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A Few Bad Apples
  • NPPA Attorney Keeping Them Honest One Letter At A Time

    When a Miami Beach police officer ordered a man at gunpoint to hand over a cell phone after he had video...

    Carlos MillerSeptember 19, 2011
  • Two More Videos Surface of Hillsborough County Jail Guards Abusing Inmates

    One week after a video from a jailhouse surveillance camera showed a Hillsborough County Jail guard dumping a quadriplegic man from...

    Carlos MillerFebruary 22, 2008
  • Internet Videos Expose the Dark Side of the Badge

    Is it just Youtube or are cops just more cruel today? It seems like videos are popping up once a week showing...

    Carlos MillerFebruary 17, 2008
  • Shocking, disgusting and infuriating video shows Ohio sheriff’s deputies ripping clothes off woman

    Do you want to know why many law-abiding citizens hate cops? Do you want to know why many law-abiding citizens fear cops? Do...

    Carlos MillerFebruary 2, 2008
  • Miami police officer says “They can stick that blue line up their ass”

    Carlos Miller Miami Police Officer Geovani Nunez is one of those rare breeds of officers who doesn’t give a damn about that...

    Carlos MillerJanuary 18, 2008