I visited the Miam Metro Zoo this weekend for the first time in more than 20 years and was able to put my Canon 300mm F/4L IS lens to good use.

But I wish I had not forgotten my 1.4x lens extender because is some cases, 300mm was still not long enough to get the close-ups that I wanted.

However, it was the perfect length for many of these photos, which can be enlarged by clicking on them.


For some reason, this lowland gorilla reminded me of the cops who arrested me. Thankfully, there was a moat that separated us.



I captured these Bengal tigers during feeding time as a zoo worker tossed them a piece of raw meat. (click on link to see more photos).



It turns out, the lowland gorillas are actually very gentle creatures who pick their nose when they think nobody is watching.



These monkeys are called Siamang and they spend their days on a small island swinging from trees.



The white handed gibbons are kept on another island next to the Siamang island and they also spend their days swinging from trees. Obviously, desegregation hasn’t reached the zoo.




The Indian elephants are slightly smaller than the African elephants.


This Asian bear looked as if he was sleeping off an MSG-laden meal.


The chimpanzees were not too social because most of them were sleeping, but I was able to capture this hand through a dirty glass.



The Malayan Tapir

The following pictures are of a waterfall inside the zoo.