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Photographyisnotacrime.com started as Carlos Miller’s personal blog in 2007 in response to a police incident in 2007. Since then the site has expanded to over 20 contributors, techs and moderators and continues to grow.

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  • Keal G Seo

    Love how you have a comments section on your “About us” page but not the “Good Cops” page. How about if you are going to have a good cops section you at least put in 1/10th the effort to find some good ones too.





    • inquisitor

      Playing football or catch has nothing to do with being a cop or a cop’s duties. In fact, one could say he is not doing his job at that moment.

      • Keal G Seo

        Dude, STFU. I’m not having another 2 week long debate with you over some stupid shit like a cop being a good guy. The section is called good cops. It doesn’t specific cops that are good at their jobs. But even so, would it make you feel better if we just did a YT search for Good Police Encounter or Constitutional Police?

        Fuck how about instead of just trying to argue you post what you think fits better. There are good cop videos all over the place. Obviously not as many because they aren’t as entertaining/controversial.

  • Karl Krautner

    This new format is horrible. Too many menu point up top, too many underlines (links), too much text nets to too small images (breaking format), too many “white holes” in secondary pages and too many columns.

    Sorry, but this is not at all an improvement.

    Also, you guy might want to consider using “Move Login” and “WordFence” to keep your blog safe.

  • Steve in NC

    How do I get rid of the social media tool bar along the bottom of my screen. I’m viewing on a PC.

  • John Lopez

    Carlos just because a cop is kind and respectable does not make them good cops
    there is no such thing as a good cop
    There are cops that honarthereoath and do it in a kind way and that’s there job
    cops all have that dark side that enables them to knock a door down or place handcuffs on someone

  • Dave

    I feel that the police are quickly becoming terrorists them selves. They are also becoming too militant and violate their position to be violent towards the general public.
    Why are the law keepers, and I use that term loosely, so afraid of being filmed? To my that in itself shows guilt of some thing. I am very quickly loosing all respect for cops. If they want me to respect them I demand they respect us.


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