The Citizen Journalist’s Photography Handbook by Carlos Miller

Many have asked where they can learn more about becoming a citizen journalist.

Fortunately the Founder of PINAC News has written a published book on the topic.

With dramatic and exciting stories, Carlos Miller reveals the secrets behind successful citizen journalism.

Whether you’re planning a publicity blitz for your cause, you’re interested in the down-and-dirty practices of the police, or just want to be prepared for the moment you’re the first on the scene, THE CITIZEN JOURNALIST’S PHOTOGRAPHY HANDBOOK book has everything you’ll need to know to take newsworthy pictures and get them in front of a wide audience.

You don’t need a DSLR camera–though they can be useful–what is essential for citizen journalism is a cool head, an eye for a great angle, and the initiative to capture the moment. Let Carlos Miller show you how.

Street photographers, campaigners, activists and photo bloggers will: learn their rights and gain the confidence to stand their ground when shooting in public; undertand their camera so they’re always ready to shoot strong photos; see their newsworthy images go viral and find a wide audience.

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