reason to not like law enforcement, but lets not lump every officer into the garbage bag. Be smart people, and not jump on the bandwagon.

          • Liege Maximo

            YOu’re a fucking piece of shit pig. Full of goddamn disinformation and lies. You’re a fucking traitor and should be treated as such. Fucking asshole.

          • Jon Quimbly

            PINAC. Where everbody comes to act out their anger and frustration.

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            LOL. Good for you. Does your mother know your using her computer?

          • HMD

            Does inappropriate us of the word your identify idiots as well?

          • OccupySac Ustream

            if you think that proper grammar means anything the real world, then ya.

          • correction


          • Frank Grimes

            You finally got one right! Kudos!

          • Chris Chrisley

            hey there mr. small hands..wow, you really are a piece of shit aren’t you? what are you gonna do when the shit really hits the fan, and your fellow citizens no longer look to you and your ilk for permission not to whip your ass? how are you gonna handle it when there are no more dog-killers around to protect you? and the anonymity of your mother’s basement can’t hide your bile anymore? are you gonna beg for forgiveness, or just go out in a blaze of glory…like the spineless little punk you are?

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            Oooh. I’m scared.

            What you propose may be more difficult that you think. I certainly won’t beg for forgiveness, and certainly not to the likes of you.

          • Hugh Jorgan

            Sorry to burst your bubbles but they ARE registered corporations. I never said they were private corporations and I never said they were independent. They’re still operated by the state BUT the state has given them separate corporate identities to operate through for PROFIT.

            Want proof that you can verify for yourself ? – check this out – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmCqn9maWBs

            The very fact that they are registered as corporations on Dun & Bradstreet means that their SOLE purpose and LEGAL DUTY is to maximize profits for shareholders/directors … THIS calls the motivation of the individual cops into question … did they beat the shit out of you with batons, taze you and charge you with obstruction because you were breaking a law by standing with your hands in your pockets or was it because they’re getting paid to beat the shit out of you and charge you ?????

            P.S. whoever mis-quoted me earlier in the thread … please scroll back up and assign the right quote to the right poster !!!

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            4409 is a sovereign citizen idiot who does not understand the law. I could easily post something on Youtube that states the opposite, but it would not be proof either.

            Talk to an attorney. If they don’t laugh you out of the office, you may learn something.

          • Hugh Jorgan

            Wow, that’s a really piss-poor reply. Now how about you address the issue of the Dun & Bradstreet screen captures, or do you think that calling the video presenter an idiot somehow invalidates the FACTS that anyone can verify for themselves ? Do you think the captures are fake ? Please produce the link/s you refer to in which screen captures show that many, many police departments are NOT listed along side other regular corporations on Dun & Bradstreet.

            As for talking to attorneys, I normally wouldn’t give any licensed lying, scheming, deceptive, corrupt attorney/lawyer/solicitor the steam off my piss but as it just so happens, I am in regular communication with a genuinely honorable attorney with 27 years experience so … NEE NER NEE NER NEEEEEEE NERRRR :P

            Now, how to unsubscribe from this bullshit-fest ???

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize that you were one of the whackjobs.

          • Hugh Jorgan

            What a shame you can’t just admit that you were wrong and that the irrefutable proof on Dun & Bradstreet along with your own sense of self importance has made you look like a rude, sulky little child.

            Good luck with your law-school indoctrination on your way to becoming a lying, cheating scumbag. Bye bye.

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            ROTFL. Bye bye.


          • Hugh Jorgan

            Twat :D

          • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-LawStudent

            LOL, that not “irrefutable proof.” Try reading the statutes and the law.

          • All4it

            I wish police departments were private ‘corporations’ hired by the community in which they work. At least then they could be held accountable for their actions. As it stands now, they are *higher than civilians and can only be held accountable by their superiors.

          • Maurice Taylor

            Actually they wouldn’t, much like Wal-mart is never accountable to their actions.

          • Doglover

            Even there cars say to serve, and protect. On this premise alone, the dog owner could sue. The public voice can be hard to ignore if justice is insisted upon. I personally will be tracking this case. I will sign any petition against the officer(s).

          • as

            No they’re not. They’re a monopoly on security funded by coercive taxation.

          • peterhoran

            They’re not. They are government actors, and employees of the city they work for, or in the case of Sheriffs, they are employees of the county. However, municipalities and counties are not covered by sovereign immunity. They can either be sued in situations like this where the victim alleges deficient training, or the officer can be sued personally. Almost invariably, cities and counties cover individual officers who are acting in their scope of duty, even if their actions are improper. Given the insurance that municipalities typically have, there is a potential for large judgments in such cases.

          • Doglover

            I hope Leon Rosby follows your advice, and sues! He has the evidence, it is an easy win.

          • gimpbully

            What? The public makes hiring decisions for officers now?

          • OccupySac Ustream

            we should be able to evaluate the mental health of any one who would be a cop every six months to ensure they do not become like this, and th public should have more say in who our law enforcement is. personally i would prefer at least an IQ requirement thats around th average persons.

          • JoshINHB

            CA needs an initiative to make the police officers liable in some way for civil damages. Something like taking the settlement money out of their pension fund so that every cop suffers at least a little bit when one of his ‘brothers’ abuses the public.

          • psychokillers911

            I would advocate that law enforcement be required to purchase their own liability insurance to pay for any damages awarded in a civil suit. Much like medical professionals have malpractice insurance, this insurance would cover the officer for any civil damages awarded to plaintiffs in civil trials.

            Too many judgements against an officer and insurance companies would no longer wish to offer coverage to that person. No insurance and no job as LE.

            As a side note, I am required to have a $2 million policy on my truck so I am able to enter my work locations. This policy is fairly inexpensive so requiring police to carry at least $2 million in coverage is not being out of line in my opinion.

            It is time to stop making the public monetarily liable for the criminal actions of the police.

          • Hugh Jorgan

            In an ideal world that would be a great idea, however … since the Nazi’s who spread around the world and set up as reputable bankers after the little skirmish affectionately known as WWII are well and truly in charge, they actually want the cops to be nasty, vindictive, psychopathic cunts, just like Hitler’s “Brown Shirts”, to keep the masses in fear and to maximise control along with ever increasing profits from ever increasing corruption.

          • KeepDreaming

            Yeah… the day that happens in liberal utopia Kalifornia where the all knowing all powerful goobermint is god is the day hell freezes over.

          • 3GoldBars

            Now THAT’S the real problem.
            We the People” have become disconnected from what happens to us and have forgotten that they work for us!! We have to stand together, left/right/other, black/white/whatever. They want us fractured, disorganized, weak, and cowering in fear…

          • OccupySac Ustream

            well said! truth!

          • bigpawn01

            you speak the truth but its really gonna take something to get people to stand together.

          • TheMsmother


        • Fotaugrafee

          That’s why it should be administered by death. Catapaulted this dumb pig’s worthless ass right into a brick wall on pay-per-view.

        • americanexile

          Who the hell cares if the taxpayer foots the bill. Silence is consent, and 99% of the public won’t ever even know about this story or would give enough of a shit to do anything about it.

          You get the government you deserve.

          • OccupySac Ustream

            there are those of us will take a stand for our rights! and tough we are few for now, give it time and keep inspiring other to stand up for theirs. we should not fear the government, for it is they who ARE afraid. they are afraid that the public will see how hey have ruined our nation. they are afraid that on day the people will unite as one and take back our country! don’t just sit there and let bad things happen, you are not powerless to make a difference.

        • Casey Fluffbutt

          Give him that years pay from that fascist pig then, and sack the pig..

        • maxiemom


          Then people need to wake the hell up and do something about cops who behave more like they’re the military than cops.

          This nation USED to know the difference. It was one of our FOUNDING principles.

          • james

            unfortunately some of the cops were in the military, at least in my town, most of the cops are/were in military active duty. After you do your military tour some people who come back and become police. Even some of them would have a very hard time adjusting from military life to civilian life. As for the officer in CA, are they trained to handle dogs if they do encounter one? In my state all officers are require training to handle dogs and other animals in event they do enconter them

          • maxiemom

            Obviously not.

            Also, I read another article where a commenter pointed out that the officer who shot the dog, Officer Salmon, was involved in a lawsuit concerning police brutality and police corruption. Apparently he kicked a man in the head while he and his wife were lying handcuffed on the ground, and to make it look legit , arrested them on bogus charges. The good news is it was caught on video so the city had to shell out $1000000. The bad news is they didn’t fire the scumbag, and left him on the force where he could hit Mr. Rosby, provoking his dog in the process so he had a reason to kill. This is a very bad cop who should be in jail, not out on the streets.

        • Concernedcitizen

          Not a chance. This dude was in the wrong and the officer’s defended themselves. It’s too bad it was the dog that paid the price.

          • Sarah

            They could have simply asked the man to secure his dog in the car. That dog was no real threat, he was just trying to be a good dog and protect his owner. I don’t think any cop with a hair trigger like that should be on the force. If you can’t calm down and assess a threat properly, then it is YOU who are the threat.

          • KeepDreaming

            In the wrong? For doing what? Breathing? Filming? You my friend have been smoking too much fascist crack.

        • steveo

          No, no money for this one. They’ll get QI for this.

        • Allen Po’okela Pharr

          Payouts going to good use then, rather than someone who spurts out 15 kids.

        • Doglover

          He could sue the officer, and make him pay privately.

      • Zero

        As a child I have been attacked by a stray dog while coming home from school and three other times while trying to get away from the dogs.On TV and papers I have seen dogs attack small children for no reason sometimes killing them. So if a dog comes after me and I got my pistola payback time that mother fucker is dead just like the cops did!!!

        • Jemster

          Do the world a favor and get some therapy, please. Your issues are irrational and need a professional to sort out and get to the root of. I, too, have been attacked as a child by a dog and guess what…realized a) it was THAT dog and that dog alone that went after me and b) it was probably MY fault! Can your rational mind wrap itself around this possibility.. that is was the OWNER of the dog that attacked you who was at fault? Of course not. The papers and TV don’t give you the many, many stories about the dogs that are good citizens, who saved people’s lives, help them lives their lives to the fullest, etc. cause it’s too mundane for them. Finally, based on this response, I don’t think you’d know a friendly dog “coming after you” since all you see is a monster.

          • zero

            Your another dumb ass mother fucker that thinks everybody has deep issues and you have the answer.And if I was looking to do the world a favor I would probably find you and try to fix your problems. And for your info I have always had dogs around all of my children as they were growing up and a cat and I deeply loved those animals they were a part of our family, But one thing I never did was put the life of my dogs in harms way because at the time I would have probably killed some one for hurting one of them. So don’t try and fix my problems please try to fix your own…Dumb Fuck!!

          • Jessica

            you guys realize that this is WHY our govt/police are so crooked, right? because when something legitimately awful happens, rather than directing our anger at the people that fucked up, we bicker with each other about some shit that doesn’t even matter! can you even imagine what would happen if we stopped fighting each other about some petty shit and really let the gravity of our police force killing people and animals without any real consequences sink in, what we could do? we could harness our anger to make this STOP. We could do better. but as long as we are distracted and complacent, nothing will ever improve. that’s just the truth. NOBODY on this thread is a piece of shit or an idiot. We’re all just fucking pissed and feeling powerless to change what is going on. Realize that this fragmented “us against them” mentality is what is keeping us from moving forward. We are allowing ourselves to be played. truly.

          • OccupySac Ustream

            great comment. i wish more people would realize such wisdom.

          • Matthew R Webb

            So it is great to not have a differing opinion on issues?

          • Matthew R Webb

            The one who fucked up is the owner. He pulled up, loud ass music, pulled out his dog, did look suspicious, then failed to secure his dog properly. I am sure he didn’t mean to leave the window open enough for the dog to jump out. The owner failed to secure the dog. He fucked up. I can’t really blame someone for defending themselves against a perceived threat. I also don’t think the body language of the dog was aggressive. He looked bashful and the jump he made looked, to me at least, like the same kind of jump a dog does when someone comes in the house. It didn’t look like an aggressive move. In the end it is the owner that is responsible for failing to secure his pet. The pet is the one that paid the price for a whole bunch of idiots.

          • Wendy T

            Very well said !!! I would only add that the police officer who shot this dog. should face a investigation, without pay. and should lose his job. It was still animal cruelty. If the dog had actually bit him, I could of maybe understood. but this was bold out murder of a animal infront of many witnesses, children, women.

        • Anon

          I had a dog attack me when I was 14 years old playing in my neighborhood. It jumped to bite me, and I kicked it in defense. You know what happened? It realized that my foot hurts and it thought twice about trying to bite me again. I held my ground and it walked off, tail tucked. Death didn’t need to happen and I was just a young teenager. A grown ass adult officer should NOT have needed to use lethal force against a dog trying to protect its owner. Shame on him and shame on.

          • zero

            There is a difference between a fucking poodle and a pit you stupid little son of a goat..

          • youz-a-bitch

            your an ignorand fuckwhit zero… I hope your “pistola” goes off and shoots you in the leg (you probably dont, because your PROBABLY a 14 year old punk bitch!

          • http://www.facebook.com/rockinghorseguy Rockinghorseguy AnRockinghorse

            I wouldn’t start talking about the differences in breeds of dog until I was capable of differentiating between a “pit” and a Rottweiler.

          • msphoto70

            Before you call people stupid, maybe you should become a little more familiar with dog breeds.

          • OccupySac Ustream

            ya the poodles more likely to attack you!

          • Swig

            It’s protocol and the officer handled the situation fine. The only reason this video is getting so much press is because people don’t like to see animals getting killed. It’d be one thing if the officer shot the dog in the car, but it shot the dog as it was charging at him.

            Just another excuse to hate on police.

        • cris

          I hope one days a dog will bite your limbs off but not kill you.

          • zero

            I one day hope a dog bites your mothers dick off you fucking dumb ass mother fucker to say something that fucking stupid. So what the dog that attacked you and you kicked it and it ran away with its tail between its legs you stupid son of a bitch do you really think that every dog is going to turn and run just because you kick it. Fuck man think before you open your cock sucker you dumb ass mother fucker.

          • Mac

            So many cuss words and obscenities. You sure showed him…lol

          • Matthew R Webb

            You’re fucking right he mother fucking did fucker! Cause he aint taking no fucking shit from no fuckers. MUTHA FUCKA!

          • ZeroISADOUCHE

            You are a dipshit. Go back to your trailer. And please, do not breed.

        • as

          The owner was illegally arrested and then they killed the animal that was going to protect his owner. That’s not a stray dog. Why didn’t the cop use pepper mace?

          • Matthew R Webb

            He wasn’t being arrested, he was being detained. That is not illegal. The man did sort of make a target out of himself. They were most likely detaining him to figure out what his problem was. There is no crime in detaining a man who obviously looks like he is up to something. You can spray a dog with mace all you want, then what? How are you going to detain the dog after you mace it and piss it off? It is possible the dog would just run away, but then it is angry and fearful, it could attack someone by mistake.
            I am no expert, but I am not exactly sure how you deal with a dog. You can;t exactly reason with them.

          • Bob Sanders

            ” There is no crime in detaining a man who obviously looks like he is up to something.”

            The problem was he wasn’t doing ANYTHING wrong. Courts have consistently ruled that it is NOT illegal to record the police on public property. For these officers to arrest (or detain) this man for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong, they should be sued and fired. While I’m upset about the dog dying, I’m way more upset for these asshole cops arresting/detaining a man for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

            And FUCK YOU for suggesting he was “up to something” by exercising his constitutional rights. Hope your life is ruined while you’ve done nothing wrong. Asshole.

          • Matthew R Webb

            He was causing a distraction during a hostage crisis, he was told to turn down his music and step back, he failed to comply, that is doing something wrong. He could simply have turned down the music as ordered, backed up a little, and no problem. And yes, his body language and actions made him look like he was up to something. He was trying to lure the police into a situation like that so he could pile on top of his lawsuits. By the way, police can detain you for no reason at all if there is an ongoing investigation or crime. Learn your laws. At least in California.
            There is no constitutional right to distract police during the middle of a hostage situation. You notice all the other people who were filming and staying out of the way were left alone. You are simply a moron who jumps on the anti-cop bandwagon. I hope they don’t respond or some ass-hole prevents them from saving you if there was a gun to your head. You are simply an idiot.

          • Wendy T

            Very Good Question..Wish PETA would get involved and ask that very same question. This police officer should be setting in Jail !!!

        • KeepDreaming

          Copper wouldn’t have been in the position of even remotely being attacked if copper had not arrested a man doing nothing wrong!

      • Inali Silvermoon

        sadly with the fact animals even pets being seen as property they will get a slap on the wrist and sent on there marry way. The laws need to change on how animals are seen before any thing really can be done.

      • Anneetude

        No amount of pay out can replace what those bastards did. I come from a family of Police officers and Military. I am disgusted and enraged by the so called police today

      • Josh

        Not all cops.

      • Sinner

        That’s right, because the officers who wee merely trying to perform their duties and get back to their families safely are the problem. Nevermind that the entire issue would have been resolved if Rosby would have simply gotten into his vehicle and driven away. C’mon people. It’s time to start thinking straight. There are certainly crooked police out there, but these guys were well within their rights to protect themselves. The dog was unfortunately trying to protect his owner, and paid the price for being loyal. That’s sad. That life is irreplaceable. However, so are the lives of the officers.

        • Bob Sanders

          What exactly did they protect themselves from? Courts have consistently ruled that it is LEGAL for citizens to video record cops from public property. Cops pull rank and disobey these rulings because they know they’ll get a slap on the wrist and only have to apologize afterward. More cops need to be losing their jobs and be paying out the ass in lawsuits or else we’ll continue to see abuses of the law like this.

          Fuck you for suggesting otherwise.

      • Godzilla11

        You’re a moron. The dog owner is at fault for what happened to his dog. You don’t disrespect and get in the way of officers like that without repercussions.

        • Bob Sanders

          He “disrespected” the officers? The only people who disrespected anyone was those asshole officers who detained a man for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Fuck you.