Since launching this blog in April 2007, I briefly experimented with blog ads through Google Ad Sense, but I got rid of them when I realized they were bringing in only a handful of dollars to promote companies that I would not personally endorse.

However, I was just invited to join the affiliate program of B&H Photo and Video, which is a company I fully endorse. I’ve been buying from them for years and make it a point to visit their main store in Manhattan when I visit New York.

As many photographers have learned, it’s easy to get burned when purchasing through an online company, as I personally learned back in March 1999 when I was first getting acclaimed with the Internet and attempted to buy through a company called “Photo Graphic Photo and Video,” which I hope has since gone out of business. I’ve since learned that B&H Photo is the way to go.

So if you’re looking to buy a camera or any other technical gadget, why not support Photography is Not a Crime by clicking on the B&H Photo ad in the top right sidebar to make your purchase?

For each purchase made through one of these click-throughs, B&H will throw a few dollars my way, which will go towards maintenance of this site.

Now I wonder if Canon has an affiliate program.