Texas police tried their hardest to stop photojournalist Nick Adams from photographing an arrest during a Mardi Gras celebration in Galveston County last year.

First they shoved the camera into his face.

Then, after he backed up a few steps and snapped another photo, League City police officer Clifford Woitena hurled Adams to the ground, damaging two $4,000 cameras.

Then Woitena plopped on top of Adams, pushing his knee forcefully into his face.

And finally, after Adams’ was handcuffed, a police officer erased two of the images that Adams took that night.

Last week, a Texas jury acquitted Adams on the misdemeanor charge of interfering with a police officer, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Adams, who was working for the Galveston County Daily News at the time of the incident, is now working for the Appeal-Democrat in Northern California.

He was arrested on Feb. 10, 2007 – 10 days before my arrest for photographing police against their wishes.

He was also offered a plea deal which would have reduced the initial charge of interfering with a police officer to disorderly conduct but he refused.