Pennsylvania Cop Confiscates iPad from Woman (Updated)


A Pennsylvania cop who won a national award earlier this year for saving a teen from drowning confiscated a woman’s iPad for apparently trying to record a public meeting.

Details are scarce at this time, showing the importance of putting as much information in the Youtube description as you can, not to mention the importance of holding your phone horizontally when recording, both which were not done in this video that was uploaded earlier to Youtube earlier today.

However, a little research shows the incident too place in Pulaski Township outside a municipal building with a cop named Randall Courson.

The woman indicates that the iPad was seized while she was recording a public meeting.

In April, Courson was named Officer of the Month by the  National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, according to Police Mag.

Police Mag indicates Courson is just one of two officers serving the township.

I’ve sent a message through Youtube asking for more details but most of the time, those never get answered.

Photo courtesy of Pulaski Township (Pa.) Police Department (via Police Mag)

UPDATE: The following was posted by Suzanne Matteo on the Pulaski Township’s Facebook page:

On that confiscated iPad was files on two supervisors and their conflicts of interest in dealings with the township in regards to their roles as supervisors. They knew this. I had been to meetings in the past and they saw me taking notes on that same iPad. I had collected information directly from Lori Sniezek on it while she was township secretary. They knew I was concerned and keeping an eye on certain issues in the township. Now, they have access to all that information as well as texts and emails regarding these issues as well as personal ones. They have already been into my email account last evening. It makes sense why they confiscated my iPad. They were in it. My rights were indeed violated and I thank everyone who backed me up last night. Video recordings at township hearings are NOT illegal and they made no announcement of any stipulations at the beginning of this one. I was willing to shut it off peacefully when approached but instead it was confiscated from me in front of a room full of people and a young man that recited the sunshine law was threatened with arrest, thrown out and cited. Now if that isn’t disturbing enough………… I told officer Courson that there were personal images of me breastfeeding my daughter on that iPad and I pleaded to get it back from him. He told “it’s my iPad now. You ain’t getting it back”. I have many witnesses that. When a women I never met before who saw i was visibly upset came to my defense and asked Courson to give it to her because of the images personal in nature he told her that he “just might have to have a look at them”. Now I just joined this page a minute ago and now I will be leaving after this post. I just want to live peacefully where I am at and not fight with anyone and hear anyone who is in cahoots with the supervisors childish opinions or attacks. I said my piece because I wanted you all to know the whole truth and that this just might happen to you too.


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