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Design Feedback

Dear Readers,

Recently, we re-designed PINAC to v 5.0 after great year writing the news on PINAC v 4.0.  For the next several months, we will be testing new and different ways to improve both reader experience.

That also means, we’ll be testing the monetization of PINAC News as the site grows.  Our goal is to turn those precious dollars into continuous improvement and expansion of our news reporting across America and internationally. We started by cutting half of our advertisers to improve the overall reader experience and recently began selling the PINAC 360  camera on our site.

In that spirit, we’ve created this comprehensive feedback page, so that we might address as many concerns as possible in an orderly way. Please attach a screen shot whenever possible.  

We totally thank you for the words of encouragement and critique as we attempt to tune PINAC v5.0 and introduce 360 degree video into the cop watching space.