A New York City police officer who claims he was assaulted by a bicyclist was stripped of his badge and gun after an anonymous video proved otherwise, according to the New York Post.

Patrick Pogan, 22, a rookie cop and son of a highly respected NYPD detective, accused Christopher Long of trying to use his bike as a weapon in trying to mow him down during a critical mass bike ride in New York City last week

(On a side note: one of the Miami cops who arrested me testified that he feared I was going to use my cameras as weapons).

Long, a 29-year-old New Jersey man, spent 26 hours in jail on charges of attempted assault in the third degree, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest

But the video shows that it was Pogan who assaulted Long.

In fact, Long tried to swerve away from Pogan as the officer lunged towards him, knocking him off his bicycle and sending Long flying into the curb. Check out the video below.