December 6th, 2013

Smithsonian Security Guards Attack Photographer, Then Throw Him Out of Museum After Asking for Their Names 146

By Carlos Miller

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 8.07.18 PM

Dim-witted security guards attacked a news photographer inside the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum as he was photographing a fast food worker protest Thursday, tackling him to the ground, and looking as if they were preparing to beat him before a supervisor called them off.

The idiots turned on Kristoffer Tripplaar after they began attacking a videographer trying to document the protest, pushing the videographer towards Tripplaar, resulting in the security guard also colliding with the photographer.

That led to another security guard accusing Tripplaar of striking the first security guard – who still hasn’t explained why he was attacking the videographer – leading to pile-on in the above photo.

After the brush-up, Tripplaar continued photographing the protest, but then approached the supervisor to get the names of the thugs in uniform.

They responded by shoving him out of the museum.

This is why it’s important to switch to video mode if you are taking stills and get confronted. A videographer captured part of the initial incident in this video.

Tripplaar was never able to get their names, so they probably think they got away with their crime.

The guards were from the Office of Protection Services, which boasts on its website that all security guards go through a “continuous customer service training to ensure that the visitor experience is a positive one.”


Their names must be public record, so it would be great if someone can obtain those names, so we can demand their termination and archive their names.

That way, when they get hired by the Metropolitan Police Department, who obviously has no problem hiring criminals, and continue to do the same thing, nobody can say they didn’t see it coming.

Here is how Tripplaar described the incident in an email to Photography is Not a Crime:

During the protest a security officer grabbed and began removing a videographer. While removing him, he pushed the videographer towards me and to protect my cameras I leaned forward to take the blow with my body. In the process, the security officer who was removing the videographer ran into me. Right after that another officer ran up and began to yell that I had hit the officer. I can’t emphasize enough that I did not lay a finger on the officer. At that point, the officer removing the videographer, the officer who accused me of hitting him, and a third officer grabbed me and slammed me to the ground.

As I was on the ground a security officer that identified himself as a supervisor came over, told them to let me go and offered to help me up. I told him I would not get up until he made the three security officers back off because I was afraid they would grab me again. Once they backed off, I got up and went back to photographing the protest.
Once the protest inside the food court wound down, I approached the supervisor who had helped me to ask for the names of the officers who had grabbed me, one of which was standing next to him. When I did that they both began pushing me towards a door saying it was time for me to leave.

DCist is also looking into the incident:

Tripplaar said the guards slammed him into the ground. Another security guard who identified himself as a supervisor came over and told the guards to let go of him. “He even offered to help me up,” Tripplaar said, “and I just refused. And I said, ‘You’ve got to get these guys away from me before I’m gonna get up.’ Because I was worried that they were gonna grab me again.” The supervisor did that, and Tripplaar went back to taking photos. He walked away without any damage to his cameras and a few bruises.

After the melee, Tripplaar said he contacted the Smithsonian press office and asked how he could proceed with filing a complaint: “I’ve been doing this for almost ten years. I cover everything from the White House to the Capitol. I’ve done countless protests, some of them got pretty heated and a little pushy. And I’ve never, ever, ever had something like this happen to me. Ever.”

A person from the press office replied to Tripplaar, he said, with an email address to send a complaint to, which he plans to do.

A Smithsonian spokesperson told DCist the head of the Office of Protection Services is looking into the allegations and has the photos. No further information was available at this time.

Below is contact info for the Office of Protection Services:

Tel: (202) 633-5650


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  • hardh8

    Thugs with guns.. Pharaoh 0bama’s hope and change.

    • Graham Shevlin

      Maybe you would like to explain the connection between the POTUS and the behavior of the security guards. Along the way you might want to quit the sophomoric sneers.

      • Josef Roesler

        It’s Osama’s militarization of the state. Osama’s Poice State. Where have you been? Wake up sheep.

        • Wandering_Bard

          How about you stop parroting buzz-words, and think for yourself.

          Obama is continuing the ultra-militarized insanity that ramped up during the Bush / Cheney years.

          He’s no saint, and as a former Constitutional Law Professor he should know better – but he didn’t start this shit-show.

          So get off your little partisan soap-box and focus on the issues.

          My point being: These security guards are poorly-trained, overzealous twats. Obama -and politics in general- really have nothing to do with it.

          • Josef Roesler

            As a former Constitutional law professor, he’s single handedly destroying this country, starting with the Constitution, which he detests. Bush may have started the militarization, but Osama has made it his. I remember him campaigning against this sort of thing. Get his dick out of your mouth.

          • Wandering_Bard

            Oh please – I’m no Obama fanboy. I think he’s a damned hypocrite of the first degree.

            What irks me is blind partisanship – everyone blames the other side of the aisle, even though every four (or eight) years, it’s the same shit, different colored tie.

            We go from Asshole A to Asshole B doing the same illegal, unconstitutional, and downright horrific things – but people only ever seem to get up in arms about it when it’s the other party in power.

            Stuff your insults, and your left/right paradigm. This whole two-party system is rotten to the core, and the party-biased Bush/Obama blaming just keeps us in the same vicious cycle.

            I’m not defending Obama. I’m decrying your ignorance to the fact that it doesn’t matter which party is fucking things up – they both need to go.

          • Josef Roesler

            I’m not ignorant to that fact. I support neither party. But as much as Bush violated the Constitution with shit like the Patriot Act, nobody in the history of this country has damaged it more than Osama. And it is he who is currently destroying it with impunity.

          • Nope

            NOTHING beats the Patriot Act in terms of un-constitutional.

          • guest

            Not hardly. Try the treason of Lincoln and his “civil” war.

            Article 3, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution. Lincoln made war against the southern states, an act of treason.

          • Louis Brooks

            How is it treason when the Southern States declared themselves a country apart of that of the United States?

          • raven

            At that point in time secession was in fact legal. It was only after the Civil War that SCOTUS retroactively declared it illegal.

          • Fotaugrafee

            Facts, man….gotta find those supposed facts that he dug his bullshit out of. Stupid hick probably lives in Alabama, another rebel that can’t stomach “his people” lost that war 150 years ago.

          • F U OBAMA

            Read the most recent couple of NDAA’s passed during obama’s tenure, that he signed off on?

          • ProudGrandPa

            As a conservative and a Republican, I agree. Party labels do not assure consistency.
            On the whole, though, democrats actively destroy the economy while Republicans try to minimize gov’t damage. And the worst censors are liberals. They invented political correct censorship.

          • ProudGrandPa

            And conservatives tend to respect freedom of religious expression in the public square better than so-called progressives, socialists and liberals.

          • Fotaugrafee

            Religious expression does not include jamming your beliefs down the throats of every else (non-believers).

            Might want to revisit that one, too.

          • jayduba

            If you’re a Christian.

          • Fotaugrafee


            So, Democrats are the root of all evil in ‘Murica, but Conservatives are just hunky dory. Yee-haw you TeaBilly.

            Please tell us, SPECIFICALLY, what kind of damage the Republicunts “try to minimize”? I don’t ever see them offer up a solution for anything unless it’s taking away from the people & giving to their rich suitors.

          • Louis Brooks

            I won’t argue with you on Obama destroying this country, but you certainly downplay the the degree to which the Patriot Act circumvents the Constitution to strip rights away from the citizens of the United States. If I had a choice I would undoubtedly support Obama care. All it takes is a finger snap of the brass at any federal level agency and not so much as a hair of false evidence and your life before you know it is gone. What Obama has done so far is continue the illegitimacy of government that has been there prior to his term in office. He has been a hypocrite to the first degree yes so what. He is a liberal that takes the face as President Bush a conservative. Neither of them have done anything to better the economic disparity that has hit the United States. No one seems to remember that the President Clinton had the federal deficit at a surplus. So what if he was liberal, at least he had his mind in the right place.

          • Josef Roesler

            I haven’t downplayed the Patriot Act at all. I know it’s horrible. But Osamacare is ONE way the current shithead has chosen to destroy the country, causing millions of people to suddenly become uninsured and uninsurable. In the same stroke, he changed Amerika’s economy to a part time work force so that no one can actually get real work any more. In the first month of it’s enactment. You think that doesn’t change many more people’s live more drastically that maybe they’ll get a trumped up charge? That’s not a maybe, that’s a fact, he fucked millions of people in the ass and then poured salt in it. And that’s all just ONE thing he did. I can think of several jacked up things Bush did to the country, but this current communist has done so much to this country and the Constitution that it would take pages to list it all. It is all listed on other websites, so there’s's no point. This country has one generation left in it before it becomes a total welfare state and collapses. Enjoy.

          • Fotaugrafee

            Uhh yeah, the continued “Osama” this & that shows HEAVILY that you’re downplaying anything involving the current POTUS.

            And where did “Osama” change ‘Murica to a part-time work force? You can thank the capitalist scumbags (corporations) for that, not the POTUS. Corporations are a far worse evil than you think Obama is, twit, it’s just you’ve got your blinders on & he is the target of your affection.

            All the finger-pointing in the wrong direction. Amazing.

          • kcponte

            Josef Roesler His name is President Obama, show some respect. You may not like the way he runs his office but he is still the POTUS. I suggest if you are such an unhappy camper (likely a TeaParty Thug) then why not look for a country that will kiss your butt. Try Iran or Russia.

          • lessthantolerant

            You mean Bath House Barry?

          • kcponte

            Yep, show your ass, typical TeaBagger.

          • lessthantolerant

            You misunderstand, Bath House Barry isn’t my ass. While I agree he is an ass, not mine.

          • kcponte

            I rest my case, douche.

          • F U OBAMA

            I would say the douche is the one demanding respect for a piece of shit treasonous coward who is dismantling everything good about your country, and who is keeping troops in a war he said they would be brought home from 4+ years ago. And call me a teabagger you little obama-nuts-tongue-juggler. I would rather be shot dead than vote for any of the remaining candidates available.from any of the parties presented. they are all assholes and deserve to be bbq’d. I hope one day people will figure out that this system can not succeed. it demands constant growth, constant debt, constant inflation, and in it’s current form constant corruption on all fronts to be the way it is. The only solutions are complete tear down and rebuild the way it should have been. with limited government in any form, Or say screw it we are more advanced than this and do without the government. The belief it is needed is a complete fallacy. Anyone not completely zombified knows that.

          • Fotaugrafee

            Ohhh, it’s THAT easy? Snap the fingers, and TROOPS BE GONE from the Middle East. Corporate America runs this country, war is good for business & business is good, you idiot. That’s the mentality you fail to recognize right now. It has little to do with Obama.

            Corporate America is making record profits & you’re smugly sitting there saying that we will only survive with constant debt? Maybe you’re right, but in order for that to happen we need to demand more of our politicians, and when that doesn’t succeed, we need to declare civil war against them, b/c the voting process doesn’t seem to be working.

          • Billtron

            Good post but you are making WAY too much sense for these clowns.

          • lessthantolerant

            Poor little liberal man wannabe, dreaming of that black sausage I see.

          • Josef Roesler

            Fuck that shitbag. I owe no allegiance or respect to that piece of shit communist usurper. He’s not my president and after what he’s done to this country so far, he deserves none from me or anyone else. You suggest I leave because my country has been taken over by welfare whores and communists? He’s the one who needs to find another country that wants to be transformed, nobody here asked for this shit.

          • JJ

            “He’s not my President”…except he is because he’s the POTUS.

            “Nobody here asked for this shit.”..except we may have because he got elected twice.

          • Josef Roesler

            I guess your local Klan leader is your leader as well, even though you didn’t elect him. He got elected twice because he lied his ass off about every conceivable thing he could think of that the bottom feeders of this country would want to flock in droves for. Even these bottom feeders are starting to realize they got nothing they were promised.

          • stk33

            Oh, and everyone else is saint. Like these thugs in the museum, like those who undoubtedly will find them “acted properly”, like those who sit on juries and find us guilty and them innocent after they shot us from the back, like those school officials all over the country who jail up 5 y.o. kids for making a gun from bread, and so on. Obama’s fault, he took all these innocent good folks by surprise and screwed their mind overnigt.

            Obama is perfect refection of our today’s society.

          • Josef Roesler

            Close, he’s a perfect reflection of the dregs of society. Most people are decent, and take care of their families. Osama feeds off the degenerates in our society who cause all the trouble.

          • Fotaugrafee

            Haha, you really ARE clueless. So tell me more about how “most people are decent” and “take care of their families”?

          • stk33

            Respect has to earned, Respect virtues, not uniforms and titles

          • Fotaugrafee

            Cop out.

          • adolf spritzer

            close minded dooshbagz be dooshbagz, and this guy ~^ is about as closed as they get. WAKE UP, these are all plans from decades ago, and planned for decades from now. your votes do not count, and the next POTUS will just be another puppet extension of the last and the ones before….

          • lessthantolerant

            Pardon me, but our boy king did start the shit show, have you see Mooshelle and his supposed daughters?

          • climate3

            Oh good grief. Now you are bringing the First Lady into this. Why stop there. After all, she and President have two children you can make fun of.

          • lessthantolerant

            Yes, I know. Harry Reid loves the little breeders, he rents them on weekend for pedophilia retreats.

        • James Nimmons

          because repugnicans would NEVER have ANYTING to do with the military….hahahahaha you sound like a genius..

          • Josef Roesler

            I do compared to you. I said that Bush was responsible for starting it. I believe he was a Republican. I guess that makes you an idiot.

          • adolf spritzer

            So silly… this was started WAY long ago… the POTUS has been inheriting this B.S. Agenda since before 1913…. get off yourself and all this mental masturbation going on and realize the truth… even without a POTUS, things would still be going this way cuz the POTUS is simply a TOOL (no matter the party or the color or anything else for that matter)

          • stk33

            And the next one will be even worse.

            After everyone and their dog hated and laughed at W, we elected O.

          • Iggypopz

            Thank you, adolf! some posters here are so quick to be conspiracy theorists, that they fail to see the bigger picture. The president is a figurehead. With no real power to work independently. I wonder where most of these posters were during civics/government class. Or did you matriculate far enough to even have those classes.

        • jonquimbly

          You’re being a partisan sheep. The militarization of police and state began long before Obama took office. He’s just the latest CIC to blithely ignore it, which is the same as approval.

          • Josef Roesler

            I’m sad for you that you can’t read.

        • Graham Shevlin

          Your general tone of voice and sneering use of juvenile language throughout this thread leave me in no doubt that you need to grow up before I can even remotely begin to take your bloviations seriously.

    • Mahonri Young

      Go back and whine about birth certificates – it might keep you occupied for a few years.

      • guest

        Yeah, cause “whining” about the constitution is so passe. Silly constitutionalists.

        • kcponte

          Kind of like the Bible, pick an choose the parts that please you and ignore the rest.

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            Actually I ignore all of the bible or work of fiction… err “religious text”

            None of them have any legal value in the US. We have civil laws, not religion based ones.

    • William Moore

      Your comments do not actually explain or defend your original post very well. The only similarity between Obama and the security guards might their skin color. Am I to understand that Obama controls every minority in authority? Please educate me. This is facinating.

      • inquisitor

        I posted a short comment about tribalism….that would be my answer to you.

        • William Moore

          Oh yes . I saw all your strange posts about tribalism. While they were entertaining, they still did not make sense and you did not do a good job supporting your ‘theory’ of Obama having seemingly mind control of random security guards.

          Here’s the scoop. Security guards are often ill trained and low paid . It’s been this way for a long time, I would even say before Obama took office….imagine that?

          Let’s keep stick with the truth okay?

          • inquisitor

            “…Obama having seemingly mind control of random security guards.”

            So much for sticking with the truth.

          • William Moore

            Yeah. The truth acording to you, is that somehow random security guards , because of tribalism, are all controlled by Obama .

            Not seeing it.

          • inquisitor

            I never said they were controlled by Obama.
            That is a simplification.
            What I did say is that some could be emboldened in their behavior because of having a black president.
            I then cited links of how Obama has directly intervened in issues and events that reinforces that potential.

          • William Moore

            So, if that is the operating theory, is police brutality against blacks due to an imboldened police force when there is a white president? Because the last time I checked , police and security people have been overusing their authority for a long time .

            I guess that does not merit your concern because most of the victims were not white.

            Just trying to be clear here. Because you can not have it both ways. If this president and the authority under him is racially motivated, then you need to admit or acknowledge the same goes when there is a white president.

          • inquisitor

            Well no, because if you read my post you would see that it contained the specific analysis concerning blacks and acting out of retribution. That retribution would not apply to whites when one considers the role of blacks and whites in America with blacks being the historically oppressed.

          • William Moore

            You are dancing around what I said.

            If you are going to say there is “tribalism” at play when a black president is in charge, then you have to say there is tribalism when a white president is in charge because police/authority brutality has been going on a long time before Obama came into power.

            I’m willing to go 1/2 way and say hey, white police officers are just doing their jobs and brutality happens when a situation is too hard and that specific police officer handled the situation poorly.

            I think it’s fair to say this situation is the same. Saying otherwise means you are going out of your way to make this a race issue.

          • inquisitor

            We disagree.

          • Billtron

            I could not even watch that video…what is it about?

          • inquisitor

            …the discussion.

          • Billtron

            I should rephrase my statement. Why would I watch that video? You are somehow convinced this woman represents me?


          • inquisitor

            Now somehow it is about you?
            Are you on meds?

            I do believe the topic was your debating me concerning my post regarding tribalism and how having a black president could embolden some blacks to act out because of having one of their own in a position of authority and power.

            The video is a live example of that very thing.
            And to apply it to your further inquiry…you won’t see white people making a video saying these things or acting this way because the president is white.
            The two comparisons you attempt for me to address are not equal in their considerations.

            But if you are not willing to watch the video or view something I present to answer your questions, then perhaps you should cease in asking the questions. Because that becomes a waste of time.

          • Billtron

            Easy sport .

            What you are showing me is a crazy person. That much is clear watching the first 5 seconds of the video. I won’t watch it.

            You referencing an insane woman yelling as being a ‘good’ example of tribalism is about as intelligent as thinking every look racist on you tube speaks for all white people.

            Hey man , I am fine that you have a different opinion than my own. I am concerned however on what vt is based on. It’s easy to name call and troll online but there are merits to having a discussion about it.

            Take care man. Thank you for indulging me.

          • Billtron

            *kook racist on you tube*

            Pardon ;)

          • inquisitor

            What you call a crazy person is actually quite indicative of what exists within the black community.
            You are just ignorant of this…apparently.

          • Billtron

            You’re right. Because it’s not an opinion me or ANY other black person I know. Despite your claims of ‘tribalism’, we tend to have different opinions about certain things. It’s crazy.

            I think we can put a cork in this.


          • inquisitor

            “Because it’s not an opinion me or any other black person I know.”

            You are right. More than willing to put a cork in this.
            How the hell can anyone understand what you are communicating with a sentence like this is beyond me anyway.

          • Billtron

            I wrote it on my phone. Relax.

            Good day.

          • inquisitor

            No problem.
            Just don’t try to insult my intelligence by attempting to label this girl as some anomaly…as in crazy.
            Because she’s got six friends that think and act just like she does.
            And if you role up on them the wrong way then you will certainly meet your end by being windmilled to death.
            And if you don’t know what the windmill is…then I suggest you get back to watching the Bill Cosby show…because you don’t know black.

          • Billtron

            Not insulting you.

            1. it’s *roll*

            2. Finally watched that insane video. Yes, the one with the crazy woman. It’s Glozell. She runs a comedy page on youtube. She’s actually quite crazy but her apparently experiment worked.

            As one of her followers says:
            “Relax she’s clowning on Obama….”

            Thanks for your time.

          • inquisitor
          • Billtron

            Thanks for the links but I’m too busy watching Cosby

          • inquisitor

            Heh, heh…obviously.

          • inquisitor


            Blacks need to take a fictional character that originated from white European culture and make him black?
            Why does one need such a distortion, and worse, concerning a fictional character?

            “Santa is very strongly typecasted because he was born out of Europe and as his story traveled throughout, he was mostly Caucasian,” Connaghan said.

            Typecast? He comes from the North pole. Blacks don’t come from there.

            Arlene Graves watched from the sidelines. Seeing her godson with a black Santa meant more to her than to the youngster.

            “I just don’t want him to think that all greatness comes from a different race,” said Graves, 45. “There are Santa Clauses his color doing good work, too.”

            Tracy Price, 52, was surprised when she spotted a black Santa and rushed over with her 31-year-old daughter, Kelly Ross.

            After a few pictures and some lighthearted advice from St. Nick, the two women marveled at seeing a non-white Santa.

            “To know we have something that’s positive, wholesome and traditional,” Price said. “This is a Santa that our children can relate to.”

            …this is true mental illness.

          • Billtron

            Not sure what happened to my last comment but I basically wrote two things.

            1. The chick in the video runs a comedy channel on youtube. She trolled you and everyone else who decided to chime in and think she was being serious. She’s ridiculous and you took her words for scripture.

            2. It’s *roll* not role.

            3. You just posted a Fox video. Really? The same network who loves to create a ‘us and them’ world? Just as bad as MSNBC. I’m sure you think there is a war on Christmas too.

            Let’s just call it a day. Seriously.

    • inquisitor

      It would not surprise me if the white guy getting pummeled voted for Obama.

  • Horation Stugglebump

    WHY! It just does not make ANY sense whatsoever! It’s utterly baffeling why these bozos would do such a thing. Ho-Chee-Mama! So they give them an IQ test before turning them loose on the public with a gun, a badge and a uniform?

    • constitutionalist

      They do give IQ tests and if you score too high you don’t get the job. At least that’s true of police officers.

  • OhSnapDJB

    I’ll be calling first thing in the morning.

  • OhSnapDJB

    And of course the security guards are ALL black! Someone please find out the names of these dummies so I can personally thank them for showing the world that we (black people) are totally irrational and can’t use sound judgment.

    • Joseph Murray

      What kind of stupid crap is that to say?!? If they were white or hispanic do you they anyone here would lump themselves in with those goons? You got plenty of upvotes too, congrats. The bigots agree with you own self-denigration.

      • guest

        Oh no! It be raycist.

      • OhSnapDJB

        Obviously ur not that bright so I won’t explain what I meant. Seems other people did hmmmmmmm?

      • Billtron

        This article attracts all the trolls.

        Don’t feed the trolls.

    • F U Obama

      Them and Obama being douchebags does not mean you are, man. Smart people know dumb and assinnine behaviour comes in all colours. I know and grew up with lot of smart people of all colours. None smarter than the other. I know engineers and professors, and MDs, and Lawyers, mechanics, tradesmen, and machinists. The colour of your skin has no bearing on your ability to think critically. Don’t ever let anyone else tell you otherwise.

      • Fotaugrafee

        DERP…OBAMA…DERP-A-DERP!!! *fart* Ahhhh…

  • JW

    I feel SO much safer with these witless goons around.

    At least now we’re finding out what’s beneath the bottom of the barrel.

    • matism

      If they get fired, they can go work for DHS or TSA…

  • Clark

    No surprise these dimwits work for the Smithsonian. It’s time to petition the government to strip the name from this institution as it’s nothing like what was created back in 1846. Of course we know that will never happen.

  • Bill

    People who think this militarization of police started under either Obama or Bush 2 are delusional. The change from “peace” officer to government thug has been going on since the Nixon era and will continue until this type of abuse is nullified. Police reform is a tactic used by statists to quell down outrage but in reality it’s nothing but empty rhetoric. The real reform is to end the government monopoly of force and advocate for private defense companies.

    • inquisitor

      I would charge that those who deny a militarization of police is going on are delusional.

      As far as under which executive…what does it matter?

  • IceTrey

    What a bunch of fat asses.

  • guest

    Days not gunna lets dis white cracka be disrepectin dem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • inquisitor

      Daz right. Aintz no whites manz gunna evah find out who we is by askin fuh us names.

  • jcfromnj

    I saw this movie before “Guerilla’s in The Mist” . I’m never been much for politically correct, but it’s black on white crime, pure and simple. So sue me if you don’t like the analasis…..

  • matism

    Please remember to donate appropriately to the Smithsonian Institution…

  • Scrotes McGrotes

    Keep up documenting this stuff. There needs to be accountability. And not with the lower level security guards who are encouraged to do this by their superiors.

  • DocRambo

    Please note: Guards were black, photographer white. Racist attack by entitled thugs whose black head of DOJ will not prosecute blacks for almost anything. This is more than overstepping their bounds, this is a hate crime.

    • inquisitor

      …perhaps a sex crime.

    • Voice-Of-Concern

      “Hate crime”??

      What are your facts to back up that claim? There was nothing the victim said, in the above article, that says “hate crime” to me. Maybe you don’t understand the LEGAL definition of the term “hate crime”

  • sentienttoast

    They are DC Special Police officers, they are contracted by an organization but sworn by MPD. They have full police powers at their facility as well as property in their view if a crime is being committed. They receive exactly 40 hours of training initially followed by 8 hrs of retraining annually.

    • ProudGrandPa

      Only 40 hours? And then they have full police powers! No wonder there is trouble in capitol city.

      • inquisitor

        Now you are catching on old man.
        Now when you realize that police departments are receiving training, money and equipment to be more militaristic toward citizens along and increasing spectrum of hostility going forward into the next dedace, then you will be on the path to truth.

        • ProudGrandPa

          No, this is not my experience. Here most cops have college degrees in law enforcement. I suspect this is bogus or else extremely rare.
          The solution is simply better training for LEOs. Problem solved.
          This has nothing to do with military goods. Your leap of logic fell short of the finish line.

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            Yes… you don’t see it. But that is not same as “it does not happen”. Abuse of power is something folks on the Left & the Right do. It is not limited by ethnicity or financial status or gender or belief/non-belief in god or gods.

            Open your eyes. Take off your blinders. Look beyond your first finger-pointing thought. Your left/right politicing is purely divisive. . And does nothing to make sure that Photography IS NOT A CRIME.

          • Anon Goats
          • Fotaugrafee

            And this is why you are clueless.

            We can only hope that you die off of old age before the police state tramples all over EVERY right, so we can’t give you a big “told ya so” en masse.

    • Fotaugrafee

      Apparently that’s not fucking enough.

  • celphelp

    I hope they accidentally commit suicide! I don’t care if they poison their own food, shoot themselves in the head with a gun, slip and fall in front of train or bus, or jump from a high rise… I really don’t care how, unless it hurts someone else.

  • Rail Car Fan

    It was stated in the article (condensed in part): “…Security guards attacked a news photographer tackling him to the GROUND”.

    It was later stated by Tripplaar: “The officer who accused me of hitting him, and a third officer grabbed me and slammed me to the GROUND.”

    While he continued with: “As I was on the GROUND a security officer that identified himself as a supervisor came over”.

    Under the heading: “DCist is also looking into the incident”, it was stated: “Tripplaar said the guards slammed him into the GROUND.”

    Because of the information provided, I can only come to the conclusion that the above “GROUNDING” happened while Tripplaar was outside the building.

    I’m curious though, why the photo’s show it happening differently..!!..?

    It’s a good thing he had witnesses to the illegal GROUNDING altercation by security.

    Rail Car Fan

    • ProudGrandPa

      HaHa. That FLOORS me, guy.

  • ProudGrandPa

    Are you advocating creating a facial recognition collection of bad cops available for matching online 24/7 and available to attorneys representing victims of bad cops?
    Are you also considering mirroring it in several foreign nations to protect the photos from consfication or censorship?
    Why not? Most cops are good people. The few bad cops and good cops badly need correction.

    • ProudGrandPa

      If I were in Internal Affairs or serving on a Civilian Police Review Board, I’d start my own video and facial id system. I’d provide scholarships and rewards for good work by honest LEOs. Reward them and weed out the bad cops.

    • inquisitor

      “Most cops are good people.”

      How has this been scientifically investigated, studied and quantified rather than just a blanket assumption?

      • ProudGrandPa

        Most cops are good people. In fact most people are good and want to obey the law and earn an honest living.

    • JdL

      Most cops are good people.

      If that were true, then these many “good people” would root out the bad cops whose mugs we see everywhere every day. What really happens, time after time after time, is that your “good people” circle the wagons and cover up. When was the last time you heard about a cop turning in another cop for criminal behavior? Has it EVER happened? Once every five years, maybe?

      Let me ask you point blank: does a “good cop” cover for a criminal? Or is that a complete contradiction in terms?

      It disturbs me that you can’t seem to let go of your “a few bad apples” fantasy. Because that’s what it is, complete fantasy.

      • inquisitor

        And once a cop does squeal on his fraternal brethren the retribution is usually quite severe.

        Look what police did when one of their own, Dorner, declared war upon his own kind. The police began to shoot up citizens that did not even match Dorner’s description in the slightest. No good cops must have been on duty that day.
        And when they had him cornered there was no need to let him dehydrate or starve into surrender to face trial, but a bonfire was most apropos in their opinion. And then the all too usual denials as to the fact that they really torched his ass. If torching him was justified then there would have been no need for them to have lied about doing it.
        But no good cops surfaced to admit that either, they must have been on vacation that week.

        • ProudGrandPa

          Let logic affect your fantasy, Inq. Isn’t it possible that no good cops witnesses the events? Bet you never thought of that.
          Yet you jump to wild, unwarranted conclusions that all cops are bad. The problem is with you, not with real life.
          Bad cops get caught and punished.

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            Except in the Dorner case.. which he cited… oh, and except in HUNDREDS of other well documented cases of police brutality/abuse of power.

            I’m sure you won’t agree… so we will all wait for you to shown us how the cops who executed Dorner we arrested, charged and convicted for their crimes.. I mean, after all, is that not what happens in your fairy tale world?

      • ProudGrandPa

        We do root out the bad cops. That is why we have civilian review boards, internaal affairs, and independent courts. The precious few examples here on PINAC of violations of photog rights are always followed with corrective action by the PD or courts of both.

  • Iggypopz

    Sorry! I…I don’t see what Obama has to do with this, but I knew his name would pop up. Typical. And you are stereotyping these men who are WRONG, by saying that they were criminals prior to getting this job based on WHAT??!! My God! When does this madness END???!!!

    • inquisitor

      I would direct you to my previous comment concerning tribalism and why there may very well be a connection, it is just not always an overt connection.

    • Iggypopz

      Tri–bal–ism. Okay, Inquisitor. I’m not trying to be condescending. But maybe you should take a few government classes, or to save time look at a few Schoolhouse Rock videos. Learn about how the system works, and then maybe we can talk. At least be worthy of your screen name, do some research and ‘inquire’ about the real goings on in the world. Until then, i’m out of this conversation.

      • inquisitor

        When people have to resort to something as inane and irrelevant as commenting on a screen name, then yes, they should remain out of the conversation.

        Perhaps the president should take a look at some Schoolhouse Rock videos.

        “Well, I should say at the outset that Skip Gates is a friend, so I may be a little biased here. I don’t know all the facts.”

      • ProudGrandPa

        Guest, be warned about Inquistor and a few others here. They do not speak for PINAC or for common sense for that matter. Their world is one of demons and nightmares. They imagine a police state that does not exist and live in fear. Ignore them or refute them, but don’t take them too seriously.

        • Voice-Of-Concern

          ” We must elect men of integrity, good morality, and honesty. ”

          Umm.. and WOMEN?

          We should elect people (regardless of gender, gender identity or relationship status) of integrity from both the Left AND the Right. A swing too far in either direction is bad.

  • lessthantolerant

    SEIU in action!

  • StarDagger

    3rd world is as 3rd world does. History will not look back kindly on the American Empire.

  • Arthur_P_Dent

    The only experience I’ve had with NASM guards was when I tried to go in with a monopod. The rent-a-thug said tripods weren’t allowed, and I explained to her that it wasn’t a tripod. After a couple minutes of this back-and-forth, she consulted with a supervisor and said I could bring in my “tripod” as long as I didn’t use it. I again told her it was a monopod.

    • inquisitor

      One would have to be able to count and conceptualize the numbers 1 and 3 to make that distinction.
      They are already handicapped as it is, so we can’t really expect any miracles of genius from them now can we?

      I would have told her to sit on my monopod.

      • n4zhg

        If they demonstrated the ability to count to three, they would not be “special” officers.

  • climate3

    And somehow this has SOMETHING to do with President Obama? The hate is strong with some of you.

  • jonquimbly

    A lesson Tripplaar hopefully takes away from this experience: always wear a video camera to a protest. Always. They sell little clip-on ones that are almost unnoticeable.

  • Pingback: Photographer tackled by Smithsonian security guards | pauloinstagram

  • Zos Xavius

    Fire them all! NOW!

  • Yay Bubbles

    I wonder what the other side of the story is?

    This is the part where I rolled my eyes:

    ” I told him I would not get up until he made the three security officers back off because I was afraid they would grab me again. “

    …and realized this may not have been how the entire incidence actually went down:

    Next time, Tripplaar should attempt to not overdo it as much.

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