September 12th, 2014

Military Officers Unlawfully Threaten to Arrest Man for Recording Base from Public Sidewalk 58

By Andrew Meyer

“Ever wonder what would happen when you get confronted by MP’s [military police] and military investigation unit outside of the base and don’t say much to them?”

That question, posed by the owner of the YouTube channel Bunny Boots Ink, was answered recently outside Elmendorf-Richardson Joint Base in Anchorage. A videographer set his camera up on a public sidewalk in front of a fighter jet propped outside the base, apparently there to draw attention, but was confronted almost immediately with questioning from air force personnel.

September 11th, 2014

Man Confronts PINAC Reporter for Photographing Private Building from Public Road 118

By Carlos Miller


PINAC reporter Jeff Gray was video recording from outside an indistinguishable building in Jacksonville today when it began speaking to him, a booming female voice telling him he was not allowed to take photos.

The voice, which was obviously coming from somewhere inside viewing him with a camera, almost seemed to be able to hear Gray speaking  back, telling him he must walk to the building’s front gate, which he did, careful not to enter the property of the building.

September 11th, 2014

Texas Cops Attempt to have Peaceful Streets Founder Charged for Online Impersonation after Satirical Facebook Post 30

By Andrew Meyer
Antonio Buehler

Antonio Buehler handing out awards during the 2013 Peaceful Street Project Police Accountability Summit. Photo by Carlos Miller

Antonio Buehler, the founder of the Peaceful Streets Project, has uncovered internal police documents revealing a shocking attempt at abuse of power by the Austin Police Department.

In September 2012, Buehler wrote a satirical facebook post in the form of a fictional letter to the editor of the local newspaper written by assistant APD Chief of Police David Carter. Among it’s subject matter, the letter pointed out the APD’s lack of respect for Constitutional rights, and the police’s penchant for shooting dogs.

Following Buehler’s post, David Carter tried to have Buehler prosecuted for criminal impersonation.

“I tried to make a joke on a private facebook page about the Austin Police Department not giving a damn about people’s constitutional rights or their dogs. So APD tries to get me indicted on a third degree felony for “Online Impersonation,” wrote Buehler, 37, a former army lieutenant and West Point graduate, who earned his MBA from Stanford.

September 10th, 2014

Washington D.C. Cop Bullies Videographer from Recording Arrest Despite Official Departmental Policy (Updated) 120

By Carlos Miller

A bully of a Washington D.C. cop  named C.C. Reynolds tried his best to intimidate a man from video recording officers piling on top of a man on the sidewalk, claiming it made the videographer part of “the investigation,” even though the man was standing about 50 feet away.

Oozing of arrogance and insolence, Reynolds claimed the sidewalk was not public, ordering the man to leave, then claiming he could confiscate the camera as “evidence.”

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