So far, I rated three of the five Miami cops who arrested me last year on, a Website that was launched last month that allows civilians to rate the cops they encounter. Read the L.A. Daily News article here.

I gave Sgt. Rahming and Officer Kurver the lowest ratings possible because not only were they the main cops involved in the arrest, but they also lied after they were deposed by my lawyer.

Rahming was the commanding officer on the scene and authorized the arrest as well as the lies conjured against me.

Kurver filled out and signed the arrest report and threatened to taze me, judging by his heavy accent. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one who bashed my head into the pavement.

In the banner photo of this blog, Rahming’s sleeve can be seen on the extreme left and Kurver is the officer on the extreme right.

I gave Officer Reid, the female officer involved in my arrest, slightly higher ratings because she told the truth in the deposition.

I have not yet rated Officer Baluja, who is standing to the left of Reid, because he was never deposed. The fifth officer involved in my arrest, Officer Walker, was unfortunately killed earlier this year.

The Website had not yet obtained the names of officers from the Palm Beach Police Department or else I would have rated Officer Pina, who believes the First Amendment does not apply in Palm Beach.

I plan to acquire the names of the Miami Police officers who handled the incident in which I was assaulted by Cuban exiles last month and give them good ratings because they handled the incident in an extremely professional manner.

I hope that we, as civilians, take advantage of this opportunity to distinguish the good cops from the bad cops.

And a big thanks to my Los Angeles correspondent, Enhager, for bringing this to my attention.