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District Attorney Dismisses Charge Against Louisiana Woman Arrested for Video Recording in Police Station (Updated)


Just in time for Christmas, the Acadia Parish District Attorneys Office chose not to prosecute Theresa Richard who was arrested after entering a police department while recording with her camera earlier this month.

Now we need to see if the Crowley Police Department returns her camera. And if they do, does it still contain the footage she recorded on December 1, leading to another case of the PINAC Wrath where readers flooded their station with calls, resulting in their city attorney sending out a letter claiming we were trying to “harass and intimidate” them when it was clear that they were the ones harassing and intimidating her.

The truth is, Crowley police never had the right to seize her camera for the trumped-up charge of “remaining after forbidden,” so hopefully, a Louisiana lawyer will take her case to sue them for violating her Constitutional rights.

This is what Richard had to say in a FB message about the letter she received today and about her attempts to get her camera back:

We went to get it today but the holder of the evidence room key is conveniently off until Thursday. I was hoping to have the video uploaded Thursday morning if it still exists. I owe this all to you and your followers, and my husband. Thank you so much for getting me involved. I have participated in every call to action you, and other site like yours, have called for after witnessing the profound effect it has. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I bought myself one of your PINAC shirts for Xmas and I wore it to the station to try and get my cam today!

The letter is embedded below but if it doesn’t come up, click here.

Letter from D.A


UPDATE: Richard retrieved her camera and the video was not deleted. Check it out below:

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