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Photography is Not a Crime was launched in 2007 after Miami multimedia journalist Carlos Miller was arrested for taking photos of Miami police during a journalistic assignment in order to document his trial.

He quickly learned that citizens from all over the country were being harassed, threatened and arrested for recording in public, so he began documenting these incidents on his blog as he waited for his trial to begin.

By the time he went to trial more than a year later, the blog had developed a significant following who not only began learning about their rights, but also exercising those rights, many of them equipped with newly introduced smartphones which allowed them to record and upload videos instantly, something that had never been possible before.

Photography is Not a Crime, which became known as PINAC,  inspired many new blogs, Youtube channels and Facebook pages that became dedicated to documenting police abuses throughout the country, sparking the movement that continues to grow today that is holding police accountable better than the mainstream media, politicians or the police themselves.

Today, it is an evolving multi-staffed news site of writers, researchers and correspondents in almost every state.

For more background on the growth of PINAC, click on this story by the Columbia Journalism Review. Also, check out the above video by We Are Change where Miller talks about the birth of the blog.

We Are Change also recorded the video below where Miller recounted the Boston Boondoggle, which was when the Boston Police Department tried to charge him and a crew member with felonies.




  • Keal G Seo

    Love how you have a comments section on your “About us” page but not the “Good Cops” page. How about if you are going to have a good cops section you at least put in 1/10th the effort to find some good ones too.





    • inquisitor

      Playing football or catch has nothing to do with being a cop or a cop’s duties. In fact, one could say he is not doing his job at that moment.

      • Keal G Seo

        Dude, STFU. I’m not having another 2 week long debate with you over some stupid shit like a cop being a good guy. The section is called good cops. It doesn’t specific cops that are good at their jobs. But even so, would it make you feel better if we just did a YT search for Good Police Encounter or Constitutional Police?

        Fuck how about instead of just trying to argue you post what you think fits better. There are good cop videos all over the place. Obviously not as many because they aren’t as entertaining/controversial.

        • inquisitor

          …and I recently made a suggestion to be placed in the good cop section.

          • Keal G Seo

            Then how about replying with “This might fit better *url here*” Instead of trying to start an argument about what makes a “good cop” or that a section called “good cops” is only about a cop’s duties. And actually if we really want to break it down, public relations are a part of an officer’s duties.

      • Liberty N. Cognito

        Playing football with a lonely kid has EVERYTHING to do with being a GOOD cop, being kind to their neighbors is what people do when they care about the communities they live and/or work in. This police officer is a wise man who knows that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. He will go farther and do much more to truly protect and serve the people who live in the community he works in than would any police officer who couldn’t be bothered to take the time. And also screw you for being a negative, ignorant jerk.

  • Karl Krautner

    This new format is horrible. Too many menu point up top, too many underlines (links), too much text nets to too small images (breaking format), too many “white holes” in secondary pages and too many columns.

    Sorry, but this is not at all an improvement.

    Also, you guy might want to consider using “Move Login” and “WordFence” to keep your blog safe.

  • Steve in NC

    How do I get rid of the social media tool bar along the bottom of my screen. I’m viewing on a PC.

  • John Lopez

    Carlos just because a cop is kind and respectable does not make them good cops
    there is no such thing as a good cop
    There are cops that honarthereoath and do it in a kind way and that’s there job
    cops all have that dark side that enables them to knock a door down or place handcuffs on someone

    • starskyhutch69

      You are a typical PINAC retard who has nothing but hate for all police.

      You attract such a classy and respectable crowd here it’s no wonder people despise you and your agenda.

      • FrankFone

        Obviously you are a cop. Or you live in a cocoon where you see nice cops helping grandmas cross the street every day.

  • Dave

    I feel that the police are quickly becoming terrorists them selves. They are also becoming too militant and violate their position to be violent towards the general public.
    Why are the law keepers, and I use that term loosely, so afraid of being filmed? To my that in itself shows guilt of some thing. I am very quickly loosing all respect for cops. If they want me to respect them I demand they respect us.

  • starskyhutch69

    You should rename it “Pathological Police Hater” because all your videos are edited to only show your twisted butt hurt agenda. Maybe you started with good intentions but you are far from credible today as ALL of your videos contain slander, innuendo and outright lies.

    I am making it my mission to discredit you at every step at LiveLeak where you think you can get more support for your propaganda.

    People like this make me sick and should be excised from the community like some cancerous ass growth.

    Do go fuck yourself and all of your ‘staff’ which is probably just your mother.

    You are liars and propagandists, nothing more.

    • FrankFone

      You are one of those many who have been brainwashed by the system to make beleive that guns are for your defense and are necessary in a society.
      Go play with your gun “toys”. Maybe your children will find them when you are not home!

  • starskyhutch69

    PINAC, where butt hurt pathological police haters gather to suck each other off while crying about the police.

    Fuck off.

    • cop hate

      now,,,. which one do you 69 with? starsky or hutch? or do they 69 each other while you watch?

      • starskyhutch69

        Very telling where your mind went there.

        Sorry cream puff not gonna happen.

  • Guest

    Carlos Miller touches little boys and enjoys letting his dog fuck him in the ass. He is also willing to suck the dick of anyone who records a police interaction that he can lie and construe any way he wants to. Secretly though he just wants a man in uniform to shove a nightstick up his ass until he bleeds.

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