Monthly Archives: July 2008

LAPD chief opposes tougher laws against paparazzi

For once, a high-ranking police officer is defending photographers. This surprising revelation arose Thursday as several Los Angeles officials convened to discuss creating tougher laws against celebrity photographers. Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton called the new proposals a

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NYPD proving to be out of control

Another video has emerged showing an overly aggressive New York City cop brutalizing a citizen. This time, it is officer Maurice Harrington repeatedly bashing the legs of a suspect as another cop tries to handcuff him. The suspect, 46-year-old Michael Cephus, can be heard yelling out

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Greetings from Mexico

I finally got to my hotel in Merida after traveling all day. We took the long way, from Miami to Mexico City, then to Merida, which is in the Yucatan penisula. I am here on a journalist assignment, so it’s not all fun and games. However, I’m traveling with a fun group of peopl

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