September 26th, 2013

Philly Transit Police Chief Surprised Witnesses did not call 911 to Report Cop getting Beat up 291

By Carlos Miller

Philadelphia transit police are upset that people witnessing an officer getting beat up by an alleged fare jumper inside the subway system just stood by and watched without calling 911, including one person who pulled out a phone to video record the altercation.

Perhaps this was just a result of apathetic people expecting somebody else to take charge or maybe a deeper issue of the growing divisiveness we’ve seen between police officers and citizens that has surfaced over the last few years because online videos.

It’s impossible to tell without interviewing the actual witnesses but it’s a little surprising to hear the outraged response from the police chief when cops in this country have done nothing but create an us vs them mentality between cops and citizens.

This is evident by reading many of the comments in The Blaze’s article:

Personally, unless I knew a cop personally and he happened to be a real upstanding guy; I’d let him get beat up for a while. It serves all of them right for violating their oaths of office and violating the people whom they are supposed to be the servants of. I was raised to think well of the police. They came to my school and seemed like “nice guys” who were there for my protection. However, it is blatantly obvious that that has all been a ruse and that the police are just another arm of the gov’t seeking to fleece the public and indoctrinate us into total control.

Answer me this. Why is it that a man who tries to defend himself from a trained canine that tries to bite his throat, and ends up killing the dog; is charged with assault of a police officer or murder? Yet, when a swat team breaks into your home in the middle of the night to issue a search warrant (for suspicious saran wrap in your car, yes, it can be that innocuous), it is their SOP to shoot and kill any and all dogs in the home to ensure the “safety” of the officers involved?


you reap what you sew and the police have brought this upon themselves by their abusive unconstitutional actions over the past few years. they have maced, tased, assaulted, beaten, shot and even MURDERED innocent, unarmed men/women and children.
the worm is turning! and you ignored our pleas to uphold your oaths of office..


Figure it out cops, this is the future that I have been waiting for. You have intimidated and harrassed us long enough, NO OE cares if you get the crap beat out of you


I was raised to respect cops, and until about 5 years ago I did…but this quote right here, “until they determin otherwise” from you is my biggest problem…the fact is, our founding fathers would be APPALLED at the police state we have allowed to form. Having ANY local police force AT ALL outside a lone sheriff is flat out unconstitutional. You don’t get to determine when force escalates, YOU don’t get to say, “they determined otherwise”…stop STEALING my tax money and go get a real job. EVERY act of aggression you commit against a citizen is an act of tyranny and oppression.


In the past I would have automatically helped the officer but after three officers stormed my business pointing guns at me only to find out they had the wrong address, I would definitely want to know the situation and if the punk was in uniform or if it was the other guy!


I have to go to the last week when a man at a school board meeting was(in my eyes) accosted by a “cop” not only was the whole thing way over the top the “cop” piled on felony charges that would have placed a man railing against the frustration of not being able to control the wishes of the liberal mind set. And even the arrest was not valid.
A true LEO would have left him do his thing as he was not violent and moved him out in a respectful manner and handled it outside by just having him leave.
That cop I would love to have been in this situation.
Problem is that perp, had I been there, would have had a weapon pointed at him – am not going to allow a human like him or not be beat.


GOODSTUFF, I don’t hate cops, I just don’t trust them anymore, even my own brother in law & cousin that are cops. The way they are being trained these days by the progressives, militarizing their forces, we freedom loving, constitution abiding, conservative, libertarian, returning veteran, hard working americans are their enemy.

The comments go on and on and reveal a serious distrust and disregard for police officers in general, mainly because of personal experiences or videos they have seen.

I admit I would be the one video recording, not necessarily because I wouldn’t want to help the cop, but because pulling out my camera and recording is very instinctive for me, while dialing 911 is anything but.

In fact, my instinct is to avoid calling 911 at all costs because I don’t trust police enough not to turn me into a suspect when they arrive, which we have seen happen numerous times in the past.

And judging by the comments in the Blaze’s article as well as My Fox Philly, which originally reported the story, I am not alone in that sentiment.

And it’s unfortunate we feel this way because most of us are law-abiding citizens who would not physically fight a police officer.

We just no longer assume they are the good guys when we see them physically fighting a citizen.

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  • Rob

    Everybody gets their come-uppance. Even the cops.

  • Ryan French

    I would help as long as it weren’t one of the officers who’ve been jackasses to me in the past when I’m shooting news video. Police departments shouldn’t be appalled by citizens not wanting to get involved. Perhaps it’s time for them to do some research on why that is.

    Does PA have a law about citizens refusing to assist the police? If this were in FL, the witnesses could face charges for not intervening or at least calling 911.

    • gwhosubex

      Threaten everyone with prison for everything!
      Pointing guns (coercion) at people is jut a fine, moral, and efficacious system, yup.

    • paschn

      Then I am glad I moved out of Fla. Leave the helping to the badge-lickers trying to scream by action.. “LOOK AT ME! I AM JOE CITIZEN! There’s one and only one class of civil servant I’ll ever help and that’s a fireman, any fireman or EMT. Cop? Seriously, I wouldn’t piss on a U.S. KGB if he were screaming and burning alive! Here’s why;
      Remember the Kelly Thomas’ and let ‘em BURN!

      • Cindy

        I don’t know about EMT’s either. In Texas, they EMT’s to do forced blood draws.

        • Difdi

          The funny thing about warrants is they make normally illegal things legal.

          If police do not need a warrant to do something, then it wouldn’t be illegal for anyone else to do either.

    • matism

      Then they better expect dead pigs here in Florida.

    • crazyassmofo

      Once arrested for not assisting I would testify that I thought that they were gay lovers and I did not wish to get intimate with their public rough stuff.

      • matism

        Either that or say you thought it was an undercover cop subduing an individual in a fake uniform…

        • crazyassmofo

          I thought it was two Muslims fighting over a severed clitoris.

      • Difdi

        A better angle of attack would be to use this phrase: “Since I have no special relationship to the officer in question, I felt no obligation to intervene in his individual defense.”

        The cops can’t beat that as a legal defense without overturning a SCOTUS decision that shields police from liability, by creating a precedent that some sort of special relationship DOES exist between police and random citizens.

    • Proud GrandPa

      I would help as long as it weren’t one of the officers who’ve been jackasses to me in the past when I’m shooting news video
      Well atleast that is judging each officer individually for his own actions. Glad you would help good cops.
      I would be willing to help even a cops who had harmed me. I can forgive.

      • crazyassmofo

        Never said nor implied I would ever help cops.
        They lie, steal and kill.
        No thanks, I remain silent and continue on my way.

      • Ryan French

        I’ve learned not to let a few negative experiences base on how I treat other officers. I grew up around law enforcement and I was a police dispatcher for some time. Like with every job, there are the ***holes and there are those who are not. Everyone as an individual gets my respect until they give me a reason not to. I will say there are clearly many problems in law enforcement that need to be addressed.

    • D.B

      I would just have said I didn’t want to get involved in a domestic dispute.

    • Difdi

      Is that a general good samaritan law in Florida or is it specific to aiding police? If the former, then police can’t stand idly by either…if the latter, it needs to be repealed ASAP.

      The latter case could create a situation where a citizen must aid a cop, but once involved, could be abandoned by the cop and the cop would have no liability.

      • Ryan French

        Here’s the text, I haven’t heard anyone being charged with it.
        843.06 Neglect or refusal to aid peace officers.—Whoever,
        being required in the name of the state by any officer of the Florida
        Highway Patrol, police officer, beverage enforcement agent, or watchman,
        neglects or refuses to assist him or her in the execution of his or her
        office in a criminal case, or in the preservation of the peace, or the
        apprehending or securing of any person for a breach of the peace, or in
        case of the rescue or escape of a person arrested upon civil process,
        shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as
        provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

        • Difdi

          That seems to be a disobeying an order statute, not a mandatory good samaritan law. The key hrase is ‘being required in the name of the state by any officer’.

          You cannot be required in the name of the state until the officer asks you to help him. Otherwise you’d be obligated to jump into any arrest you witnessed to aid the officers.

          • Ryan French

            Thanks for the clarification.

  • rick

    There is an ugliness in violence towards a person and we should beware when we start to make exceptions for it.

  • Lawrence Wolfe

    I personally see the Police have gotten out of hand as has the Police state. Our Bill of Rights are being destroyed and the govt is no longer to be trusted with anything and that includes most of their agents. The FBI, CIA, NSA etc are entirely infiltrated evil entities that need dismantling and eliminated.

    • John Redman

      The “bill of rights” is the problem. The only liberties that need protecting are Property Rights (because they encompass all others) and Due Process (which define the ONLY way of restricting rights. Clue: it isn’t by legislation). I otherwise endorse LW’s post.

      John Boanerges pain in the ass Redman, thank you

      • Difdi

        No, the problem is the fact that governments HATE the idea that there are things they cannot do, react to such areas as damaged, and over time act to “repair” that damage.

        Bureaucracies will expand to fill any gaps, and the Bill of Rights was an attempt to fill in those gaps ahead of time with rights.

        The problem with the Bill is linguistic drift, not that it’s a bad idea altogether. The Bill was clear and explicitly, even painfully blunt by the standards of the day, but is now vague and indirect,allowing governments to debate actual meanings that were never originally in doubt.

        Without the Bill, the government overreach would have started far sooner, and gone much further by now than it has. Your fantasies have no more basis in reality than the people who think banning guns will end crime.

        • John Redman

          The problem is some people are and were imbued with your fantasies. Lysander Spooner put paid to the lie of the U.S. Constitution. Otherwise, you are correct.

          • starchild

            Clearly the U.S. Constitution is not a perfect document, as Spooner pointed out, but if it were being followed, freedom in America would be in a much healthier condition than it is.

          • Difdi

            Better my fantasies of utopia than yours of dystopia. Your view of how rights should work ignores the realities of human nature and government mission creep. It wouldn’t work the way you wish it would.

          • John Redman

            You are of the group that labels voluntarism with “chaos”. The ‘mission creep’ you mention is what is proven to result in CHAOS, though. There are 80,000 pages of federal laws, rules and diktats that ‘make’ every adult “commit” several federal crimes each day. I call that dystopia writ large. I am certain, since there was a contemporary group that opposed a “bill of rights”, that it always meant to be a placebo. Certainly hamilton thought so. As for when I get arrested, I ALWAYS put forth the defenses of Property and Due Process. Works for me.

          • Difdi

            Funny how you know me so “well” by being completely wrong in every regard.

            Your way doesn’t lead to chaos or anarchy, it leads to a few wealthy individuals who have legally unassailable ownership of the rest of the population, perfectly clean manor houses surrounded (out of sight of course) by toxic wastelands where the slaves live.

            You cannot maximize property ownership without conferring ALL ownership rights — if interfering with property in any way is bad, then you cannot tell someone how to use their property or not use it.

            If you have all rights of self-ownership, you could sell yourself into indenture or even slavery. Do you own minor children too or are their property rights also sovereign? If the former, they could be sold; if the latter, you cannot give them orders.

            If everyone has sovereign property rights, the alternatives to your neighbor building a rendering plant just across the property line from your flower garden pretty much comes down to violating his sovereignty one way or another — either get the government to do so for you (in which case property rights cannot be as absolute as you envision) or by force of arms, your slave army and/or mercenaries against his and may the best despot win.

            Without protected rights that even a misguided individual cannot waive, freedom belongs only to the rich.

          • John Redman

            I am assured that you can prove that “it” would lead to a few wealthy individuals…”, otherwise bilgewater.
            2nd par, correct in the sensible parts,”cannot give them orders? more bilgewater.

            3rd par,, the alternative is to sell your property to another of his competitors. Houston, TX has no zoning and gets along fine w/o it.
            4th par – BW.

          • Difdi

            Where do you suppose kings came from in the first place?

          • John Redman

            And the relevance? It seems that this line of argumentation is ‘throw shit on the wall and something is sure to stick’, well, even if it does ‘stick’ with idiots, it is still ‘shit’, yes? refer to Mr. Spooner. You, too, erbmon

          • Difdi

            If you’re that poorly educated on how human nature and governance interact, I’m probably wasting my time.

            But which do you suppose is more likely, the Flying Spaghetti Monster created entire monarchies with his noodly appendage, or that one guy with a lot of charisma got a bunch of people equal to him to voluntarily obey and follow him and built from there?

            Some people will happily trade all sorts of freedoms for someone who will tell them that giving up their sovereignty is the right thing to do. Many of those people are willing to commit violence at the asking of their leader. How long will your individual voluntaryism last in the face of a warlord and his army?

          • John Redman

            Two paragraphs of nonsense followed by erudite truth, I’m nonplussed. JUST finished re-watching Hopscotch (prolly 20th time) and Ned Beaty did FINE job as fool, Walter and Glenda were superb. Highly recommend. How long, indeed. I know that I’ll defend my liberty. Look up III plus one. I am there.

          • Difdi

            Yup, I’m wasting my time. You’re not arguing politics, you’re arguing religion. There’s no chance of logically arguing with someone who is arguing about their personal religious faith, not facts. No matter what I say, you’ll dismiss it as nonsense because it disagrees with your religious faith.

            The more solidly I make a point, the more desperately you’ll dismiss it.

          • John Redman

            You are wasting your own time, not me. Go to Hell all by yourself.

          • Difdi

            I had hoped to dissuade you from your good-intention paved path, but your mind is closed. Zealots are rarely allowed to think about what they’re doing, after all.

            Your fantasies of how the world works and how it should work have no basis in reality. Thankfully for us all, your chances of dragging the nation into the Hell you misidentify as a Heaven are slim and none.

          • John Redman

            Difdi, you are acting like a committed statist. I am puzzled by the posts you have attached to mine. They are not related. Is THIS (If you’re that poorly educated on how human nature and governance interact, I’m probably wasting my time.) a “point” you were making? Is THIS (Where do you suppose kings came from in the first place?)?

      • erbmon

        The Bill of Rights if just fine the way it is. Maybe if you were literate and knew what it even said….

        • John Redman

          You, too, erbmon

      • Joe

        What is the state’s domestic army, if not an armed body to protect bourgeois property rights? -_-

        • John Redman

          It is good that you brought up that point. I view that unconstitutional group of thugs as most closely corresponding to Rome’s Praetorian Guard. They are criminals protecting the criminal elites who are scared to death of them so they give them more and more power and toys to keep them from the doors of the elites. If you think they are ‘protecting’ property rights, why are you holding drivers licenses, pistol permits, occupational licenses, building permits, zoning laws, drug prescriptions, property taxes, and tens of thousands of restrictions and outright abolishments of property rights? I think that you will now agree that “protect (ing) bourgeois property rights” is not what “they” are doing. Just sayin’

    • Gavin

      Is English your second language? It’s OK if is.

      • Gavin

        You, ? Are we always going to the states where are less pigs.

        • Lawrence Wolfe

          Is there a reason why you make no sense? Writing is not difficult regardless of linguistic abilities. Simply apply yourself.

      • Lawrence Wolfe

        Huh? And, perhaps staying on subject would be best.

  • Joel Turner

    Sic semper tyrannis is a Latin phrase meaning “thus, always, to tyrants.”

    • n4zhg

      And it just happens to the the state motto of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

      • Faze

        Ah… Virginia… A state with a government far older than the federal government, for more efficient and representative too… But it has been rather beaten down by the government so many times that it is now more comparable to an abused child…

  • Ray186

    for what? So the police while responding in such a high level of
    intensity can maim or kill 3 or 4 innocent bystanders? This is what
    happens when when you are the biggest bully. People stand around
    watching you get your ass whipped, inwardly cheering at your fate.

  • Tim in SF

    I love you, Carlos, and I love the work you do. But if you continue posting and quoting from Glen Beck’s website The Blaze, I’m afraid I’m going to have to take you out of my RSS feed. That’s simply not a trustworthy source of information.

    • Carlos_Miller

      The Blaze has featured my stories and/or has interviewed me several times over the last two years, so I find them to be very supportive of police accountability, much more than I can say about many “trustworthy” news sites.

      This shouldn’t have anything to do with your personal dislike for Glenn Beck

      • jcfromnj

        I guess you take your support where ever you can get it. Not a big Glenn Beck fan, but he has gotten the word out and posted video’s on his site. I just hope that he will come on board and lend support using his platform…..

      • crazyassmofo

        I would be interested in knowing from Tim in SF a list of three trustworthy sources of information.

        • Proud GrandPa

          I like Glenn Beck, Matt Drudge, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and the great Rush Limbaugh. What are Tim’s three favorite news sources? Let’s see… Village Voice, Pravda, and mainstream media.

          • Mark Olish

            You have just confirmed every preconceived idea I’ve ever had about you.

          • crazyassmofo

            Glenn Beck is a dough-faced douche especially with his fake crying and his whining, sniveling and smarmy mannerisms.

          • BusPass

            Glenn Beck is not pro-cop. He routinely exposes the corruption that you conveniently ignore or defend.

            Matt Drudge presents the information and lets the citizen sort it out.

            O’Reilly is for people who can’t think for themselves, and Sean Hannity doesn’t have an original idea. I’m watching him right now and he’s having a ‘hard hitting interview’ with that idiot Suzanne Somers. A real intellect.

          • WithinThisMind

            That explains why you have such an allergy to truth.

    • Difdi

      A key sign of intellectual dishonesty is a refusal to perceive truth based on who says it, rather than what is said.

  • Kerwin White

    As a American I do not mind punching a foreigner in uniform pretending to be a American police officer.. Should have read that oath of office.. FOREIGN RELATIONS, what that means when they take the oath of office they forfeit Their American National and now are foreign meaning UNITED NATION Employee On the American soil…

    Note: Article III, section 2, of the Constitution was modified by amendment 11.

    Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to
    any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the
    United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects
    of any Foreign State.

    Can you say [TREASON]

    12 USC 95(b) refers to the authority granted in the Act of October 6,
    1917 (a/k/a The Trading with the Enemy Act or War Powers Act) which was
    “An Act to define, regulate, and punish trading with the enemy, and for
    other purposes”.

    This Act originally excluded citizens of the
    United States, but in the Act of March 9, 1933, Section 2 amended this
    to include “any person within the United States or any place subject to the jurisdiction thereof”.

    It was here that every American citizen literally became an enemy to the United States government under declaration.

    Title 8 USC 1481 states once an oath of office is taken, citizenship is
    relinquished, thus one becomes a foreign entity, agency, or state. That
    means every public office is a foreign state, including all political
    subdivisions. ( i.e. every single court is considered a separate foreign
    entity )

    That the Oath of Office – Title 5 USC 331, 332, 333
    backed up by Title 22 CFR Foreign Relations 92.12 – 92.31 and Title 8
    USC, section 1481 – the public official relinquishes his national
    citizenship and are thus foreign agents as stipulated under Title 22
    USC, chapter 11, section 611, loss of national citizenship – Public
    officials are no longer US Citizens, but rather are foreign agents UNDER
    THE UNITED NATIONS and must register as such.

    That the
    International Organization Immunities Act of 12-9-1945 – – Congress
    relinquished every public office over to the UN. Local governments up to
    the president fall under UN jurisdiction. Congress gave the UN the
    right to dictate what laws will be international & gave them the
    right to tax the States.

    That the International Reorganization
    Rescind Act- Congress put this into form but they never took action to
    rescind the act. Fairly recently an Ohio judge filed suit claiming that
    Congress did not have the right to relinquish government authority over
    to the UN (a corporation or foreign country) and that the Congressional
    act was a constitutional violation because they didn’t put it to the
    States or the people to agree on it. In 2005 the US Supreme court
    declined to hear the case therefore all public offices are under UN
    jurisdiction & they are not American Citizens.

    The 11th Amendment states “The Judicial power of the United States shall
    not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or
    prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another
    State, or by Citizens or Subjects of a Foreign State.” ( A foreign
    entity, agency, or state cannot bring any suit against a United States

    • gomurr

      That the Oath of Office – Title 5 USC 331, 332, 333
      backed up by Title 22 CFR Foreign Relations 92.12 – 92.31 and Title 8….
      The Council on Foreign Relations is not a government agency…..although they seem to believe they are…….and has no legal standing to “back up” anything. The only power they have, as well as the UN, is what the people of this country have (mostly) unwittingly given them. As far as I’m concerned, they can all take a hike.

  • Sticky Glue

    A few months ago after shopping at a hardware store I arrived at my house. Immediately my gardeners started yelling that the police were at my house looking for me. I shrugged my shoulders ( no tickets for over 20 years, never any criminal or civil charges) and went into my house. I noticed my steel security front door had a large ding in it so I checked my video camera mounted above the door. The camera was recommended by the police. Well well well….the video clearly showed a police officer with his gun pointed at my door and he was hitting the door with a large metal baton yelling at whoever in the house ( no one was in the house) to come out. The cop walked away and returned 5 minutes later and was standing as if to attack in a very aggressive attack stance about 15 feet from my door. He walked away again. So I walked outside and noticed a cop car parked about three houses away. I walked up to the policeman and gave my name and address and told him my gardeners said he was looking for me and knocking on my door. The cop was very nasty and told me to “mind my own business” HE ATTACKED MY HOUSE AND DAMAGED my steel front door. He advised me that I was WRONG and that he DID NOT knock on my door or look for anyone at my house. I rechecked the video… YUP HE WAS A LIAR…WITH NO REASON TO LIE…other than he had “Authoritah and a gun and a badge”. I walkewd home, locked the door and called the Police and asked for the Watch Commander about an urgent issue concerning one of his cops. I explained what happened and he was very upset—about the cops behavior. He said he was apologizing for the cops behavior. I asked him abiout who was going to repair or replace my front door…no response other than I will send him over to apologize. I reminded the Watch Commander that I am retired and frequently get called for Jury Duty. What am I going to think, when in the past I always thought that a Policeman’s testimony was THE TRUTH and was FACTUAL. NO MORE…the next time I am on Jury Duty I will think about the lying and the mangled door from this experience. I hate to let a suspect get found not guilty, but you leave me NO CHOICE. Tell this to the crazy cop…all the work to arrest bad guys and good guys on juries like me may never find them guilty. cop crimes have got to stop. It is a cop vs everyone else atmosphere that they helped create. The cop should have been fired on the spot and the state should flag him as unacceptable to work as a cop. The most that will happen is he might get a medal for “combat with my door”.

    • Mark Olish

      ” I hate to let a suspect get found not guilty, but you leave me NO CHOICE ”

      Your attitude helped cause the problem . Authoritarian automatic guilty vote simply because someone was ACCUSED of a crime? Congratulations ! YOU were suspected this time and got exactly what you’ve been dishing out for years.It’s because of people like you that America holds 25% of the worlds prisoners with only 5% of the worlds population. Karma works.

      • CountingBlessings

        Couldn’t agree more, Mark. Doesn’t it go something like this – ”innocent until PROVEN guilty”? smh…

        • Jonathan

          it does

        • EJ Belton

          Guys, STICKY GLUE never said he didn’t look for proof while on jury duty. He simply said that he always took a policeman’s testimony to be true. Most juries accept police testimony to be true. To do otherwise is to question faith in the entire system.

          But on the other hand, maybe our entire system does need to be questioned.

          • Angelo jamaica

            I questioned it and now my case it at the supreme court because of 4 cops. I agree with sticky glue. The police state and lying has got to stop and its up to us. It will cost us but hey let it begin. I actually have taken up recording cops I have seen personally how they cover for each other.

          • CJS

            My ex wife has schizophrenia, one night she woke up, called the police and told them that I was trying to kill he since that is what she thought was happening in her delusion. I calmly told them of the situation and showed them documentation of her condition, yet the police arrested me of domestic disorderly anyway. well the charges were dropped and the police dpt. was scolded by child protective services for how they handled the situation since our kids were left with my ex while having a schizophrenic episode. anyway, when I read the police report I was appalled by how biased, and how they exaggerated the truth and what I had told them, to make me look like a horrible abusive man. I don’t know of anyone who can be married to a person with extreme mental illness for 10 years and have an abusive personality. So, you can’t believe the police much since their job is to give the D.A. what they need for a conviction even if it is all lies.

          • starchild

            Sadly you are right. But blame also the activists who have pressured authorities into making “domestic violence” a highly political crime — some departments have an informal policy that when there is a DV call, they *must* make an arrest.

          • Difdi

            I used to share rent on a house with two other men. One of them was gay, and all of us had guests from time to time (occasionally even overnight guests, heh).

            The gay guy went through a series of boyfriends, and one of them was a total asshole. The asshole was a heterophobe, and repeatedly tried to pick fights with those of us in the house who were not gay. He never threw the first punch, instead trying to goad others into doing so.

            One night, he picked me for his fight picking attempt. That time, he didn’t take no for an answer and started swinging. The guy had no formal training, and I had 50lbs and 8 inches on him, and years of martial arts training. The fight went about how you’d expect, I didn’t even have to injure him to put him down.

            Gay-guy FREAKED. His boyfriend trying to fight his housemates was funny to him, but his boyfriend losing was intolerable, so he called 911 and told lies about who started it and that I was out of control and he needed lots of cops there NOW.

            By the time the cops arrived, the boyfriend was long gone, but police policy said someone had to leave or be arrested for DV. Even though the guy who punched me was no longer there, I essentially got kicked out of my own home for several days due to DV policies. The cops figured out what had happened quickly (the guy who punched me was ‘known’ to the police for doing things like that) but the rules were the rules and policy was policy.

            No due process, just a 3 day trespass notice and I was effectively evicted from my own leased home for being the victim of an assault.

      • Matt H. Facespace

        the war on drugs/prohibition is provable the biggest creator of that. There are some LEO who are against prohibition and thats great. But the reality is most are for it and not because they want to get bad guys, but because they know the drug war funds all their new military style fancy toys that they now need to fight the criminals that their failed policy created.

        • starchild

          And even when they don’t “need” the military gear, strictly speaking, it’s cool to have it. Sometimes police, judges, prosecutors, etc., also get a cut of cash, cars, and other items seized from suspects (not necessarily people who have been convicted of anything). Billions of dollars a year in property is stolen by the authorities this way every year. Burden of proof is on the victim to prove their property wasn’t involved in a crime. It’s a hassle, and hard to prove a negative, so many people never get their property back. Radley Balko has done good reporting on this (see e.g.–the-perverse-incentives-of-civil-forfeiture-517895336 ).

      • Sticky Glue

        Up until this experience I had no reason to doubt the supposedly “objective” or “factual” answers buy a cop on the witness stand. I am now educated– by a cop! So when their lips start moving I do not know if it is the truth or a lie. This makes me have “reasonable doubt” which translates to a NOT GUILTY by me.

        • matism

          It’s called “testilying”. Because “perjury” sounds so bad. Prosecutors and judges, who benefit from it, estimate that 20 to 50 percent of testimony and evidence by “Law Enforcement” in trials is “testilying”.

          “The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God?” If it’s a “Law Enforcement” officer, not hardly!

          • Sticky Glue

            I recently talked to an old acquaintance of mine and learned he was a retired Highway Patrol Supervisor. HE advised me that cops lie all the time. He went on with several personal accounts but one of them I will share here. He said he was once assigned to a rural area that had an increase in crime reports. His Commander warned him that he did not like to see an increase in reported crime in his beat area. So my old buddy told me he responded by providing each of his troopers with small battery powered vacuum cleaners. Each vacuum cleaner had a small cloth bag pre-loaded with “evidence”. He provided a vacuum with a green cloth bag bag that was loaded with evidence of soft drugs like marijuana and a red bag pre- loaded with cocaine powder, crack cocaine pieces and heroin powder. He advised his officers to target vehicles that had provocative bumper stickers or drivers with long hair plus a long list of other “signs” of a criminal. He told me he had arrested many “punks” over a few years and that he knew how to give them “Justice”. Some might of these people still be in prison today. But the judges do not care and the prosecutors only want more stats so when they eventually run for an office as judge they look “hard on crime”. Many criminal court judges are ex prosecutors. Guess what they know about the system. Its rarely about justice and all about careers and high paying jobs and benefits PLUS the control they have over all us little peons who pay for this scam.
            I am no longer naiive about cop crimes.

          • chinda

            cops do the same things they arrest other ppl ( non cops) for. but, of course, they can get away with it

          • kraz

            I would bet every dollar I have that the percentage of law enforcement that “testily” in court is much higher than 50%. The lying starts even before it gets to court. During an arrest, cops will almost always add fake, additional charges to their victim. Resisting arrest is one of the most common. Assault on an officer is another one commonly used.They know they will always get away with it. Even with proof that a cop has lied, the worst that ever happens is they get a month of paid leave(vacation) at the taxpayers’ expense.

        • REY

          Lying is what they are trained to do, if we lie to a police officer it is a felony but if they lie to us they’re just doing there job and the supreme court has upheld that

      • starchild

        You have a valid point, but at least it sounds like “Sticky Glue” is waking up to the reality of authoritarian police abuse — let’s give him/her credit for that. Better late than never. Sometimes it takes a personal experience to bring the truth home to people.

    • Matt H. Facespace

      I know someone who was prosecuted and arrested and forced to settle and do community service for having an actual medical emergency while driving. He was charged with drunk driving….he had a seizure. Even after no alcohol was found i the blood supply. They won’t admit they are wrong, and know that the person lives on the other side of the country (they were driving through the town at the time on the way to the west coast) and doesnt have money for a fancy attorney. It seems everyone these days has a story like that. I know many good cops, just talked to a couple while at work today. But the good ones don’t seem to be able or willing to get rid of the bad…and too many good innocent people are being hurt or violated by them. This was inevitable. They made their own mess. Sad because a lot of good decent hard honest good working people are LEO.

      • Laura Wren

        There are no good cops and you’re kidding yourself if you think so. Edmund Burke said: ‘”All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.’ So if so called ‘good cops’ are doing nothing while they see ‘bad cops’ doing evil, it makes them just as evil, even more so in my book. In fact in my book cops should always be held to a higher standard.

        • Non of your business

          If your buddy helps murder someone and you help him conceal it, you can be charged with aiding and abetting. So the justice system is saying you are just as culpable as the murder, so the same should go for cops.

          • Difdi

            A good citizen, from a legal standpoint is one who does not break laws directly or indirectly as an accomplice or conspirator before or after the fact.

            A cop, on the other hand, is considered to be a good cop so long as he or she doesn’t commit direct crimes. Indirect crimes are usually ignored for most cops and even direct crimes can be ignored if the cop was following orders and policy (as if a policy to break the law DOESN’T make them a corrupt organization under the RICO Act!).

      • Nos

        You assume the cops were good that you talked to? They left and shot someone’s dog.

    • anon.

      you should have required that the officer personally apologize and that he personally pay for and personally repair the door. And if he refused, you would post the video of him with his name on youtube and share it with his family. I hate liars. We need to shame all psychopaths.

      as to the rest, others have said enough.

      • Difdi

        And then he would have been arrested and prosecuted for blackmailing a public official.

        You have to be very careful how you phrase such requests. Phrased the way you did, it would not end well.

    • chinda

      glad you woke up, just cos a cop says something does not guarantee they re telling the truth. a shame that so many ppl have in the past just assumed it was. how many innocent ppl have been sent to ja il cos of a cops ?

    • Nancy Garcia-Vidal

      This seems to be normal now. My front door is currently broken because I didn’t answer it fast enough (at 2am).

  • A New Uncle Sam

    It’s all in the roll of the dice, subway people have their own way with law and government. Some people dislike authority figures because they see corruption amongst the entire organization and the funding that supports their super structure. Why dont we know the real truth about the wars and the UFO’s, and how Billy Meier a UFO contactee was forewarned of a massive tsunami headed to the west coast. Whats up with Obama not wanting to speak to the Iran leader, bet you didnt know the Pakistan flag represents a crop circle formed by extraterrestrials. The sun and the moon alignment. it represents real wisdom and spiritism in its creational form, compared to our flag, all about government stars and stripes lol. Is it one nation under God or one nation under Government? I do believe in good criminals and bad cops and vice versa, anyone’s life is worth the call you never know when it could be you! When the power of love, over comes the love for power, we will know peace!!! Thanks for reading and God Bless you all!!!

  • A New Uncle Sam
    • knottymama

      That’s not surprising, they’re always tolerant of, if not chummy with tea party types. Let’s see some OWS protesters treated humanely.

      • gomurr

        What a ridiculous statement. As far as I have been able to ascertain, cops with that “out of control, steroid mentality” don’t ask for political affiliation before they proceed to beat the crap out of you, kill your dog, or give you a cavity search by the side of the road.

      • Difdi

        Yes, the Tea Party MUST be your deadly enemies, because they took a stand in favor of the constitution and human rights. What does it say about you that being in favor of human rights makes someone your enemy?

        Every political group has loud jerks who attach themselves to it and pervert the message. Including your own political group, whatever it might be. I’m sure you’d insist your own party’s loudmouths and parasites are not representative of you and the main party platform — so why are you so eager to believe that similar parasites on the Tea Party are the only message they have?

  • Unity Nowe

    It isn’t an “Us vs. Them” mentality. It is a “Them vs. You”, and you alone. The people witnessing this did the same thing they would do if it were the cops beating up someone. No one ever steps in to help, but someone almost always manages to get it on film. And that’s not to say that filming is wrong or bad, however, I don’t understand a society where filming something becomes more important than doing something, especially when a life or lives are at stake. But the evidence is overwhelming all over the internet, showing just how true and sad it is.

  • payback

    You reap what you sew.

    • Scott Parker


      • Matt H. Facespace


  • boutime

    Did he say STOP RESISTING like cops do while trying to beat you to death.

    • wiseoldsnail


    • John

      funny funny funny!!!

    • ThatGuy

      That would have been glorious.

  • Mark Olish

    I just love the way so-called “conservatives” forget the militarization of local police forces started in earnest under George W. Bush with 911 as a convenient excuse.. Homeland Security, TSA, the Patriot Act, all reich-wing wet dreams perpetrated by Bush/Cheney Inc. . They applauded them then, and continue to vote for more of the same now, yet want to whine and cry when it comes time to reap what they’ve sown.

    • Difdi

      Call them what they are — Authoritarians.

      True Conservatives in this country LIKE our freedoms.

  • Mark Olish

    I just love the way so-called “conservatives ” conveniently forget the militarization of local polices forces began in earnest under George W. Bush with 911 as a convenient excuse.Homeland Security, the TSA, the Patriot Act, all reich-wing wet dreams perpetrated by Bush/Cheney Inc. They applauded them then, vote for more of the same now,yet want to whine, cry ,and blame someone else when it’s time to reap what they’ve sown.

    • John

      And most conservatives whined about the Patriot Act louder than the liberals.

      • Mark Olish

        That is categorically untrue . The only “NO” vote came from the only true Liberal in the whole scummy bunch, Russ Feingold from Wisconsin.

        • Nos

          I believe Ron Paul voted no did he not?

          • Mark Olish

            I was speaking of the final Senate vote after passage by the House thus making Senator Russ Feingold the only No vote with Senator Mary Landrieu abstaining..
            Ron Paul was never a Senator so he wouldn’t have voted on the final passage passage of the bill

        • Non of your business

          You are incorrect.

          • Mark Olish

            No, Sir ! Ron Paul was never a Senator so he would never vote for final passage of any bill.

      • Ken Moellman

        Initially, that was true, but they were lulled back to sleep by the talking heads on radio and tv. Talked into accepting the loss of their liberties for safety. So very sad.

        • John

          most of my conservative friends have rededicated themselves to local governance and legal resistance to federally chartered tyranny.

          one of the first steps is to refuse federal funds and the unlawful mandates that accompany the funds.

          the follow up step is to not send the funds to a federal government to begin with and keep local citizen’s contributions under the control of locally elected and representative government.

          this notion of having your US congressman go to DC to get back monies for local programs is ridiculous.

      • paschn

        Honestly? we should ALL whine about that bit of dual citizen sponsored legislation.

    • Kristof Kelson

      Too true. libertarians have been SCREAMING at people about Patriot Act since the beginning. Too many people taking Too long to see it coming….. So Sad

      • Mark Olish

        You must have poor knowledge of the political compass. Libertarians are the counter to Authoritarians, and as such have both left and right of center proponents. “Conservatives” ,such as John mentioned ,are largely Authoritarian in nature;ie; Republicans.

        Those same Republican “conservatives’ were screaming it was treason ,,helping “the terrorists” , to oppose the Bush/Cheney agenda and had absolutely no problem with George Bush referring to the Constitution as “that goddamned piece of paper” . ( the video/audio is still available on the net )

        I’d see a Dr. about your memory problem, guys. It could be early Alzheimers developing.

        • Matt H. Facespace

          Absolutely….Some of the anger coming out of a lot of the mainline Right wing citizens has so much ironic humor behind it. The only real difference between the two parties for the most part is social issues that no one will ever agree 100% about anyway…good times, Go team Red/Blue :P

          • Ken Moellman

            Honestly, I don’t care what the source of their indignation is. I’m more worried about our rights, than getting “I told you so”s..

        • Ken Moellman

          I’ve been a partisan Libertarian since 1998, when I learned that the Republican version of “liberty” included an asterisk and a page-long list of exceptions. I have a problem with infringements upon liberty, no matter who’s in power.

          • Mark Olish

            What I find ironic/fascinating is my point on the political compass has moved from Libertarian center-right to Libertarian center-left without my opinions or philosophy changing one bit in the past 40 years….It just irks me to no end when people equate Libertarian with conservative. Conservative is a perfectly valid term that has been hijacked by the reich-wing. What do they conserve? Not the air ,the water, the land, wildlife and certainly not your liberty,.not even the “Christian Values” that they love bullshiting people with as their platform is diametrically opposed to the teachings of Christ as outlined in the Beatitudes in the New Testament. .

          • Ken Moellman

            Yeah, Libertarian is not Conservative; not as it’s understood and generally used, anyway. I do think the country has shifted, and as a result I think the quiz (which I think you’re referring to) has shifted to questions more relevant and immediate, as I’ve seen it shift over time.

        • Grayhammy

          What a moron you are!

          “and had absolutely no problem with George Bush referring to the
          Constitution as “that goddamned piece of paper” . ( the video/audio is
          still available on the net )”

          No one had a problem with it because it never happened. But don’t allow the truth to get in your way, please carry on with your lies. Very entertaining!

          • Mark Olish

            My Lies ? There are pages and pages devoted to you lying douchebag bullshit complete with screen shots and a decade long timeline

            . Ashley Graham., you can go fuck yourself , and being both a penis compacted asshole and roach fucking needle dick, that is at least theoretically possible.

            Just how pathetic are you to stalk people over the web,posting their personal information in your miscreant malice ? Why don’t you come out into the light away from your keyboard bravado and discuss differences in person? But, then again, that’s not your cup of tea, is it you ankle biting little prison bitch ?

            You’re not worth what I scrape off my boots and deserve even less attention .

      • aikimoe

        On the subjects of national security, criminal justice, and civil rights, libertarians are more liberal than the Democratic party, thank goodness.

        • Mark Olish

          Quite true,but it’s also true that most of the self-named “Libertarians” currently holding office or punditry are posing corporate cretins.

          • Ken Moellman

            I only know of a couple of people who are actual libertarians in Congress. Meanwhile, almost all Congresscritters are owned by one or more corporations. As the chair of the Libertarian Party of Kentucky, I can tell you that libertarians oppose corporatism (crony capitalism).

          • Mark Olish

            …and rightfully so ! Germany and the Axis Powers lost the Second World War but fascism won it with the GOP holding the banner high ! The last arguably honest Republican president ( Dwight David Eisenhower ) warned us about it when I was a kid but apparently few listened.

            I don’t worry about the Democrats as much because they’ve never been able to get their shit together long enough to do any real damage.

        • Difdi

          Most Liberals in the US aren’t all that liberal, outside of a few narrowly defined areas. Anywhere else on the planet, they’d be called something other than Liberals — in some places they’d even be considered Conservatives.

          True liberals want change that promotes the public good, usually by increasing personal freedoms in places that traditionally lack them.

          But while the variety of Liberal we have in the US wants change too, the changes they want require that freedoms be abolished or restricted first.

          • Chris Hines

            As a self described liberal, I identify with your second paragraph. But sadly, I agree with the rest of your statement 100%.

    • Lara

      A dumb excuse to say “it’s not my fault, look at what your guy did” while sitting aside letting your cool guy do the same thing if not far worse. As well not everyone who is against Obama was for Bush. Remember Bush longed to just make decisions without the Congress? Obama announced at the beginning of his presidency he would not look to Congress for any approval and hasn’t really, at all much, just Syria, but he had to. But it’s okay, he’s a Democrat. Do you understand what nonsense it all is? It’s okay, he’s a Republican and we’re fighting terrorists! People lining up in blind obedience and walking off a cliff because their cool guy, Dem or Rep, got elected so it doesn’t matter how many crimes they commit, how many people die, how much money they make with the constant edicts charting the livelihoods of every American..
      This started long before the Patriot Act, Reagan, Carter, almost stopped after the Nixon debacle, but has been on a steady chug for a century. Laws are not made to protect us, they are made to restrict us. I’m tired of the “I’m left and I’m right” football political game when there’s absolutely no difference between what either is doing but the message they deliver to continue the media lie and public charade. It’s all a sham. We have lost all sight of truth in this muck of government. We are entertained and willing to lay down our arms for government protection though the biggest causes of death throughout history are governments.
      Believe it or not, many people have been crying out against all sides and will continue to do so beside the idiotic slanders from people who still believe they’ve got their cool guy on the winning side. We do not get caught up in the paradigm, stuck in the details that don’t really matter, or forget the events that do.
      If only I could see this nation working towards a better example, an enriched education, a healthy populace, a wealthy citizenry…that is the pipe dream of a constitutional republic. Our dollar is not worth more, it is worth less. Our populace is less self-reliant, we are more dependent on outside sources and services than on our neighbors and neighborhoods. We produce little to no day to day goods in this country, we depend on the consumption and importation of goods from across a manipulated world. The food stockpile is nil to none. What we’re witnessing is not new or innovative. It has happened before, elsewhere, many elsewheres, more than a couple times. Oh how mundane a chapter in history is ours as the best country ever. We haven’t been these U.S.A. as long as it took Rome to fall.

      • Mark Olish

        Your reading comprehension skills aren’t quite up to par . Nowhere in my comment did I sing the praises about Obama except calling out the obvious fallacy that all the abuse perpetrated by the rise of militarized police and the shredding of the Constitution began with his administration as claimed by the partisan commenters in the article.
        . At the end of the Clinton administration, SWAT team deployment averaged some 175 times a YEAR. Since 911, the Patriot Act, TSA, and Homeland Security, that number has increased to well over 300 PER DAY.
        Try researching some facts for a radical change Google ” Project for a New American Century” which was presented to Clinton at the beginning of his term, read it through and note the signatories of the document and the positions they all held in the Bush administration and pull your head out of the sand. If you still believe that there is no difference between the party s and political philosophies then you deserve the police state foisted on America by reich-wing corporatism and your own apathy..

        • Matt H. Facespace

          The NEOCONS are scum bags…..Guess what though champ? So is Obama, Pelosi, and the rest of the “progressive” big party left. Just as bought out, corrupt and dirty.

        • AndreaNY

          “At the end of the Clinton administration, SWAT team deployment averaged
          some 175 times a YEAR. Since 911, the Patriot Act, TSA, and Homeland
          Security, that number has increased to well over 300 PER DAY.”

          Your comments are truly amazing!