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Man Gets Arrested After Video Recording NYPD Cops Piling on Top of Man over Bus Fare

Moments after aggressively piling on top of a man over a paid bus fare, NYPD officers turned their attention to another man who was video recording the arrest, using that same aggression to pile on top of him and grind his face into the sidewalk.

Both arrests were captured by two other men with cameras, one man who recorded the first arrest, another man who recorded the second arrest.

The video of the first arrest has already gone viral, leading to an article in the New York Daily News as well as a petition on change.org, demanding newly inaugurated New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to investigate the arresting officers.

And the second video is now getting some attention after it was posted on Facebook Sunday where it has been shared more than 3,000 times (the first video was shared more than 90,000 times after it was posted on Facebook Sunday).

But the third video, the one recorded by the second man arrested, is still in the hands of police, according to the person that runs the Youtube channel, Nycresistance, who compiled the two videos into the video above that focuses on the second man arrested

The arrests took place Sunday in the Bronx, less than a week after an NYPD cop arrested PINAC reader Randall Thomas for recording him in a subway, another video that went viral after it was posted here.

So it’s a ripe opportunity for de Blasio to send a message to the community that he will not tolerate this type of behavior from the NYPD, which was heavily encouraged by previous mayor Michael Bloomberg.

But that is doubtful considering de Blasio inherited what Bloomberg described as his personal army, boasting it is the “seventh largest army in the world.”

Since taking office just over a month ago, de Blasio has demonstrated no shame in using it to his advantage.

Dariel Reyes posted the first video of the cops shaking down the man after he had stepped off a bus over  a fare he had paid, even having the receipt to show for it.

And Christopher Ferrer posted the second video, showing the man who can be seen in the first video recording the police pile-on, now being manhandled by several cops while yelling that he didn’t do anything illegal.

One cop can be heard accusing him of spitting in his face, even though the man’s face was being pushed into the sidewalk in typical police gang fashion.

So we can bet that is a lie. Just as we can bet they had no legitimate reason to stop the first man after stepping off the bus. In fact, they offered no comment to the Daily News when pressed.

Both videos are extremely disturbing. The first video shows the man sitting on a short wall as the cops grab on to him while he tries to fish around his jacket for his bus receipt.

“Why are you holding me, Rivera, Delgado,” the man demands, apparently naming the two cops.

After more than two minutes, he attempts to stand up and the two cops attempt to wrestle him to the ground. More cops run up and he is brought down to the sidewalk in the typical police pile-on that has led to several deaths in recent years.

“Please don’t do this to me,” he pleads. “My face is on the ground. I can’t do nothing.”

“Please don’t fuck me up. Don’t fuck me up,” he begs before unleashing a blood-curdling yell.

“My face! my face!” the man yells as the video goes dark.

The second video picks up after they evidently have the first man in custody and is almost a repeat of the first arrest.

Below is an exchange on Ferrer’s Facebook wall about the video.

Screenshot 2014-02-27 01.03.17



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