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texas cop

Texas Man Files Suit Against Crazed Cop That Assaulted Him for Recording Police Station

After being violently taken to the ground, handcuffed, and detained for recording in public, Brett Sanders is filing suit. Back in June, Sanders was ...

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Bryce Williams Vester Flanigan

Disgruntled Journalist Records Himself Killing Two Former Colleagues Before Posting Video Online (Updated)

A former journalist with a long history of anger management issues shot and killed two former colleagues Wednesday from the Virginia news ...

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Kansas Man Swings Dog As Weapon Against Police Officer, Fails Miserably, Faces Cruelty Charges

A Kansas man swung his small dog on it’s leash to use it as a weapon to hit an officer in perhaps one ...

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Boston Police Arrest Man Who Yelled “Fuck the Pigs,” Grab Him by the Throat While He’s Handcuffed

Boston police say they are investigating a video which shows police arresting a man who swore at them, then grabbing him by ...

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Chicago PD

Chicago Man Stands up to Police Harassing Him With Loitering Laws

A video of a man standing up for his right to be outside in his Chicago neighborhood at night is quickly going ...

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Chicago cop

Chicago Cop Says He Has “No Choice but to Fucking Pull Over Black People” and that “Mike Brown Deserved It”

In Chicago, a city with a strong legacy of police abuse, a shocking new video highlights the culture of intimidation between the ...

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Philly cop

Philadelphia Police Officer Threatens to Take Man’s Car Unless He Donates to Police Fundraiser

“Either you buy these or I take your car. ‘Cause it’s unregistered.” On Thursday, a video posted to Facebook showed Philadelphia police ...

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Oregon state trooper Jeff Smith

Oregon State Trooper Attacks Man for Video Recording Patrol Car’s License Plate (Updated)

An Oregon state trooper pounced on a man who was video recording his patrol car, accusing him of “interfering with a police ...

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Virginia Killer Posted Video to FB Killing Two Journalists, Attempts Suicide (UPDATED III)

UPDATE III: Williams did shoot himself, but did not die from the wounds, update below. Former journalist Bryce Williams aka Vester Lee ...

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Florida Police Department Refuses to Accept Disabled Vet’s Internal Affairs Complaint

Riviera Beach Police Department continues to pay Sargent Gary Wilson’s salary while he’s on paid administrative leave (aka vacation) after he violently ...

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Oscar Nominated Producer Matthew Cooke Crowd Funding “A Surivor’s Guide to Prison”

It’s rare to see a film being produced in Hollywood with an A-List star actor like Susan Sarandon involved, with no special effects ...

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Ferguson Protests Shut Down I-70, Spur Mass Arrests for Civil Disobedience in St. Louis

Ferguson is once again becoming a flashpoint between protesters and police officers on the 1 year anniversary of former Ferguson Officer Darren ...

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