Negligence is nothing new when it comes to cops and their department-issued service weapons.

In May, we reported about San Diego cop Neal “Nick” Browder who was searching the home of a probationer when he “accidentally” fired his gun, sending a bullet through a wall and into a baby’s crib.

Fortunately, the crib was empty at the time.

San Diego police placed Browder on a desk job after the incident.

Last month, we reported about North Carolina cop Misty Michelle Flowers who negligently shot her daughter while showing her department-issued service weapon to friends at her home during a Halloween party, sending a bullet through a wall, striking her 11-year-old daughter in the next room.

Flowers was fired.

“I find gross negligence and the disregard for the safety of others was displayed in the incident Saturday night and therefore Officer Flowers was terminated today,” said Sheriff David Carpenter.

In October, a Fresno police officer in California shot and killed a fellow officer in a negligent discharge while discussing gun safety inside a police building.

Cleveland police have not indicated whether or not the unnamed cop will be fired or charged with negligence.

But a reasonable person would say there’s not justifiable reason why a 2-year-old should be able to get a hold of a loaded gun.