June 2nd, 2014

BREAKING: Arrests at Albuquerque Mayor’s Office 63

By Charlie Grapski

David Correia Reads Complaints to Mayor (Video by Russell Contreras)

Albuquerque, New Mexico has been rocked by scandal in recent months over what the Department of Justice called a “culture of indifference to constitutional policing and insularity” within its police department.  After years, even decades, of being ignored families of victims of deadly police shootings have been joined by a growing number of citizens to protest the failure of the City Government to adequately address the issue.

Today a large group gathered in the Mayor’s office to engage in a protest – a few weeks after citizens took over a City Council meeting when the elected members abandoned it during public comments from outraged citizens.  Several arrests have been made of those sitting-in today including at least one who has lost a loved one to the department which has been over-eager to use force, including deadly force, when unnecessary.  Nora Tachias Anaya, whose nephew, George Levi Tachias, was fatally shot by police when driving in Albuquerque in 1988, chained herself to a column within the office on the top floor of the Albuquerque Government Center.  She was among several citizens who were forcefully removed from the City Council meeting last month for attempting a “silent protest” – saying nothing, back turned to the Council, during her allotted two minutes of supposedly free speech.

More info will be coming shortly – including exclusive video – as soon as the files have been transferred and uploaded.


Albuquerque Mayor’s Office Protesters (Video: Russell Contreras)

The Albuquerque City Council meeting scheduled for tonight has been cancelled and rescheduled for next Monday.  However the City has stated it will not allow any members of the public to participate in the normal public comment portion of the meeting. 

The number of arrests appears to be thirteen for Criminal Trespass with one additional charge to one for Felony Battery on a Police Officer.  One of the arrestees has been identified as David Correia who has been a leader among the citizens’ group and is an American Studies professor at the University of New Mexico.  Correia has been singled out by outspoken opponents on the Council and attempts to have his faculty position taken from him in recent months.  He is the individual who was additionally charged with the Felony Assault on an Officer offense.

David Correia arrested at Mayor's office for Criminal Trespass and Felony Assault on an Officer

David Correia arrested at Mayor’s office for Criminal Trespass and Felony Assault on an Officer

Mayor Berry became the focus of outraged Albuquerque citizen's in a sit-in today.

Mayor Berry became the focus of outraged Albuquerque citizen’s in a sit-in today.

More to come …


Nora Anaya
Sue Schuurman
Barb Grothus
Kathy Brown
Ilse Biel
Bill Bradley
Jim Bowes
David Correia
Joel Gallegos
Mayan Trujeque
Oscar Chavarria
Jonathan Dunn


It is still unclear as to why one citizen, Prof. David Correia, was singled out in today’s arrests for a Battery on a Police Officer charge.  Witnesses say that the allegation against him stems from the beginning of the action around 3 P.M. in the Mayor’s office and not at the time of the arrest later that day.

The action by the citizens began at about the time a finance meeting was to be held although the City claims that the Mayor was not present and was out of town.  The Mayor’s office is located on the 11th floor of the City’s Municipal building and there are two doors associated with the area the citizens entered.  The Mayor’s spokesperson, Gilbert Montano, referred to one as a “security” door and at a press conference this evening said it was unlawful to go beyond this point.

When the citizens entered Correia was the first and held open what is being referred to as the “security” door to let the others inside.  Witnesses stated that in opening and holding this door an allegation is being made that Correia brushed past an undercover officer (seen in the photo above – forcefully removing Correia, whose hands are raised, from the office).  We have video (soon to be posted) that shows the scene moments later where the undercover officer has isolated Correia in the back of the room and confronting him.  At one point the video actually shows this officer place both his hands on Correia’s shoulders – which, under the law, is actually an act of battery.  [NOTE: Battery is commonly misunderstood to imply or entail a forceful or violent act.  Under the law, however, the offense of battery entails nothing more than "unwanted touching" of another person.]  As the video shows the conversation is then joined by the Mayor’s spokesperson who can be overheard stating “Let’s de-escalate a little” and shortly thereafter Correia was allowed to rejoin the protest without being placed under arrest.

About a half hour into the sit-in a press conference was conducted by another group of citizens outside in the Civic Plaza.  About half of those who participated in the sit-in joined this group outside while thirteen remained in the Mayor’s office.  At that point the police “locked-down” the Municipal building and would not let anyone back in – including members of the media.  This is when the trespass arrests were made on the remaining thirteen.

According to witnesses at the scene the involvement of the police appeared to be coordinated by the City’s CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) Robert Perry who has been openly hostile to protesters in the past months.  Perry can be seen confronting the citizens who were in the Mayor’s office while filming them with his phone.  He accuses them of “forcing” their way through the so-called “security” door.

Two further videos covering much of the protest and the press conference are currently rendering and will be added shortly.

UPDATE June 3 12:24 A.M.

The following of the Albuquerque Thirteen have been formally booked and bond has been set.  It is unclear at this time why there are two different amounts set for persons charged with the same offense.  No word on the other seven at this time.

1. Oscar Chavarria 750.00
2. James Bowes 1000.00
3. William Bradley 1000.00
4. Joel Gallegos 750.00
5. Susan Schuuman 1000.00
6. Mayan Trujeque 1000.00

Collections have been ongoing to help post bond.  At this time there is no paypal or other online donation method for this particular case but a local attorney who is assisting the Albuquerque Thirteen and has been active in the efforts to reform the Albuquerque Police Department, Larry Kronen, can accept money orders on behalf of those currently in jail.  These can be sent to (and made out to):

Larry Kronen
3201 4th St NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107

UPDATE 12:39 A.M.

7. Jonathan Dunn 750.00

UPDATE 1:04 A.M.

The Albuquerque Thirteen Escorted in Cuffs to Police Van (Video: Felicia Herrera)

UPDATE 1:08 A.M.

All of the Albuquerque Thirteen have now been booked and given bond.  Here are the remaining details:

8.Nora Anaya 750.00
9. Ilsa Biel 1000.00
10. Kathryn Brown 1000.00
11. David Correia 5000.00
12. Barbara Grothus 750.00
13. Talia Madrid 750.00

UPDATE 1:13 A.M.

There is some more information now available about the arrests.  Most of the thirteen have been charged with three counts: In addition to Criminal Trespass they have also been charged with Interference with a Public Facility and Unlawful Assembly together with Intent.

David Correia, however, appears – at the moment – to only have one charge placed against him: the felony battery on a police officer.  It is unclear if, and if not why, he has been charged with the three lesser offenses that the others have been given.

UPDATE 2:23 A.M.

Charlie Arasim’s (PINAC) Raw Video

UPDATE 3:50 A.M.

“Quote-Unquote” Raw Video 

Send stories, tips and videos to Carlos Miller.
  • SamSpade

    Does it get any worse than Albuquerque?

    • Charlie Grapski

      Unfortunately the answer is yes AND no.

      • Tijuana Joe

        Yeah, I was wondering… don’t cops fuck with people
        in Santa Fe? I think it’s the difficult spelling of Albuquerque

        that leads to sexual frustration and therefore violence.

      • JCFROMNJ

        It’s just under the surface of EVERY LEVEL of of Policing for Profit. Go into your local budget and look for the Block Grants from Homeland Security, and the other Fed Agencies to weaponize local PD’s with this money. A local off duty Cop in my hometown shot and killed someone (his lover ?) in his home with his service revolver. He was fiired, and out on bail with a Murder 1 charge.

  • guest

    Looking forward to the footage, Carlos.
    It would only take 500 caring citizens to stand up and change everything in that lawless hellhole. Pickets outside the city council building, police headquarters, the Mayor’s house, main street, etc. A little national media attention can go a long way.

    Is this legal?
    “the City has stated it will not allow any members of the public to
    participate in the normal public comment portion of the meeting”

    • Charlie Grapski

      No – they are violating their own rules – but they did this same thing at the last meeting.

    • matism

      It would only take about a dozen citizens to SOLVE this problem permanently.

      • guest

        If you’re talking about violence, that wouldn’t work. It would get people on the side of law enforcement on this issue. Do you really want that?

        • G

          Violence probably wouldn’t work but when you look at the history of riots and labor strikes in Western Europe after World War II, the people didn’t hestitate to send the cops to the hospital. In addition, the cops couldn’t ask their governments to declare martial law and send in the army to bail them out. Furthermore, it seems that assaulting a cop during a European riot doesn’t carry a negative stigma compare to assaulting an American cop.

      • nonquixote

        I’m new here but you appear to be doing your darnedest to instigate violence. First impressions and all that.

        • matism

          I’m talking about getting justice for the MANY murders these filthy maggot bastards have done. Now that the “Legal” system has shown how corrupt it is…

  • guest
  • Pragmatic Liberaltarian

    I hope for Professor Correia’s sake, that someone has video of his alleged resistance. I would not at all be surprised that cops singled him out for special treatment.

    • Charlie Grapski

      I am holding out hope for video of that – but I am waiting for the rest of the files from another camera that might have gotten this. But the third cameraman (See the videos of a second, Russell Contreras, above) had already been removed from the 11th floor at the time of the arrests.

    • GreenTriumph1

      I am a Professor from Ohio. We are technically state employees and must resign if we become a convicted felon. Don’t know the law there. They may be trying to get him fired.

      • Charlie Grapski

        As a fellow academic – I understand the situation (especially having been similarly targeted).

        While I was in Albuquerque I did, in fact, witness a good deal of evidence that opponents of the citizens who are attempting to address this issue have been actively seeking to have him lose his teaching position.

        Talking with David – he believes that the University officials are not considering anything of the sort – but I don’t know of any law in NM (didn’t realize that was the case in Ohio) that would REQUIRE such if he is convicted. There may be – but its something I will have to look into.

  • Fascist Slayer

    “I am ashamed to be an American. And the title of US soldier is just the lie of fools,” “I am sorry for everything. The horror that is America is disgusting.”

    Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the last known American POW

    • Cuddle Bear

      He wasn’t a POW. He is a traitor and defector.

      • Fascist Slayer

        Actually the real traitors are in the Albuquerque Police Department and City Hall.

        • n4zhg

          And working for Homeland Security and NSA.

      • G

        The real traitors are Wall Street, CEOs, corporations, and politicans who would not hestitate to sell out America in order to make a profit (which they have done so already).

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  • realst31960

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  • Fascist Slayer

    All those arrested should tell the judge and prosecutor that they want an Obama Taliban Terrorist release deal. Then they should place their hands over their heart and recite,

    “I pledge allegiance to the rotting cunt rag of the United Fascist States of Cunt, and to the New World Order for which it stands, one Nation Under Surveillance , divided, with chains, shackles
    and human RFID Mark of the Beast Chip implants for all.”

    • rust

      Objecting to

  • JayBone

    Hopefully, no one gets shot.

    • matism

      Hopefully the APD acronym will soon stand for “Another Pig Dead”. God damn them to hell, and God damn their filthy whores with them. I’ll cut their spawn a break for now, since it is possible that they do not understand what filthy maggot pig shit swill their “parents” are.

  • guest

    The trolls are running wild defending the cops here

  • average citizen

    are the arrested people still alive ? Surprised they haven’t been executed.

    • jack

      They have been waiting to arrest Mr Correia for a long time and they made good on that today. Hopefully he won’t be beaten.

  • jack

    Nothing is being done about the brutality. Thanks to these BRAVE HEROES that stand up for our basic civil rights.

  • Arakiba

    I’m surprised the cops didn’t shoot any of the protesters.

    • rust

      Yeah, but now they got their home addresses so they can send SWAT to kill their dog.

      • Jim Morriss

        SWAT doesn’t kill dogs, that kind of piddly killing is left to the beat cops. SWAT is for killing adults and burning sleeping babies with military stun grenades.

        • inquisitor

          That recent story about the baby was just awful to read about.

          • Charlie Grapski

            As awful as so many of these stories are – that one is really a “poster-child” (pun intended – without disrespect for the child and situation – but for the metaphor’s aptness) for the national problem with police abuse.

          • Charlie Grapski

            As awful as so many of these stories are – that one is really a “poster-child” (pun intended – without disrespect for the child and situation – but for the metaphor’s aptness) for the national problem with police abuse.

        • rust

          I stand corrected. SWAT members usually have dicks the size of battering rams. Beat-off cops are just wanna-be SWAT suckers.

  • inquisitor

    Look! Hippies.
    Haven’t they figured it out that the hippie shit just doesn’t work?

    • Charlie Grapski

      I don’t know – seems to be working pretty well so far. The story is in the news – and the public is aware of the very serious problems in the Albuquerque Police Department as well as its City government.

      • inquisitor

        I wish them success.
        I am wondering if the sheriff has any potential jurisdiction over a completely corrupt and rogue local law enforcement agency, or the attorney general.

        • Charlie Grapski

          Both of course do. Unfortunately – politics reigns in both “courts” – so its almost unheard of one law enforcement agency “policing” another under its jurisdiction – unless and until the individual official fears for their own job.

          My own experience in Florida – trying to get a Sheriff to police a corrupt local police department showed this all too clearly.

          Even when a new sheriff got in – who knew the problem – and even said she recognized something needed to be done (the night of her election – to me – at the bar at her party) … when the “opposition” saw her intervening – she was called up to Tallahassee for a meeting with someone and by someone I don’t know.

          Immediately after that – she stopped all proper activities – even stopped accepting my calls – and allowed the system to go as it was.

          And it was under her own watch, in her own jail, that I was beaten, tortured, left to die, and spent two days in a coma. The officer responsible for initiating the violence against me – was promoted by her the next year.

        • G

          Which is why you sometimes you need to go to the State Police or the FBI to clean up the local police corruption because Sheriff or the State Police is unable or unwilling to clean up the mess. Local police hate the FBI because the Feds are arrogant and withhold information from the police; however, nowdays, I feel that because the FBI are sometimes call in to clean up police corruption is why the local cops hate them.

          A long time ago on http://www.officer.com, they had a story about the FBI taking down an entire police department (18 officers) in an Indiana or Illinois. You wonder where was the State Police if the sheriff was not willing to take down the city police?

        • G

          Which is why you sometimes you need to go to the State Police or the FBI to clean up the local police corruption because Sheriff or the State Police is unable or unwilling to clean up the mess. Local police hate the FBI because the Feds are arrogant and withhold information from the police; however, nowdays, I feel that because the FBI are sometimes call in to clean up police corruption is why the local cops hate them.

          A long time ago on http://www.officer.com, they had a story about the FBI taking down an entire police department (18 officers) in an Indiana or Illinois. You wonder where was the State Police if the sheriff was not willing to take down the city police?

  • rust

    Felony Battery = daring to look at an Enforcer in the eyes

    • Charlie Grapski

      Look to the update for more on that part of the story.

      • rust

        Thanks Charlie. PS: “brushed past”, not “brushed passed”

        • Charlie Grapski

          Ooops – thanks – didn’t catch that! :)

  • guest

    The beginning of that Charlie Arasim’s (PINAC) Raw Video keeps looping

    • Charlie Grapski

      Just once – correct? Or is it more than that?


    As far as this country goes, we need to start ALL OVER again, and not make the same mistakes such as local Gubermint…

  • Charlie Grapski

    Albuquerque Update: Protest planned tomorrow at office of District
    Attorney Kari Brandenburg at 4:45pm – 6:00pm 520 Lomas Blvd NW, ABQ

  • gowithpete

    Just as some support from Virginia, I have contacted the Mayors Office and am asking if, waiting for a return call, I visit New Mexico this summer, and my nephew, and his family, who live in Santa Fe, should I skip Albuquerque, due to the Police murdering people left and right. In other words, this out of control police department is a threat to any one at any time, resident or tourist.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis !

  • Difdi

    Unlawful Assembly? What’s that, I wonder? Is it anything like first degree petitioning of a government for redress of grievances?

  • Ed

    Geez, they could have used a lot less energy and still had those cops exterminated by now.

    • PabloKOh

      And would have made 100x the work for peaceful activists to make a positive change in a violent society.

      • Ed

        In the meantime predators keep killing the innocent.

      • n4zhg

        Peaceful activism requires the authorities to have a sense of shame. APD has no shame and neither does the city council.

  • Oswaldo Le’mon

    You guys are losing folks and here’s why. First let me say that I respect the professor for putting his career in jeopardy, we could use a few more people putting there money where there mouth is. But, the ’60s type protests turn people off. You should have done the silent protest BEFORE you did the takeover protest. You’ve got a winning issue you’re letting get away from you. Watch Jeff Gray’s videos, he let’s the cops screw themselves.

    • Charlie Grapski

      This is a misunderstanding. They did not go there TO takeover – the so-called “takeover” was actually an abandonment (unlawfully conducted) of the Council – leaving the citizens in the room – they just stayed and continued talking. The Council ran away – violating its own rules.

      These guys – btw – ARE screwing themselves with their own “laws” – it will just take a bit more time for this to be more obvious on the surface.

  • Brian Folks

    When I read the headline I assumed that city officials had been arrested. Feeling let down.

    • Charlie Grapski

      I understand why if that was your interpretation! The experience was really a “let down” to see them be so defiant against the obvious – and those sorts of things NOT happening. BUT – I think this story may turn out – at least in part – with something like that at some point. Don’t know who or how many – but I think, at minimum, a couple of police officers are going to be prosecuted on federal charges – and lose.

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