April 4th, 2014

Toledo Blade Sues Government Over Unlawful Detainment, Camera Confiscation and Photo Deletion 61

By Carlos Miller


In a move rarely seen from the mainstream media, the Toledo Blade newspaper is suing the United States Government over last week’s incident in which armed military personnel detained two of its reporters, including a photojournalist, whose camera they confiscated and images they deleted.

All because they apparently didn’t want anybody to see where our tanks are being made.

Or more likely, the money we’re spending on the tanks we don’t need made.

April 4th, 2014

Florida Cops Detain, Frisk, Threaten and Intimidate Man for Video Recording Outside Police Station 106

By Carlos Miller

The first Largo police officer who approached the man standing outside the police department with a camera seemed reasonable, even acknowledging that photography is not a crime, but told the man he found it unusual that the man was video recording outside the station.

That officer walked off, even providing his name, Hansley.

But another officer then showed up, demanding to know if he was being audio recorded, telling the man he was violating state law by audio recording him, which is a lie that cops can’t seem to stop repeating.

Before he knew it, more cops were on the scene, frisking him against his will, snatching his iPhone from his hand and turning it off so it would stop recording.

Luckily the man who posts as Pinellas Watch Dog on Youtube had a back-up camera.

April 2nd, 2014

Louisiana Deputy Barges into Home Without Warrant to Make Questionable Arrest (Updated) 95

By Carlos Miller

A Louisiana deputy barged his way into a home without a warrant and arrested a man under questionable circumstances in a video that is quickly going viral after it was posted on Facebook Tuesday.

The video begins with a Jefferson Parish sheriff’s deputy forcing his way into the home of a man who is clearly clueless as to what crime he supposedly committed.

But despite him repeatedly asking, the deputy refuses to say anything beyond “resisting arrest.”

In other words, contempt of cop.

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