Judge Finds Cop Not Guilty of Assault after Refusing to Watch Video of Assault


A St. Louis cop is caught on video, slamming his forearm across the face of a handcuffed teenage suspect.

Rory Bruce not only gets fired for the incident that took place last year, but ended up charged with assault – something you rarely see happen.

However, when Bruce stepped in front of the judge to be tried this week, the judge refused to watch the video that came from a surveillance camera from the back of a police transport vehicle.

As a result, Judge Theresa Counts Burke found him not guilty.

Judge burke

Judge Burke refused to tell KMOV-TV why she did not want to watch the strongest piece of evidence in the case against the former cop.

But the head of the police union, Jeff Roorda, who is also a Missouri state representative, fully agreed with her decision not to view the video because he believes videos should only be used to protect police, not hold them accountable.

Roorda is now going to help Bruce get his job back.

According to KMOV-TV:

In an emailed statement, Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce said the office was disappointed that the judge didn’t see this video—adding that the video clearly shows Bruce beating a handcuffed teen.

Judge Teresa Counts Burke didn’t return calls for comment.

Roorda says the judge did right—he told News 4, police videos like these should be used to protect police.

Now, it’s become a “gotcha-head hunter” tool that we’ve seen internal affairs go over-board with.

Roorda says—with his name clear in the courts—Bruce should get his job back. We’ll stay on it to see if he does.

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • guest123

    That judge is a dumb fuck and is probably sleeping w the cop and they should both be job less.

  • Jeremy

    Ummm.. the Union rep or whatever he is has to be a joke. Video evidence being used as a “gotcha”… I kinda think that’s what video evidence is….

  • Wandering_Bard

    Yeah, Ex-Cop, you’re an idiot for constantly citing case law, and making reference to court procedures that lay-people don’t understand.


  • wiita

    kill the cop i say .. too many open fire for nno reason . annnd sream wolf the police need to know who they workk for

  • She Said It

    ABUSE of power. Slam Dunk. Then the judge DOESN’T EVEN REVIEW THE EVIDENCE! I would suggest ABUSE of power by the judge. BOTH should lose their jobs and be prosecuted.

  • She Said It

    For any that say they couldn’t use the video because of ___________. You’re wrong, why is the video camera there in the first place? To become evidence for any wrongdoing. You can BET you next paycheck the judge would have allowed the video if it showed the defendant headbutting the police.

  • She Said It

    It is THE evidence that answers all questions. The video is there to record “just in case” things go wrong, to be used as evidence. The only problem, the police put it there to use against those there are holding there, not against themselves. Here it is, the time to use the video. The judge should lose her job and be prosecuted along with the cop.

    • jim murphy

      Thought that lady justice was blind man but in dat nebohood dat mothafucca got eyes!

  • NoMoLies

    The cop should be hung until dead in the town square. The judge needs to be removed from the bench for this blatant refusal to do her job. I am not joking about hanging the cop. Any police officer should be held to a much higher standard with much greater punishments for violating the public trust. This cop is a danger to society as a citizen, let alone as a cop. He is one of the most despicable forms of life on the planet in the 21st century. We really must stop recruiting police cadets from the ranks of high school bully rejects. It’s a very unbalanced platform to then inject with steroids and hand a gun and badge to. Unfortunately, this cop is not an exception. He just happened to get caught on camera.

  • bee

    judge must be a real bitch !

  • jim murphy

    Here come da judge, da judge may not always be right but damn it he always da judge!

  • jim murphy

    Hey man da bitch aint dat wrong afta all she a judge after all where ya spect fo da law?
    Some time de gatta crack a few egga ta makej a omlet!

  • jim murphy

    Best law da man can buy all ova next case!

  • jim murphy

    Ya man welcom my man ta da scum bag brothahood!

  • jim murphy

    That motha fucca bought some first class justice! Halleluliah brother! I don wanna get in dat court lessen I packin a good stash of cash! Der go da judge?

  • jim murphy

    Oh was dat boy a spade!

  • jim murphy

    Improperly obtained evedince has to be suppressed otherwise a cop doesent have to honor any civil protection God help us all!

    • jim murphy

      There must be integrity in the process and consistency to ensure some level of fairness, and that lady justice with the blindfold and the scales she is supposed to be unbiased but with the judges and lawyers and police I have seen well often it just dont seem to be true, and sometimes it seems to me that mother fucken lady is peeking and known to pass a tin cup now and then just to sweeten her mood!

      • jim murphy

        When now and then as she peeks she spies a dark skinned face looken back it may just more often then not put a frown on her face!

  • Judicial Anarchy
  • Jack Crabb

    In a just world both the blue-costumed clown and the black-costumed idiot should be hanged.

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