Citizens vs. Government

Travis Sanders

Hawaii Man Tased and Arrested for Flying Drone in National Park

A Hawaii man was tased and arrested for flying a drone at a national park Saturday in front dozens of shocked witnesses ...

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Baltimore mother of the year

Baltimore Mom Catches Son Rioting, Beats Him on National TV, Hailed as “Mom of the Year”

As usual when we see inner city riots, it is common for the masses to accuse the entire community of participating in ...

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Baltimore cop throwing rocks

Baltimore Cop Caught on Camera Throwing Rock Back at Protesters

Clashes between Baltimore police and protesters today reportedly left seven cops injured, including one that was left unconscious and others with broken ...

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Jennifer Lynne - Baltimore County police 2

Baltimore County Cop Shuts Down Social Media Page After Calling Freddie Gray Protesters “Animals”

Fresh out of the police academy, Baltimore County police officer Jennifer Lynne Silver did not shy away from unleashing her opinions on ...

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Ferguson News

PINAC Podcast

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.58.04 AM

PINAC Expands, PIO Who Arrested Carlos Miller Gets Banished from HQ (Podcast)

PINAC News is growing and pleased to announce new sections, which will include our upcoming expansion of columns from longtime correspondents like ...

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Sunday night protest (1 of 1)-6

Ferguson Non-Indictment Sparks Nationwide Debate, Protests (Podcast)

The Ferguson non-indictment took  place two weeks ago and much has happened since then with the non-indictment in the Eric Garner case, ...

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Former Cop Predicts Ferguson-Style Uprisings will Spread as Police Violence Continues to Rise

Matthew Fogg, a retired United States Marshal whom we interviewed last month about body cams, spoke to us again this week about ...

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Marcus DiPaola3

Interview with Journalist Carjacked While Covering Ferguson Protests

It’s fairly well established that media members have not been welcomed with open arms by police in Ferguson where a grand jury ...

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