Las Vegas police shot and killed a man holding a cell phone Thursday, claiming they thought it was gun, which made them fear for their lives.

But they said it was his own fault because he kept the phone concealed as he advanced towards them, refusing to “drop the weapon,” according to the New York Daily News.

They were also under the impression that he was wanted for attempted murder, but that also was not the case.

And that this point, there does not appear to be any video of the shooting, so everything police say will become the official narrative. 

The man they killed, Keith Childress, 23, was a fugitive out of Arizona, wanted for skipping out on his sentencing for convictions of burglary, armed robbery, kidnapping, theft and aggravated assault.

He was being followed by U.S. Marshals, who notified Las Vegas police

His death marked the final person killed by police in 2015, according to Killed by Police, specifically, the 1199th person killed last year, an average of 3.2 people-a-day.