April 11th, 2014

Dallas Cops Asking Public to Stop Video Recording them, Claiming “Officer Safety Issue” 81

By Carlos Miller

Claiming they are in fear for their lives, Dallas police are asking citizens to stop recording them in public because these actions are “creating a major officer safety issue.”

After all, stressed one officer, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between law-abiding citizens expressing their First Amendment rights and felonious kidnappers, a confusion that can lead to somebody getting hurt.

Besides, police say, they already have dash cams and body-mounted cams, so there is no need for citizens to record police anyway.

April 10th, 2014

Miami-Dade Cops Arrest Man for Video Recording them Making Arrest 17

By Carlos Miller


A Miami man spent ten days in jail for recording police arresting his friend, accused of falsifying his name when all he did was refuse to provide his name on the basis that he wasn’t doing anything illegal.

In fact, Lazaro Estrada followed the Miami-Dade police officer’s initial orders to scurry back inside a store because the cop insisted he was in fear for his life, claiming the man he had handcuffed was still armed.

If that was truly the case, then the cop, Michael Valdez, has his own self to blame for putting his life in danger.

April 10th, 2014

Florida Deputy Arrests Wife after Video Recording Husband’s Arrest 49

By Carlos Miller

A Florida police sergeant who refers to herself as “WRITER” wrote a a fictionalized version of the truth as to why she arrested a woman who was recording her husband’s arrest outside a house party Saturday night.

Marion County sheriff’s deputies were breaking up a party when they arrested Jason Pomales for “interfering,” which was not captured on camera, but judging by their definition of interfering in the rest of the video, we can assume he was not.

April 10th, 2014

Cell Phone Cameras Weapons of Choice for Activists Making Stand Against Armed Feds 93

By Carlos Miller

A battle over cattle and land rights erupted in a stand-off between armed federal agents pointing tasers and citizens holding cell phone cameras in a compelling video posted to Youtube Wednesday.

The skirmish began Saturday when Bureau of Land Management officials began seizing a rancher’s cattle in Nevada, claiming it owns the land and that the rancher owes more than $300,000 in grazing feed going back two decades.

April 9th, 2014

Border Patrol Agent Snatches Camera from Truck Driver 102

By Carlos Miller

For more than two minutes, Border Patrol Agents demanded to know if a truck driver was a U.S. citizen during one of those immigration checkpoints in the Southwest that force citizens to reveal their citizenship status, even if they have not crossed the Mexican border.

And for more than two minutes, the driver refused to answer that question, basing his refusal on his Constitutional right to travel freely in the United States.

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