September 25th, 2014

Dashcam Video Leads to Felony Charges Against Cop who Fired Several Rounds at Unarmed Man 75

By Carlos Miller

A South Carolina cop was criminally charged after shooting a man for attempting to abide by his orders.

And only because the incident was caught on the officer’s dash cam.

But even then, it’s surprising that authorities would waste so little time in charging Sean Groubert for the incident that took place September 4, firing him on September 19 and charging him less than a week later.

September 24th, 2014

Grand Jury Declines to Indict Cops Despite Surveillance Video that Man Never Pointed Weapon 69

By Carlos Miller

Despite surveillance video showing a man never raised an air rifle at anybody before he was shot and killed by police in an Ohio Walmart last month, a grand jury declined to indict the officers today, confirming once again that police in this country have a license to kill.

John Crawford III, 22, was inside the Walmart talking to the mother of his children on the phone when he picked up a Crossman MK-177 air pump rifle that somebody had taken out of its box and left in an aisle before continuing to walk around the store while remaining on the phone. 

September 24th, 2014

New Jersey Town Shelves Proposed Ordinance Banning Photography inside Government Buildings after Viral Response from PINAC Readers 10

By Carlos Miller

A New Jersey town preparing to pass an ordinance that would have made it illegal to video record inside a government building decided to shelve the proposed amendment after the story generated a viral backlash against the town, much of it from PINAC readers.

The Helmetta borough introduced the ordinance in the wake of a viral video where a local cop said he didn’t have to follow the Constitution because President Obama doesn’t follow the Constitution, leading to his forced resignation.

Helmetta officials figured they could prevent further embarrassing videos by making it illegal to video record inside government buildings.

But if they didn’t learn anything about the power of the internet from the first video, they probably learned it this time around.

September 24th, 2014

Massachusetts Police Department Fails Public Records Request, Reporter Told Recording Ilegal 14

By Andrew Meyer

The Lynn Police Department in Massachusetts received a public records request from a Bay State Examiner reporter recently and responded by breaking the law.

In Massachusetts, public records law stipulates that a written response is required within 10 days of a request being received, but ten days after a Bay State Examiner reporter requested some public records, she had still received no written response.

September 23rd, 2014

Massachusetts Cops Tase Man before Confiscating Camera from Witness 67

By Carlos Miller
North Adams top cop2

North Adams Police Director Michael Cozzaglio.

Police in Massachusetts tased and arrested a man last week before turning on a witness who had recorded the incident, confiscating his phone.

The North Adams Police Department claimed they had the right to confiscate the phone because the witness was “not cooperative,” meaning he didn’t want to hand it over voluntarily.

But they also believe they can tase a man for making “challenging statements.”

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