PINAC New York City correspondent Shawn Randall Thomas, who has been arrested countless times for recording without a single conviction, knows his rights better than most New Yorkers.

But the NYPD still insist on hassling him.

This time, an undercover cop spotted him inside a subway blowing a cloud of smoke from his mouth from his vaporizer, which is not illegal.

Cigarettes, however, are illegal, which is why they approached him, demanding to know what he was smoking, even though they did not see an actual cigarette.

Thomas argued that they did not have probable cause, refusing to answer their questions.

“When you went to police school, did they teach you about probable cause?” Thomas asked.

“I don’t want to hear that nonsense, alright, bro,” the cop responded. “Let me see your ID please.”

“I’m not giving you any ID,” Thomas stated.

Instead of providing his identification, Thomas demanded the cop’s name, which he stated once where it sounded like “Trainer.” The other cop refused to provide his name, which is a violation of departmental policy.

The cops finally gave up on him when they realized their intimidation tactics were not working with Thomas.

His latest arrest from last year where he was confronted by cops in a public park after taking a panoramic photo was dismissed last month. Here is another video of him not backing down to intimidation.