Citizens vs. Government

Mo Gelber NYPD2

Video of NYPD Shoving PINAC Correspondent Into Street Emerges

Two days after PINAC correspondent Mo Gelber put the word out on PINAC Live! that he was seeking video of NYPD cops ...

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Colorado Springs police abuse

Colorado Cops Drag Two Men Out of Car, Stop One From Recording, Over Cracked Windshield

Colorado police pulled two men over for what appeared to be a routine traffic stop, but when the driver told them he did ...

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The police in Gainesville are driving Armored Personnel Carriers on the main drag for University of Florida's campus

Florida Man Flips Cops Off and Gets Pulled Over by Camouflaged Cops in Armored Car (Updated)

Update: We interviewed Lucas Jewell about this incident on PINAC Live! A 23-year-old Florida man who ran for city commissioner last month ...

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Guadalupe County Sheriff Arnold S. Zwicke

Texas Deputy Snatches Phone From Woman During Traffic Stop Because He Feared For His Life

Angry that a motorist did not roll her window all the way down during a traffic stop, a Texas deputy reached into ...

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Ferguson News

PINAC Podcast

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.58.04 AM

PINAC Expands, PIO Who Arrested Carlos Miller Gets Banished from HQ (Podcast)

PINAC News is growing and pleased to announce new sections, which will include our upcoming expansion of columns from longtime correspondents like ...

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Sunday night protest (1 of 1)-6

Ferguson Non-Indictment Sparks Nationwide Debate, Protests (Podcast)

The Ferguson non-indictment took  place two weeks ago and much has happened since then with the non-indictment in the Eric Garner case, ...

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Former Cop Predicts Ferguson-Style Uprisings will Spread as Police Violence Continues to Rise

Matthew Fogg, a retired United States Marshal whom we interviewed last month about body cams, spoke to us again this week about ...

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Marcus DiPaola3

Interview with Journalist Carjacked While Covering Ferguson Protests

It’s fairly well established that media members have not been welcomed with open arms by police in Ferguson where a grand jury ...

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