Bullied Student Files Internal Affairs Report Against Lying, Mocking Cop as Dad Records

The 14-year-old kid who was suspended for school last week after a deputy accused him of “instigating” a fight, even though a video shows him trying his best to walk away from the bully trying to instigate the fight, filed an internal affairs complaints against the school resources deputy, hoping to get him transferred.

And Kobe Nelson’s dad, Tommy Purvis, insisted on recording the conversation with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s internal affairs investigator this week, despite the investigator’s initial reluctance.

The interview can be heard in the above video after the intro that includes the bullying, which many of you saw early this week. Kobe confirms everything that we saw in the video before going into the parts that we didn’t see, including being taken to the assistant principal’s office by deputy Louis Ortiz.

As Kobe tried to explain the assistant principal what had taken place, Ortiz walked in and began mocking him, telling him he needed to bulk up so he wouldn’t get pushed around.

He also mocked him for some of the things he was saying, as you will hear, coming across like an immature high school student instead of a uniformed deputy paid to protect these students.

After Etiwanda High School Assistant Principal Gayle Ross decided to suspend Nelson for two days, simply going on the words of Ortiz, not even bothering to speak to witnesses or see the videos, Ortiz threatened to arrest him if he did not leave and threatened to have him arrested if he returned during the following two days.

Purvis says he won’t bring his son back to school unless Ortiz is yanked to another beat, hopefully not at another school or anywhere else where he has to deal with the public, because he obviously doesn’t have what it takes.

Hopefully, somebody can take a photo of him before he gets pulled, if that actually happens, so we can keep track of his future whereabouts.

Purvis, who has since been interviewed by two local television stations, has been providing the following statement to news companies:

“Kobe has been the recipient of overwhelming support from across the country since the video and his story were made public on the website PINAC. As his father, I would like to believe that Kobe did not fight back because I’ve made the effort to teach him that the best way to push back against injustice is not through physical force. I’ve never been more proud of his actions. My wife and I cannot return Kobe to Etiwanda until the suspension is expunged from his record and Deputy Ortiz is taken off the public school beat. Even then, I still have significant concerns for his safety, and I have even deeper concerns for those in charge of his learning environment.”

Call the San Bernardino sheriff’s office in Rancho Cucamonga to discuss this story: (909) 477-2800.


About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • rust

    KN shows himself to be in control, sober and judicious in his actions. This video deals largely with the complaint against the school Enforcer who took it upon himself to be condescending and failed to fulfill his role.

    This is definitely not over. I think we can expect some major developments as more footage becomes available.

  • inquisitor

    “Photography is not a crime” mentioned by the investigator during the investigation.
    That is good advertising.

    This young man is unwavering in his testimony and sounds very respectful, as someone who knows he is speaking facts and has the truth on his side.
    Sounds like the influence of a good father and parenting.

    Ortiz needs serious reprimand and I would suggest a transfer…at a minimum.

    The bullying student should earn a two week suspension and a one week suspension for the other student having made the “Don’t go to the office white boy” threat and racial comment. But suspensions are punishments that are served in exile.
    A consequence that would create a profound self-reflection because of the involvement and judgment of their peers at this particular age would be to also require these two bullying students write a two page essay on bullying, outlining what they did, how it was wrong and including a sincere apology, and having to read it at a podium in an auditorium in front of the entire school.

    Baffling as to why the school administrators would have made a such contrary decision in light of the facts in this regard.

    It would seem that there is something missing from the equation concerning the bully and his preferential treatment and the subsequent punishing of the victim.
    Or just plain blind incompetence.

    • Rail Car Fan

      “Inquisitor” said in part…

      “Ortiz needs serious reprimand and I would suggest a transfer…at a minimum.”

      Maybe transfered to the local garbage dump where he’s required to write down and log in the make, model, license plate number, color of truck, plus both time in and time out of all the garbage trucks using the facility… and thhen be required to turn in his report to headquarters each and every day after completing his shift.

      Rail Car Fan

      • Bob_Striffler

        I agree his lies represent the department. Why would anyone want to have an officer of this department testify at a trial? Especially in todays lying police culture?

        • Difdi

          The problem is when the lying police culture is paired with the convict at all costs (regardless of innocence or guilt) prosecutor culture. To a corrupt prosecutor, a cop willing to tell any lie to get a conviction is a good thing.

      • David Coates

        Does San Bernardino have police horses for parades and whatnot? Ortiz could be demoted to baling their hay and cleaning their stalls each day until his lesson has been learned.

        • n4zhg

          Horse patrol is a privilege, not a punishment. Put him in drag and send him undercover to gay bars.

    • G

      Nowadays a suspension doesn’t mean nothing to a lot of kids these days. They view it as time off from school instead of punishment. BTW where is the American Civil Liberty Union and the NCAAP regarding this incident?

    • Etiwanda Parent

      I’m going for blind incompetence

  • Rob

    I like this kid. He had the ability to kick his bully’s ass, but chose to keep his cool and walk away. I don’t think I could have showed such restraint in that situation.

    • inquisitor

      This is the kind of attitude, self-discipline and restraint within a person under assault and stress is what would best serve in law enforcement.

      • Rob

        Unfortunately, it’s jerks like the bully that usually end up becoming cops.

  • Ian Battles

    Where’s all the good cops in this department to kick this lying turd out like the apologists always claim is how it is “99% of the time”?

    • $910553

      They’re trying to figure out how to respond to the Officer Ramos acquittal. Right now, it looks as if their choice will be to cheer and applaud.

    • Bob_Striffler

      Who you talking about Serpico? He’s gone after that fake Knapp Commission BS that uncovered law enforcement, prosecutorial and judicial corruption from Prosecutor Rudy Giuliani’s office to the state capital, then suddenly the investigation stopped. I think Serpico moved to Sweden or Switzerland in fear for his life? There are no good cops left! Oh yeah and those lying turd apologists should have their asses kicked! They should live in fear of talking their shit anymore, like Serpico feared for his life!

    • G

      You can say about the LAPD when Rodney King was beaten by a whole bunch of cops and there was 1 or 2 CHP officers at the scene and they did not do a thing to stop the LAPD cops nor did the LAPD cops tried to stop each other.

  • Bob_Striffler

    The school administrator “Ross,” I think it was, should also go! The cop definitely came across as an adolescent minded buffoon. Maybe he’s young also and the reason he was placed there at the school? They should re-assign him (like Mod Squad) to under cover work in some of the more violent gang activities then have the gangs find out who he is………….somehow? Let him talk tough in that situation! That twerp who did the bulling should receive a spanking! Little punk!

  • Phillip

    Of course the official response will now be to go after the parents and bullied kid for truancy violations if the kid isn’t/wasn’t back at school at the pre-described time.

    • Bob_Striffler

      Us and Them

  • http://www.policemisconduct.net Film The Police Always

    EVERYBODY PLEASE take note that the only reason this is happening is because of VIDEO! Period! Always FILM THE POLICE and hold them accountable. Of course this cop wasn’t filmed, but the filming caught him after the fact LYING because that’s what cops do. Cops will only EVER be held accountable when instances like this or video is available.

    • $910553

      Didn’t seem to do much good for the murder of Kelly Thomas…

      • Alma Lovell

        But if there was no video the cops would still be on the job and would have never been arrested or tried.

        • $910553

          Wanna bet how long it takes until they get their jobs back, along with back pay?

          • JdL

            Wanna bet how long it takes until they get their jobs back, along with back pay?

            Yes, the murderers will probably get their jobs back. BUT, the exposure the video brought about is going a long way toward educating people about the true nature of cops. We lost this round, but we’ll win the war once enough people understand.

          • Donald Williams

            Kelly Thomas will not die in vain. The police are a criminal organization and the evidience is piling up, Rodney King, Oscar Grant, and now Kelly Thomas, people will learn what the true nature of the police is violent and sinister.

          • Bob_Striffler

            When they find them two cops in a ditch!

          • stk33

            So you think, fast unanimous full acquittal of any crime is a demonstration of the opposite? interesting.

          • Bob_Striffler

            There will be the straw that broke the camels back!

          • Bob_Striffler

            We got to work harder now that Internet media’s (PINAC’s) following is growing!

          • Difdi

            Poetic justice will be if those cops get shot in the line of duty, because the citizen they approached feared he would be beaten to death, and due to his fear for his life ‘had no choice’ but to open fire…

          • stk33

            More likely, educating them that any noncooperation with the cops, including invoking the 5th, is a crime that will be affirmed by their peers.

          • stk33

            and overtime they would have earned.

          • theaton

            How many died in the American Revolution, the civil war and the civil rights movement? Fighting Tyranny isn’t without risk. I doubt that these murderers will get their jobs back. Just because a cowardly jury failed to to their job doesn’t end this. They clearly violated department policy. If the DOJ does their job they will be found guilty of deprivation of rights. This should deprive them of any future job as a LEO. If the DOJ fails to prosecute, I’ll bow to your wisdom.

          • $910553

            As I said earlier, Kelly Thomas was not a Preferred Species. Manny Ramos is.

        • Bob_Striffler

          Really Alma how often do you see that?

      • Bob_Striffler

        J.A.I.L. Judicial Accountability Initiative Law AKA Jail for Judges. It’s got a Bill Number in the state of Florida and has been on the ballot in South Dakota! They’re on the net!

      • G

        Cops can’t complain about judges and juries letting criminals go when the cops are not send to prison even when the evidence against them is overhelming and the DAs have a solid, ironclad, slam dunk case because of that evidence.

      • CanuckAmuck

        You’re right, we should just do nothing.

        • $910553

          Not hardly. But videoing their crimes, even when those crimes are cold-blooded murder, clearly does not do much to fix the problem.

          • Bob_Striffler

            GATA! The second amendment! Guns Are The Answer! Obviously!

  • BC MotoGuy

    epic. heroic. justice. waiting!

    • Bob_Striffler

      Justice and waiting…the key words.

  • http://www.policemisconduct.net Film The Police Always

    I just finished listening to this recording and the cop basically is trying to push for you to bring charges against that kid, but could care less about how this cop was treating you and acting unprofessional. FUCK THAT! This cop is a racist against whites, and he obviously took the side of the Hispanic kids.

    • Ron

      And trying to suggest that perhaps the cop was offering, not advice, but perhaps a fatherly suggestion to bulk up.

      The student stated in no uncertain terms it was not delivered in that way.

      • Difdi

        There’s a technical legal term for fathers like that: child abusers.

  • ray brown

    The father will be charged with making a one party consent audio recording.

    • Bob_Striffler

      You’re probably right as I’ve seen it before in Massachusetts. I’ve always been a firm believer that our founding fathers intent was to never allow public servants to hide behind their rights to screw the sovereign citizens out of their rights! That should go without argument. But I’ve seen the Mass. Judiciary do that very thing to a kid who was being harassed daily by a couple of cops. He went and filed internal affairs complaints, which went ignored. So he recorded it one night and the courts busted him and the cops went on their merry way to continue this with others!

      • theaton

        The intent of the founding fathers doesn’t really matter. The only thing that matters is what we allow to happen. The founding fathers and their courage are no longer here.

  • Donald Williams

    Has the other video KN mentioned turned up? I would love to see the one that starts with that pissant wrestler clearly instigating start circulating

    • Bob_Striffler

      It has been circulating just scroll down on the home page to the bottom a link will take you to the previous 4 articles etc…. going back for years of articles. PINAC was mentioned by a couple of news agencies as supporting and giving justice a helping hand for this kid! Hell yeah! Oh yeah, if you want to see the video which was played on the news all over the town this kids from you can click on the video above to watch it as well!

  • Sara holland

    It really brakes my heart to hear what had happened but my son attends a middle school that Kobe attended. When Kobe attended the same middle school he to also. Kobe bullied my son when he was in the 6th grade and Kobe was in 8th. I did report it numerous times but nothin happened. I know a few other kids as well Kobe bullied. I wonder if he thought of my son when this happened. I know this sound harsh but I hope he will stop and he needs help. I pray that everyone will learned there learn their lesson and stop.

    • Ed Steel

      While you are at it take a few ESL courses…you cannot write the language or understand the basic rules governing grammar…nice try troll

  • Sara holland

    This is sad and brakes my heart to hear that Kobe hasn’t changed. My son and him attended the same middle school . My son was in the 6th and Kobe was in the 8th grade. Kobe would cuss out and bullied my son around . I did report it and nothing was resolved . There are other kids that were bullied by Kobe’s as well. I hope he will stop and think what he had done to my son . There are always two sides to a story even though the video does look bad but I know how that kid obey is cause of my son in the past. He needs help

    • Ron

      “Hasn’t changed”.

      You do realise that Kobe was the kid being bullied?

    • Ed Steel

      Sara Holland the stalking horse….you honestly expect us to believe this “it brakes my heart” bullshit you are a concern troll at best and a self flagellating wanker in all likelihood…crawl back under your rock

    • Bob_Striffler

      Your son bullied my son Sara…remember that?

      • Sara holland

        Wow. So is your son Kobe ? Then I can make a phone call and ask for the report from the school about your son what he did to my son when he was in the 6th grade while your son was in the 8th? I does brake my heart to hear how these bloggers on this page behaves and how you are lying about how your son is an innocent boy that was harassed by the cop. Remember the truth will come out . Shame on you guys that talk trash not knowing the whole story.

    • G

      “He needs help.”
      Kobe did not get any help from his fellow classmates, not any from the school authorities, and certainly not from the police.

    • Sara holland

      Yeah good kid

      • Ed Steel

        What era did you parachute in from.. the 1920s. You think smoking pot makes you a ‘bad kid’? Keep your twisted sense of morality to your anachronistic self you prude! This is NOT, I repeat NOT, about your little delinquent child or any other children, it’s about a bad cop and his abuse of someone making a complaint. Go
        back to your cave!

        • Sara holland

          Ed steel your a sad and bitter little man. There are many incriminating photos that Kobe states that his father allows this kind of behavior. The sheriffs department are already on top of this as well as the department of children service. Trust me I already know this.

          • Ed Steel

            You know nothing about me but. it is easy to tell from your questionable utilization of the English language that you, are truly a cretin. Sheriff Smeriff…realign the tiny bit of grey matter you call your brain and take a few remedial writing classes if you care to trade barbs with me. Next time I will turn off my mind so we can start evenly…

      • Haeshu

        I don’t see anything here that suggests this kid should have been treated the way he was by the police and school administrators. Do you have any actual proof that this kid is bad, like a criminal record, videos of him and the like?

    • benanov

      [Citation needed]

  • BoggyD

    I wonder what advice Ortiz gives the girls? “The reason boys didn’t ask you to the dance is you’re too fat. You need to slim down.”

  • Daisuke

    I’m glad I am no longer a mindless teenager anymore. Fighting for dumb reasons, going with the crowd to fit in and even worse…. public school

  • Ed


  • Bob_Striffler

    This was on Orlando Channel 9 News 1/18/2014. The video below looks like bullying to me, except both were arrested? Witness statements were not included. Teacher staff were also arrested for “Child neglect.” This is what should have happened to Ross and that School Cop after first, the cop lying about the video evidence and second the ignorant Ross for ignoring the evidence thus creating a culture where bulling grows! Haven’t they been watching the news about the national outcry for bullying legislation and accountability across this nation or is it irrelevant to them and their obviously isolated community? Neither one of them would have any of that had it happened to them on video. They would demand their justice. But shouldn’t get any either! Their justice should be to get fired with no un-employment benefits, charged and taken to jail! Not because they would have you believe it was a simple mistake in judgment and shouldn’t affect anything to do with their lives as detriment, it was a crime as it was in the case below. A worse crime for blatantly rubberstamping it!


  • Lyric Thompson

    Ortiz doesn’t need to be transferred .. He needs to be FIRED. Not only did he fail to carry out his duties as an officer but rather didn’t bother to obtain facts and then bullied this child ! The fact that they suspended the boy I would go after the school as well. Not only are they punishing the WRONG kid but they are interfering with his education. Principle Ross erred when she didn’t bother to get information and in doing so not only showed poor judgment but a lack of ANY judgment. She needs to be removed from her position as well.

  • inquisitor
    • Bob_Striffler

      This is a point for that Shuler guy being held for contempt of not removing posts claimed to be libel? Correct? Especially now, thanx for that article! And yes cheers Carlos!

    • Bob_Striffler

      This one is going to be a further kick in the pants for Ex-Cop Law Student and Anon who seems to want to will your rights away….kind of like cops do? And do a lot of whining stalking, misdirecting and name calling (kind of adolescent like) in the process. WAH!

  • inquisitor
  • Judy

    The victim should contact Jerry Steering in Newport Beach. He is an attorney that will take on San Bernardino County Sheriffs Dept. corruption. He has done it before!

  • Donald

    In honor of a kid that has shown more self restraint than almost anyone I know

  • larry

    there are two sides to this story regarding the 2 kids in the video.. from what I understand the two have been at it back and forth for some time.. its too convenient that the footage only shows this incident.. looks more like a set up to favor one student,. and just happen to be recording the interview.. think it just snowballed in the “victims” favor.. as it was posted on a website for entertainment, what laws protect the kids not consenting of the video post.. would you not have to pixelate the faces without consent?

    • Bob_Striffler

      No Larry the kids that don’t want to be on the video shouldn’t be in a public place participating actively or passively in an altercation. Regardless of second and third party justifications and excuses, the video told the tale! The video showed who the victim was!

    • Ron

      Photography is not a crime, even if the person in the photo is a child.

    • Ed Steel

      You are on this site and you are making stupid statements like the one above…as a refresher: NO CONSENT is needed because they are in a PUBLIC place! Furthermore this is NOT about the students, it’s about a bad cop’s reaction to a complaint. Try again!

  • John Redman

    It isn’t clear that the cop asserted that KN instigated the fight. It very well might be that the school bought into the sub-minor-meme that KN had sent social media to the effect of challenging the wrestler-A-H to a fight. The SKOOL very well is a proper subject of the lawsuit..

  • Haeshu

    Good for you for pursuing this Kobe. My only advice is to be careful if they are doing a police report because since they have a video of you, the investigating officer will only look for things to explain the video and these will all be negative toward you and most of it will be untrue. It will be lies told by people the officer interviewed (including your assaulter) or it will be lies the officer himself is telling to try to expeditiously wrap this up since it will likely not involve any sort of arrest. The statements people make which would be helpful to you will be omitted as not relevant to the case since the officer will be trying to investigate the behavior in the video, which by default could only involve things you did to provoke the situation (since proving your innocence or your assaulter’s guilt would involve making an arrest which they don’t want to do or they would have done it on the video alone without requiring additional investigation). Just something to consider. Then you’ll have a report out there that says untrue things about you that is a matter or public record, though it may be sealed since you are a minor.

  • James Morgan

    most Principals act like it’s their own personal kingdom.. their policy is law and to hell with the constitution or civil rights. (because they’re under 18).. I’m glad to see one having to eat his/her words.

  • 1AnnieOakley

    My kids graduated from EHS and this is what goes on there ALL the TIME! My son was even threatened to be shot by another student and the school police officer did nothing.

  • Richard Vickers

    hmm. ortiz siding with a hispanic student. now that’s a stretch.

  • Etiwanda Parent

    The administration at Etiwanda High School is negligent at best when it comes to dealing with bullying complaints. My daughter was also bullied this year and it took several complaints to a coach and teacher before I finally had to call the school principal directly before the situation was even addressed.
    Regarding Officer Ortiz, how unprofessional! Clearly if he had done his job he would have interviewed several witnesses, asked if anyone had taken any cell phone footage (a rookie cop would know to do this) and WRITE A REPORT. There was an assault that took place – PC 242 if you’ve forgotten Officer Ortiz. He should be removed from the campus immediately.
    In regards to both the school administration and the cop – these kids are under your control and protection so start doing your job!!!

  • catherinecc

    Once again, it is made perfectly clear that bullying is an action supported by school administrators who view the victims as the cause of bullying.

  • Etiwanda Hich School Board

    Gayle Ross and Ortiz will need to be removed from their positions immediately on unpaid leave.

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