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Chicago PD

Chicago Police Tow Vehicle with Dead Body Hanging out Window, Sparking Anger in Community

A video posted to YouTube Sunday captured a volatile scene as an outraged community confronted Chicago police as they insensitively towed a ...

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NYPD target

NYPD Cops Beat Man in Target Store for Refusing to Identify Himself

New York City police say they held a young man down and beat him in a Target store because he “refused to identify ...

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Medford cop

Plainclothes Massachusetts Police Detective Threatens to Kill Man During Traffic Stop (Updated)

A man survived a harrowing experience with an off-duty plainclothes Massachusetts police detective Sunday after driving the wrong way through a traffic ...

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Boston Police

Boston Police Command Staff Encourages and Participates in Misconduct

Boston police officers once again failed to wear their badges or identify themselves at a public event, but this time one of ...

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Cleveland pepper spray PINAC

Cleveland RTA/Transit Police Officer Pepper Sprays Crowd After Violent Attempt at Arresting 14-Year-Old Child

On the final day of the national convening of the Movement for Black Lives, a weekend long conference hosting workshops and organizing ...

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Michael Burns on South Beach in 2014. Photo by Carlos Miller

Florida Man who Wore “Fuck the Police” Shirt to Court Arrested on Trespassing Charges Three Months After Uploading Video of Chaotic Parking Lot Scene

A Florida man was arrested on trespassing charges more than three months after he uploaded a video showing a chaotic scene during the ...

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Two Florida Students Violently Arrested After Telling Off-Duty Cop to Teach His Son Manners

The violent arrests of two students of the University of Central Florida were partially captured on video, after a woman got into ...

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Marion County deputy

Florida Deputy Threatens to Arrest Man for Asking for his Name and Badge Number (Updated)

A Florida man with a video camera was threatened with arrest today after he asked a deputy for his badge number, indicating ...

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PINAC Top 3 Only

PINAC Podcast


Texas Sheriff Tried Confiscating Camera During Violent Arrest of Sandra Bland, 48 Hours Later She Died

A Waller County Texas Sheriff was more concerned with scaring away a witness recording, than the brutal arrest of Sandra Bland, a ...

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This courthouse security guard fired his weapon at Mike Skidmore with his eyes shut after causing a scuffle attempting to unlawfully snatch Mike's recording device.

Ohio Grandfather of 13 Nearly Shot by Courthouse Security Guard Who Knew He Was Unarmed

Readers and activists throughout central Ohio have been following the recent arrest of Mike Skidmore, a PINAC journalist and local correspondent on ...

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Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.58.04 AM

PINAC Expands, PIO Who Arrested Carlos Miller Gets Banished from HQ (Podcast)

PINAC News is growing and pleased to announce new sections, which will include our upcoming expansion of columns from longtime correspondents like ...

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Sunday night protest (1 of 1)-6

Ferguson Non-Indictment Sparks Nationwide Debate, Protests (Podcast)

The Ferguson non-indictment took  place two weeks ago and much has happened since then with the non-indictment in the Eric Garner case, ...

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