You would think that when Ipanemic throws a party, there would be nude models prancing around with lingerie dangling from the chandeliers.

But everybody kept their clothes on Friday night, at least until they left the party. Or at least until the cameras were tucked away.

I’m not saying it was an uneventful party, but the highlight of Ipanemic’s night was watching me walk outside his Miami Beach apartment courtyard to photograph a cop car.

For a man whose Flickr account has reached a million views because of the nude models he photographs, this is about as exciting as trying to figure out how to remove the safety filter in your Flickr account to actually see his nude photos.

Nevertheless, there was plenty of sexual tension in the air, which can be seen in the following photo as Rebecca from Blue Moon Over Miami (middle)and Tere from A Mom, a Blog and the Life In-Between (right) look lustfully into each others’ eyes as Kevin from Hidden City hungrily looks on.


Check out more photos by clicking here:

Then there was Penelope of Bacardi and Diet who also hasn’t blogged since May, who can be seen here between our gracious host Scott, and a Brazilian friend of hers. Meanwhile, Miguel Lopez notices a possibility and  waits patiently in the background for the clothes to come off.


Matt from White Dade, who has restarted his blog after a 2-month hiatus, didn’t look too pleased when he realized a few Hispanics had crashed the party.


And Gus of the very successful Miami Beach 411 brought his entourage, including his lovely wife, Michelle (left), and Katalina, who hails from Ecuador.


Also part of Gus’ entourage was Kristine, who is sitting here with Rebecca, trying to figure where they can get more wine.


Fortunately Rebecca stood and filled her red plastic cup to the top with red wine, giving me a looks that says, you better not tell anybody.


Tere was giving me the same look outside the kitchen.


I decided to walk back outside because it was getting heated in there and came across this young lady, who I wasn’t sure was a blogger or a model or maybe just a person off the streets looking for wine. Whoever she was, she had the look.


And Maria de Los Angeles (left) took time from Volunteering at Fairchild to pose for a picture with a couple of people I don’t know (perhaps other volunteers?)


Meanwhile, Miguel Lopez finally stopped Twitting and Flicking and Digging and Tagging and updating his Facebook profile long enough to get some female cuddly time.


And Tere pondered whether she needed another drink or not.


And she apparently persuaded herself to drink another one, which explains why her and Penelope started busting their moves with Balou from Searching for Normalcy looking on.


So it didn’t seem like anybody’s clothes were going to be coming off. That is, until Scott pulled out his Canon GL2 video camera.