In a clear example of police abuse, an Albuquerque police officer lost his temper and arrested a news videographer after being asked for his name and badge number.

The entire incident was caught on video.

Click here for better quality raw video which shows the entire incident, including dialog between the reporter and cop after he was handcuffed.

Instead of providing his name and badge number, Officer D. Guzman walked away, only to walk back to the videographer as he was putting his camera back into the news truck.

Guzman then pounced on the videographer, grabbing him from behind as a struggle ensued.

“We’re rolling bud, you hit me,” the photographer said. “It’s all on camera. Quit it, (or you’ll) break a $50,000 camera.”

Guzman has been a cop for 13 months and been on the street for only seven months – apparently not enough time for him to learn not to do anything stupid on camera.

The videographer, who works for KOB-TV, was handcuffed and charged with disobeying a police officer. He was released 90 minutes later.

Albuquerque police refused to comment, but ensured the incident would be reviewed by the Independent Review Office, which will then make recommendations to the police department, according to

In the meantime, the incident is being reviewed by thousands of online viewers.