The sight of a video camera in the courtroom sent shivers down the spine of the prosecution Monday morning.

As soon as I stepped in front of the judge, the young state prosecutor in my case asked for a 15 minute delay because a Local 10 cameraman had his camera trained on him.

The prosecutor told the judge that he needed to get clearance from his supervisor before he could proceed on camera. Judge Jose Fernandez granted his request.

Then, after more than 15 minutes had passed, in which Local 10 reporter Glenna Milberg had settled into the courtroom, the judge called my case up again, only for the State to ask for a continuance.

The young prosecutor, this time accompanied by his more experienced supervisor, admitted they were not prepared for the case – even though it has been more than 15 months since my arrest.

After all, they said, two of the arresting officers were unable to attend the trial.

Miami Police Officer Marvalyn Reid, second from right in the banner photo, was unable to attend the trial because she is on military leave.

And Miami Police Officer Anthonius Kurver, far right, was unable to attend the trial because he was sick.

How convenient of him.

It’s difficult to believe anything that comes out of Kurver’s mouth because he has done nothing but lie since my arrest.

He lies so much that he not only contradicts the other officers, he contradicts himself because he told one version of the story on the arrest report and told a completely different version during the deposition.

The State said they had no idea that Reid was on military leave until that very morning, which is why they didn’t mention anything during the sounding on April 23rd.

However, the Internal Affairs report, which was finalized in February, stated that Reid has been on military leave since January.

Judge Fernandez granted the State’s request for an extension, as the only officer in the courtroom was Officer Baluja, second from left.

It should be noted that constant delays and continuances are usually the tactics of savvy defendants.

Meanwhile, my attorney, Arnold Trevilla, filed a demand for a speedy trial, which means the trial has to be scheduled within 50 days.

If the trial is not scheduled by June 24th, then Trevilla will file a notice that requires the trial to be set within 15 days, by July 9th, or else the charges will be dropped.

Officer Reid, who is probably fighting Bush’s war in Iraq, is not scheduled to return from military leave until some time in July, according to the Internal Affairs report.

I hope she returns safely, not only because the war has claimed enough American lives, but because out of the three officers who were deposed by my former lawyer, she was the only one who told the truth.