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Man Freaks Out on Drone Pilot, Falsely Accuses Him of Legally Recording Girls’ Soccer Practice

As the title of this site says, Photography Is Not A Crime. Even with a drone. Even at a girls’ soccer game. ...

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Brownsville police

Texas Cop Who Killed Unarmed Man Through Driver Side Window Will Not Face Charges

A Texas cop who shot and killed a man for driving off during a traffic stop will not face charges – even ...

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Texas Officers Arrest PINAC Correspondent for Recording Outside Police Department, Ban Him From Setting Foot on Police Public Property

Two Fort Worth police officers named Dyess and Grinalds pulled up in front of their station and walked across the street onto ...

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BART shooting

Video Surfaces of Man Claiming to be Shot by BART Cops in Oakland Train Station

Almost seven years after the shooting of Oscar Grant on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system in Oakland, one of the first ...

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Oakland Police Officer Spits on Man Recording Him in Public

The Oakland Police Department has launched an internal affairs investigation after a video surfaced on Facebook, capturing an officer spitting on a ...

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Screen Capture of Texas Sheriffs of Bexar County shooting man with hands up from KSAT 12

Texas Sheriffs Office Asks FB Followers to Call Flood News Station for Airing Video of Deputies Shooting Unarmed Man With Hands Up (Updated

This weekend, two Texas sheriff’s deputies from Bexar County were caught on camera shooting a domestic violence suspect after he had already raised both ...

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Feds Who Stole $167,000 in Cash from Innocent Man in Civil Forfeiture Seizure Refusing to Return it Despite Judge’s Order

In perhaps one of the most offensive cases of civil forfeiture, federal prosecutors are fighting to keep $167,000 in cash seized during a traffic stop, despite no ...

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Texas Deputies Caught on Camera Shooting Man With His Hands Up (Updated)

Not just one, but two, San Antonio deputies were caught on camera shooting and killing a shirtless man who had his hands ...

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Virginia Killer Posted Video to FB Killing Two Journalists, Attempts Suicide (UPDATED III)

UPDATE III: Williams did shoot himself, but did not die from the wounds, update below. Former journalist Bryce Williams aka Vester Lee ...

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Florida Police Department Refuses to Accept Disabled Vet’s Internal Affairs Complaint

Riviera Beach Police Department continues to pay Sargent Gary Wilson’s salary while he’s on paid administrative leave (aka vacation) after he violently ...

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Oscar Nominated Producer Matthew Cooke Crowd Funding “A Surivor’s Guide to Prison”

It’s rare to see a film being produced in Hollywood with an A-List star actor like Susan Sarandon involved, with no special effects ...

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Ferguson Protests Shut Down I-70, Spur Mass Arrests for Civil Disobedience in St. Louis

Ferguson is once again becoming a flashpoint between protesters and police officers on the 1 year anniversary of former Ferguson Officer Darren ...

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