April 28th, 2014

Buffalo Cops Caught on Video Beating Handcuffed Man for Traffic Infraction 36

By Carlos Miller

Buffalo police say they are “investigating” an incident caught on video showing officers beating a handcuffed man as he pleads for mercy and apologizes for committing the traffic infraction that led to the beating.

But considering they are not releasing any other information, including the names of the officers involved, it’s pretty obvious they are resorting to the usual damage control and coverup that results in little, if any, disciplinary action.

Instead, Buffalo Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda told the media that “it’s going to take a little bit of time” to find out whether the cops were out of line.

But all it really takes is 80 seconds, the length of the video, which was first posted on Cop Block last week. The video unexplainably cuts off as soon as the beating gets even more vicious.

According to WGRZ:

The incident happened April 19 near Philadelphia and Ontario Street around 10:30pm. Derenda says the suspect was stopped by police for a vehicle and traffic infraction. He says about five-six officers responded to the scene.

An attorney who is representing the man has identified him as John Willet.

Derenda would not discuss specifics of the incident, nor would he comment on if the department had identified any of the officers, or their current status with the department. “It is going to take a little bit of time … investigators have been making progress since Friday.”

Multiple viewers posted links to this YouTube video on the WGRZ Facebook page over the weekend. The video shows uniformed police officers arresting a man. After the suspect is on the ground and apparently handcuffed, one of the police officers can be seen kicking the man and striking him with his hand. (Warning: some raw language is audible in the video.)

Derenda says he has spoken to the FBI, Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita and US Attorney Bill Hochul regrading the incident “99.9% of our officers do the right thing,” Derenda says. “Bad actions by a few should not tarnish their (officers) badges.”

Bullshit. If that were the case, it wouldn’t have taken public outrage and media pressure to get Derenda to even acknowledge the incident.

Call Buffalo police at 716-851-4444.

Send stories, tips and videos to Carlos Miller.
  • dickgosinya48

    He’s caught.!

  • jackassletters

    Get back to me when the %99.9 start arresting the other %0.1.

    • ARtP

      99% of cops are good. Bullshit.
      Cops are good 99% of the time. Okay, I’ll accept that at face value.
      Of course that means 4.8 minutes of every 8 hour shift cops are ‘not good’. Unfortunately, those minutes aren’t scheduled in advance, so keep those cameras recording!

      • Difdi

        Cops are good 99% of the time for certain values of good, yes. If you ignore all the conspiracy, accomplice and aiding/abetting laws, then yes most cops are good cops.

        But if you applied the same standards that would make a non-cop criminally liable as an accomplice or conspirator to cops, complete with the same degree of benefit of the doubt, prosecutorial discretion and sympathetic courts the average non-cop would get, very few cops would be able to stay out of prison.

        For that matter, if the average police department were given impartial scrutiny through the lens of the RICO Act, very few would exist afterward.



  • Stud Muffin

    I like the part where the good officers stop the bad officers….

    • Reddit_Guy

      It really is quite an amazing coincidence that that the .1% that are bad apples are always in the same place. They’re either dishing out a beat down, or turning a blind eye to a beat down.


        the list of accomplices is wide and deep

  • steveo

    It’s gotten so bad that even when they have some recording them, they don’t care.

    • http://www.policemisconduct.net Film The Police Always

      As of now, 6 of those thugs were suspended with pay. I refuse to say officers, because what we saw were THUGS! The ones that didn’t partake in the kicking and punching are also thugs for not immediately arresting the thugs. I hope they too get fired, or at a minimum get suspended with no pay for a month. Fuck em!!

      Pass the word about filming the cops everybody, because more and more people are doing it, and more and more cops are getting caught. Either they fix their corrupt ways or we the people keep getting them fired!

      No pay means they can’t pay their bill’s and can’t feed their corrupt little mouths. Little Johnny gets pulled off the soccer team, little Suzy gets pulled out of dance, and it’s all because their pathetic rights violating ass daddy and mommy cant seem to PROTECT & SERVE in an honorable way!

      Keep filming folks and try to stay hidden as you do it. Let these corrupt bastards lie on their written reports, and then through the public information reports, track down the arrested people and give them your amazing video. GET EM!

      I love PINAC! Carlos your site is beyond large and in charge, and big things will happen for you. Patience my friend.

      • Happy Tinfoil Cat

        I’m sorry but I only have one like to give.

  • Robert T

    “The video unexplainably cuts off as soon as the beating gets even more vicious.”
    Probably figured that they’d be getting the same treatment if the cops noticed them videoing, and decided to get the hell out of Dodge.

    • Voice-Of-Concern

      heh.. I was thinking they were holding off with the more intense stuff, for LEO to get during Discovery, so they could see just how big the hole was in their sinking boat…

  • spin MD

    How long before they mention “Resisting Arrest” or “Officer Safety”, anyone?

    • Peacefulstreets Lewiscounty

      Oh that’ll be peppered all through the ‘justified in their actions’ press release. :/

  • Gomer Pyle

    http://FTP…..Fuck The Police

    scenes like this are why they have ZERO respect from the public

  • inquisitor


    And these are the good cops.

    @ :35 the fat, bald cop hits the guy on the ground with a slapjack and then turns away and slides the slapjack back into his jacket pocket.

    Damn that has got to hurt.

  • Alex


    • Happy Tinfoil Cat

      Decimal place error.

  • Fulton Price

    “Good cops” don’t stand and watch a bad dirty cop brutalize anyone innocent or not presumed innocent….because by the way, it’s not their damn job to decide if someone live or die!

  • guest

    If that happened here in Australia and was caught on camera, there would be no excuses given. The US is conditioned to this shit. For some reason you put up with it. I honestly don’t understand.


      i’m moving to australia.

      what language you guys speak over there, anyway?

      • WORSEKarma


      • guest

        A better version of English than Americans ;)

    • Pragmatic Liberaltarian

      Hardly surprising that a former penal colony is a bit better on punishing police brutality.

      • guest

        and we don’t even have a bill of rights!

        • Ron

          not only that, we are an authoritarian socialist country.

    • http://www.blog2.tshirt-doctor.com/ Pissed Off

      Because we a sheeple.

  • YourTaxDollarsAtWork

    I count 6 bad officers in that video including the last 2 witnessing the assault at the end of the video. Evidently Police Commissioner Daniel Derend is as bad with math as he is at leadership. According to their web site there are about 800 BPD police officers which means more than 7 times the number of bad police officers were part of this ONE incident as estimated by commissioner as in the entire police force.

  • LREKing

    “Bad actions by a few should not tarnish their (officers) badges.”

    Until those “good” officers refuse to tolerate this crap in their coworkers, yes it should.

    Tolerance = complicity.

  • Scott

    “Police sources identified the officers on administrative leave as Officers Cirulli, Militello, Gilbert, Griffin, Lamar M. McCulley and Lindsay A. Laracuente-Zgoda. ”


  • ccbarrpics

    Disturbing! I can’t even, wait, what, aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh!!!! The good thing is there was video taken. In many if not most incidents like this, there is no video evidence.

  • bzflagkilljoy
  • Rob Molecule
  • guest
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